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  2. Tim Destin, FL Can You Play Golf in Dec and January: Absolutely! Current Fitness Tracker Used if any: Google Fit on my phone
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  4. I am absolutely loving these wedges. Everything I wrote in August is still true. I'll add that I am definitely not an equipment junkie - I'm a firm believer that it's more about the swing than the stick. But these wedges are the easiest to hit I've ever played. For me, hitting a 55 degree wedge 100 yards is a huge help. In the past I had to choke down on a gap wedge. Now I can do a full swing and the ball stops dead on the green. Highly recommend.
  5. I received mine a couple of weeks ago. After several range sessions, a zillion chips on the practice green, and three rounds here are my impressions: Very aesthetically pleasing behind the ball. The 55 degree replaced my Callaway Jaws MD5 56 degree. I'm easily hitting the Edison 20 yards further with more control. I went from 80 yards with the Jaws to a little over 100 with the Edison. This filled the huge gap between my gap wedge and sand wedge very nicely. I assume the extra distance is mostly due to the V grind catching the ball cleanly - as opposed to the more bounce of the Callaway (YMMV as I am not really an equipment junkie). Opening the club face provides a decent amount of bounce that works (for me) great for longer bunker shots. I also purchased the 59 degree to replace my Jaws 60 degree. Basically the same results. I have NEVER been able to consistently hit a full 60 degree from the fairway - the risk of skulling the ball was too great and I simply didn't have the skill to pull that shot off. The Edison is a breeze to hit and I feel I have picked up another useful shot for those times when the pin is 50 yards, need to clear a bunker, and stop fast. I am also hitting the 59 degree from green side bunkers and love the results. I've noticed that shots from firm bunkers (little to no sand) are easier. Again, I assume this is due to the unique grind. Chipping is also good. I chip just as well with these as I did the Callaways. Chipping is my strong suit, so I didn't really expect the Edisons to improve this aspect of my game. Both clubs spin the hell out of the ball. We all know that this can be both good and bad - I'm paying more attention to my target distance to make up for the additional spin. That's my two cents. So far, they have been well worth the money.
  6. timabe

    Pyramid Putter

    I bought the mallet version. The first couple of months of the pandemic I managed to buy pretty much anything golf-related I saw on Instagram. I agree with Nevin. The finish is disappointing, but it really does roll the ball nicely. Virtually no slide or bounce. I had no complaints about the putter at all. I only took it out of my bag because I had it for a couple of months and I have a really bad habit of buying new putters and then justifying the purchase by using the new putter for, well... a couple of months. I have a problem.
  7. I bought one last week and have only played it one round so far. I'm having a bit of trouble with my head placement over the ball - it's almost like I am placing my dominant eye over the first ball on the putter . Resulted in too many pulls. I'm going to have to practice a bit to get it right. On the plus side, I love the way the ball comes off the face and it feels amazing.
  8. I had an albatross last year. Par 5, 30 mph wind. Hit a 6 iron and it flew forever. Ball hit the green, bounced once, and rolled into the cup like a putt. I've never had a hole in one. Here's what I learned: skull a sand wedge on a 100 yard hole, skip it over water, nail the pin, and drop in the cup and everyone celebrates. Hit two perfect shots and complete a hole three under par and.....crickets.
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