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  1. The CTapers come stock in the CMBs... Why don't you already have them?
  2. I think the flip feature is a great one. If one is a righty and wants to learn Bubba's swing exactly, film it and flip it. If an instructor is trying to demonstrate something to a golfer of the opposite dexterity, flip it. If you want to compare two golfers of the opposite dexterity flip one to get a better comparison.
  3. 1, because most golfers don't care about fitting and aren't you trying to appeal to most golfers, or the small small population that does care and has hit all these drivers themselves anyway?
  4. I had a wicked snap hook for half the year last year. It was awful. Eventually I just went and had them flattened a few degrees and it was basically gone.
  5. Welcome to MGS and good luck with your sale kkozel. We'd love to have ya stick around after this beauty is gone!
  6. This is the warmest shirt I've ever worn. Thanks Manbearpig, you are my new hero.
  7. Rain has destroyed my hopes of getting this out for the first test today And all the Christmas decorations are piled all over my hitting area... unfortunately
  8. Big box stores SUCK. They are killing local shops. Thankfully, my local shop is the biggest dealer in the midwest and outsells both the DICKS and GG near it by almost double.
  9. I just ordered one. I hope this ends my golf withdrawal from the supid coldness!
  10. Maybe jump everything up ten now? The next MP59 becomes the MP70 and the next 64s/69s become MP80 and MP85?
  11. Yes, because everyone who wants to read a review of a golf app is interested in wall decals.
  12. Hckymeyer just said it all.
  13. I know there are a few more numbers than that. I'll dig around tonight when I have time to.
  14. Just after some basic googling they appear to be all over the place in the older numbers. Tonight I can go through and post what each one would be considered.
  15. The 53s are a pocket cavity back 59s are a "modern CB" type design 64s are a players pure CB 69s are a blade Subtract one from each and its the same thing just a generation older. It seems the higher the number the more playersish the iron is compared to its generation (68s are more than 69s, but they are a generation old). Not too familiar with the older ones. Really if ya google an image of it you can see what it is. I hope this is the question you were trying to ask.
  16. I assume all their made fors will come from Aldila now?
  17. Netflix for drivers. That's pretty awesome. For a hundred bucks a month though to get the good stuff, it's a bit steep. I'd rather just take it out for the day at te pro shop and pay nothing but the cost of range balls. I can see it being a good thing if you live in the middle of Montana and have nowhere to try clubs.
  18. WS always "markets" distance with the Di and now D line.
  19. They did finally dump the Burner. That had something about it though that worked. And they always had evolution on their side with names. Callaway sticks an X before or after everything they release and up the number by 2 each time or whatever. The RAZR line would have been awesome if they left the X out of it. Now I want it to go away.
  20. They literally took the clubs out of their Costco box set threw some tech in and started marketing them. Please, Callaway, STOP NAMING EVERYTHING X (Insert however the club was produced)!
  21. TaylorMade currently uses White-Black-Red in their top line, the R series. The staff bag reflects that. Out of the hundreds of possible three color combinations, Callaway picks the exact same one. I guess I'm just insane for being the only one on Earth to think Callaway is copying TM at everything they do right now. The crown graphics on the X-Hot driver are positioned exactly as TM positioned the RBZ graphics. Callaway happened to choose green to showcase the Razr Fit Extreme, which happened to be the color of the RBZ a year before. And a little white down below? I wonder where they got that idea. I can't think of a single recent Callaway club to have an ounce of white on it other than a but of paint fill. When they unveiled the RXE they did it a lot like TM does it. Pics of the RocketBladez zebras release, Callaway then goes and releases pics of the X-Forged. Who released the 5-piece golf ball first? Sure seems like a lot of coincidence right there. But I must be insane for not believing in coincidence.
  22. Per the weights in the poll, I think BK was talking about iron shafts. 70 is considered mid-weight my most and heavy by some for drivers. Nowadays they venture down into they 40s for graphite driver shafts.
  23. I think chopper is a great name for a chipper because you chop at the ball with them. Richard gives some awesome advice. But, as a high handicapper who doesn't play much and isn't super interested in the game, is a book really a good idea? I don't see a high capper reading golf books and practicing adamantly wht they learn to improve. High cappers turn to gimmick clubs to improve, not words or wisdom. I'd go with a chipper. Plenty of good options in here. I like the Odyssey X-ACT as well.
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