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  1. I'd choose the Razr out of those. If you want slope though, the iQ does the trick. Is Leupold an option or only Callaway? The GX-3i is the best there is IMO.
  2. That's exactly how I thought it worked. Can be done but too hard and heavy.
  3. I like the way your blue oil ones turned out. Going for that look exactly. I don't really care if it us uniform or not. Gonna golf around with a few practice wedges then get the Carnahans blued. It adds a personal touch doing it myself, I enjoy doing it myself, and it saves money which I don't have a ton of for golf.
  4. That is correct. Rookie does it himself but he's on another level that most of us. I keep all my chemicals on a shelf nobody else in my family can reach, not even my dad without a little boost. Little brother and little cousins won't be getting near them.
  5. Something heated so it will be strong, like the ones that come stock on all heads nowadays. Regular old paint is fine if it never gets touched but any thing hitting it, be it a ball, a pebble, or accidental bag chatter will chip it. It takes a lot to chip a normal finish.
  6. I'm in the process of doing this to my Carnahan wedges. Time iis short nowadays so it will take me a while, but it will be done. I'm gonna strip the chrome myself because the shop wanted an obscene amount of money to do it for me. Now I ned to decide if I want to use the oil or not or just blue it without the oil.
  7. Is that just automotive spray paint? It will sky like a hot knife through butter if you hit it on the crown, so don't do that.
  8. I have beet fit and it makes a huge difference.
  9. Both should launch pretty low. The VooDoo a bit higher. The PX is worlds wore stable and smooth though.
  10. I would like to know: Are crown graphics going to become the new normal? Is black a dying breed? Are made-for shafts a dying breed? What else can you do to improve your golf balls?
  11. Michigan love. I like it. I don't think OH is as good as is hyped up to be. I put it fifth in Michigan after Crystal downs, lost dunes, forest dunes, and Kingsley. Shinnecock was close for me. I like that one a lot. Some day I need to actually play all these!
  12. I like my MasterCard because I never have that problem.
  13. How the heck did you get on Pine Valley??
  14. We all know what Golf Digest says, and what's the most popular on tour, etc... But all that stuff aside, what is your top three courses in America? My top two lie a few hundred yards from each other on the Monterey Peninsula. Cypress Point and Spyglass Hill are the most beautiful, intricate, and diverse golf courses I have ever seen. Alister Mackenzie was correct when he sad nobody would ever design a course better than Cypress. Third is a tough one. I think my nod goes to Erin Hills in Wisconsin. It's too new to be on any Best lists or get too famous, but anyone I talk to who has played there says there is no links style course not in the ocean better. You're not stuck in the woods which takes away from a course for me. Pine Valley was recently named the best in America,but simply the fact that you see nothing but trees takes away from it for me.
  15. 335. Gonna pull it off an 8C4 I have on the way and don't need it. Legit tips are hard to come by these days... I'll let you know when I get it pulled and a new ferrule for it.
  16. You need an extra adapter, just let me know...
  17. Who are the Q's? Quagmire and Quick Spikes?
  18. As I usually feel with PING irons, they have an ugly beautifulness to them.
  19. I rode your ride today Hulk. Decent coaster, nothing special. No offense. But I'm a tough critic. Welcome!
  20. The A series are solid putters. I like em a lot. Mine is a solid putter too, although is is not a Mizuno. It's a Betti with Mizunos name stamped on it.
  21. Seems to me you're on here to advertise your app. I wouldn't mind giving it a try when I get back to my clubs next year.
  22. My favorite course of all time is Spyglass Hill... And the architect is my favorite. RTJ. I so cannot wait to play it someday.
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