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  1. Have you checked out the Mercedes GLC 300? It really feels a lot like driving the E350, just a bit higher off the ground with a lot more room in the back. Just picked one up before Labor Day for a long trip out East. (Still keeping the E350, though)
  2. I think I'm busier in retirement, than I was at work (and definitely not around a computer as much). Still playing golf, still check the forum from time to time, but traveling more and picked up another summer hobby that keeps me busy. 68 Cutlass Convertible 01 Corvette Convertible 54 Bel Air Street Rod
  3. The 2 courses I play the most are 5650 and 6300, but are very different in their setup as the shorter one has very tight fairways, long par 3s, very rough rough & small but fast greens, the other has generally wide fairways, moderate rough, larger but slower greens and only one long par 3. I can generally cover the distances to reach the green in regulation, if not necessarily accurate enough to do it consistently - lol I consider the longer course the easiest, but the devil in my scoring is my short game
  4. All I can say is to stay safe and please keep us posted that you're all OK, whenever you can.
  5. I suspect I'll end up replacing it with a standard grip. The Fatso was a recommendation by the fitter, but I've tried that style of grip before and really didn't care for them. The fitting demonstrated that I twist my hands a bit when I putt, and the Fatso grip seems to exaggerate the effect, rather than keep my hands still. I'm putting better with the putter with a standard grip than I am with the Edel with the misaligned Fatso... I just grip down on the putter a bit, and my hands don't twist as much (or don't twist, I'm not really sure but it's working). Frankly, the fitter was attempting to fit me to the putter, rather than fit the putter to the way I putt. I've had a number of eye surgeries and my putting stance is a bit "sideways" because of eye dominance issues, and he wanted me to change my stance, as well. It was a totally different approach than a putter fitting I had at 2nd Swing a few years ago, and I'm back to using that putter as my gamer, for now.
  6. Lengthen shafts and adjust lie angle / swing weight for longer shafts. Found out today they're at the store, but waiting for the Cobra hybrid, as I requested combined shipping. I'll be in he Twin Cities area this weekend, so I'm going to pick up the irons and have them ship the hybrid when it arrives.
  7. I'm still thinking my irons that went to Ping for adjustments should be arriving ANY DAY NOW, since it's been a little over a month...
  8. I'm glad you mentioned checking grip alignment, I just noticed yesterday that the grip on my new Edel putter actually isn't aligned correctly... Since the putter I'd been using before the Edel arrived has a standard grip and the Edel has a Fatso (recommended by the fitter), I'd just assumed I wasn't used to the larger grip.
  9. I'm from South Dakota, but Sutton Bay is about as far from my place as it is to the Twin Cities!! Sorry, I don't have any contacts that play there.
  10. I just got an Edel E-2 a few weeks ago and have the best results lining up with the ball a bit closer to the heel, than the center dot, myself. FWIW, I generally line up ALL of my putters a bit closer to the heel than center, and the fitter mentioned that to me during my fitting.
  11. I sure wish there was a site for driver shafts. I've been looking for an original model, 46" Fujikura Speeder 569 Tour Spec A Flex Graphite Shaft, for a long, long time. I've found a couple that were cut down on eBay, but no driver pulls...
  12. Just be careful if you activate the "Car Guy gene," it can make golf look like a cheap date
  13. Not that I don't love my new Edel putter, but since I haven't been able to get the Scotty Cameron Select Squareback Putter I also tried out last month out of my mind, I pulled the trigger on a deal I couldn't pass up. I needed a good backup putter, right??
  14. I've got a similar drive for fittings in the Twin Cities, so if I were to get a full bag fitting, I'd stay overnight and split the fitting over a couple of days. Simply taking 3-4 swings each with a variety of head/shaft combinations is like like playing 2-3 rounds back to back.
  15. I'd suggest the RealFeel mat, as it allows you to hit down on the ball without pain and it holds up well.
  16. Great Life membership w/unlimited golf at dozens of local & regional courses (cart not included) = $50 per month = $600 per year Cart pass for two local GL courses = $300 for the season Range pass at 1 local course = $200 for the season $1100 per year + optional cart fee for courses played away from my two "home courses."
  17. It's been rain and cold again for over a week (again). 4 inches of rain over the past week in our rain gauge.. and FINALLY got to play 18 yesterday (even though the course was soaked, with standing water on most of the fairways). It looks like we might actually get a stretch of decent weather over the next week, or so. This has been the worst stretch of "Spring" for golfing I can remember.
  18. Welcome aboard! As a Great Life member in South Dakota, I'm hoping to extend my golf season this Fall by traveling south to play some golf in your neck of the woods!
  19. Most of my nearest courses became Great Life courses over the past two years, so I dropped my CC membership in favor of more golf + less money. Hoping to take advantage of my GL membership to extend my golf season a bit too, by driving south on I-29 to play courses in MO/KS in the Fall. Maybe we can get together for some golf later this year.
  20. Well, I already bought one and my initial impressions are very good!! I think the chosen few that are selected for the testing will be pleased
  21. At 64, my stretching routine begins when I get out of bed and doesn't stop until I return to it.
  22. Got 18 in with a buddy last Thursday, and considering the time of year, I'm happy with a 90! Had some really nice drives, and my putter saved me from really blowing up the score.
  23. Happy Birthday Kenny!! Getting older sucks, but it still beats the alternative
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