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  2. Hey thanks! It's carbon steel and I just talked to Tom and told him what I was looking for and he made it. He is a awesome guy. The finish is Seatle mist ( nickle plated )
  3. Ha ha! ya I really like the look of the 3 dots but but I know what you mean. it's called Seattle Mist but ya it's nickle plating.
  4. Thanks Furu. I wanted minimal stampings, Tom Slighter did a great job and he was a delight to deal with.
  5. Thanks Foz. I had it on the course yesterday and it rolls great and feels super stable. The head weight it 350g.
  6. Thanks Whiskey. That's what I wanted was nice and Simple.
  7. The only time I try to work the ball opposite of my natural ball flight is if I have no choice, like behind a tree of Somthing like that. And TRY is the word
  8. It's off to the plater now! Maybe a few weeks. Tom quotes 10-12 weeks for a putter which is pretty good I think. I once ordered a putter from Golfsmith and after a month I was told it was never ordered! So at least I know Tom is working on it, he sent me this picture this morning.
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