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  1. Troy Shermans Dale, Pa. Odyssey O Work Black #3T Was once a strength, have been struggling lately and would enjoy the opportunity to test and review a similar putter. Thank you
  2. Troy-Shermans Dale, Pa. 7.4 HDCP 102 SS Current Driver: Callaway Big Bertha Would love to test the Epic Flash Thank you for being considered to test this driver.
  3. Troy/Harrisburg, Pa. Current Putter: Odyssey Works 2017 Black #3T Putter Putter I would enjoy trying: EXO Rossie with no offset, Left handed
  4. Troy-52 Shermans Dale, Pa. Have always wanted to attend a golf school/academy to attempt to repair the issues with my game, looks like a great opportunity. The last two years most of my game issues are two way misses off the tee and inconsistent ball striking, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Troy, Pa. Hcp: 8 Driver: 2014 Big Bertha with Fubuki Z-50 S-Flex SS: 106 MPH, Carry Distance: 250 yards Staffer: Phil Mickelson
  6. Troy Pa. Handicap: 8 X-Hot Pro Biggest strength: short iron ball striking 8 iron-AW Weakness: Ball striking with 5,6,7 irons.
  7. Troy Sheaffer Pennsylvania 8.2 HCP I currently use a SkyCaddie SGXw and am looking forward to testing the golf tracking device. Thank you.
  8. Troy Sheaffer Shermans Dale, Pa. Skycaddie SGXw Have been interested in trying a laser to replace my Skycaddie, looking forward to the opportunity.
  9. I was concerned about the putter well at the front of the bag and if the straps would fit around it?
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