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  1. Tim Destin, FL Can You Play Golf in Dec and January: Absolutely! Current Fitness Tracker Used if any: Google Fit on my phone
  2. Tim, Destin Florida Size 10 Footjoy and Puma Traction and comfort
  3. I am absolutely loving these wedges. Everything I wrote in August is still true. I'll add that I am definitely not an equipment junkie - I'm a firm believer that it's more about the swing than the stick. But these wedges are the easiest to hit I've ever played. For me, hitting a 55 degree wedge 100 yards is a huge help. In the past I had to choke down on a gap wedge. Now I can do a full swing and the ball stops dead on the green. Highly recommend.
  4. I received mine a couple of weeks ago. After several range sessions, a zillion chips on the practice green, and three rounds here are my impressions: Very aesthetically pleasing behind the ball. The 55 degree replaced my Callaway Jaws MD5 56 degree. I'm easily hitting the Edison 20 yards further with more control. I went from 80 yards with the Jaws to a little over 100 with the Edison. This filled the huge gap between my gap wedge and sand wedge very nicely. I assume the extra distance is mostly due to the V grind catching the ball cleanly - as opposed to the more bounce of the C
  5. I bought the mallet version. The first couple of months of the pandemic I managed to buy pretty much anything golf-related I saw on Instagram. I agree with Nevin. The finish is disappointing, but it really does roll the ball nicely. Virtually no slide or bounce. I had no complaints about the putter at all. I only took it out of my bag because I had it for a couple of months and I have a really bad habit of buying new putters and then justifying the purchase by using the new putter for, well... a couple of months. I have a problem.
  6. I bought one last week and have only played it one round so far. I'm having a bit of trouble with my head placement over the ball - it's almost like I am placing my dominant eye over the first ball on the putter . Resulted in too many pulls. I'm going to have to practice a bit to get it right. On the plus side, I love the way the ball comes off the face and it feels amazing.
  7. I had an albatross last year. Par 5, 30 mph wind. Hit a 6 iron and it flew forever. Ball hit the green, bounced once, and rolled into the cup like a putt. I've never had a hole in one. Here's what I learned: skull a sand wedge on a 100 yard hole, skip it over water, nail the pin, and drop in the cup and everyone celebrates. Hit two perfect shots and complete a hole three under par and.....crickets.
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