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  1. Liking the putter! Good luck with your driver search.
  2. I wouldn't line up for it, or pay $350-400. I like the idea but I'd only go $250 or so for it.
  3. Glad to hear you did well! When I get the jitters before a match I head straight for the practice sand. I figure if I can stick a couple close I'm in pretty good shape.
  4. St. Andrews Augusta National Bethpage Black TPC Sawgrass Pine Valley Palouse Ridge Shinnecock Hills But really, I want to play every course on this list.
  5. Love the look. I like the deep screw well. It looks a little industrial.
  6. Spike marks. One of the more ridiculous rules in sports n
  7. Definitely with you on most of this. Gimme putts especially. To me slow players are fine (my wife is definitely slow) as long as they're aware and let you play through.
  8. Definitely try this with an old club first. I messed up two clubs before getting one to look the way I wanted.
  9. Two questions: 1. Is it convenient. Is this thing going to be easy to take off and put on? 2. Am I going to get whacked in the head by my clubs? Make sure those two issues are taken care of and I'm all in. Sounds like a great concept for the walking duffer.
  10. No way would I use this. I don't want to have to do calculus just to figure out how to configure my putter.
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