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  1. I'm insanely obsessive about keeping my 3-wood clean. I wipe it off with a damp towel after every hit. I've mnaged to sky it once and it was not pretty. Took a while to find the right paint color but eventually got it to match. I redid my Super Hybo because I din't like the silver at all. It's black now, but I thought about white. Honestly considering going black on my RBZ too.
  2. This is probably the coolest driver crown I've ever seen. For me personally, I'd never be able to get over there being a rhino on my driver and I'd slice everything to oblivion.
  3. I love when people complain about Facebook. The site has like 500 million members right now and half of the American population is on it. It's the most widely used social network by far and many people love it. It's a great medium for businesses and golf forums alike to host contests and interact wioth members. The way I see it, what's a better way to hold this contest? Holding it somewhere else completely kills the friends and voting aspect of it. If some traditionalists who will never join a social netwrok want to complain, I see no reason for anyone to get discouraged over it. They're upset because they aren't getting a staff bag full of new clubs. Jack F. I think I'm on page 5. Yall should throw me a vote.
  4. In mens league wednesday night I had about a 35 yard putt for par. My opponent said that he'd buy me a drink after if I put it in the hole. So I marked the ball, picked it up, walked over and dropped it in the hole. Now he laughed for the rest of the round and did buy me a drink, but is this against the rules to do that? No penalties were given... it just seems like that might be a rule issue even though the ball was marked.
  5. Looks awesome Tuna! THP people always win KBS contests.
  6. Ice

    Mizuno JPX-825 Irons

    I've hit every iron from Mizuno in the past year or so so I'm looking forward to comparing these and seeing if there are any real improvements.
  7. I use FireFox and it worked great for me.
  8. I'm in GR, Michigan about 3 hours away. Can't say I'd be able to come down there but you're welcome to come up for a day!
  9. Personally, I use the LL RedHot rangefinder. It doesn't have magnification or anything but a button to shoot the laser and a screen to show the distance. It is designed for use on pins that have prisms on them. I think there's nothing better for simplicity and ease of use if your pins have prisms on them. Pins without prisms are pretty hard to hit with the Red Hot because of the lack of magnification. I usually don't have trouble hitting a pin within 150 yards with it but outside that is difficult. You have to hold your hand very steady to hit it without the magnification. http://laserlinkgolf.com/
  10. I'm very much an instinct putter. I can look at the distance and feel how hard to hit it. Reading breaks is iffy for me. Not very good at it.
  11. When I first saw these I thought "Wow, these look just like the last 15 MP irons they've released!" It's a great look though. if I won the contest I'd be going MP-64 3-6 and MP-69 7-PW. They also scream Bstone J40 CB with a different logo.
  12. I thought the same... And he didn't come up with that himself. I love when people take someone else's quote and use it. I dislike Bubba. A lot. I'm not gonna ramble on about his clothes or his driver tendencies though. I just think he's a d-bag.
  13. Ice

    Mizuno JPX-825 Irons

    The pictures are on Mizuno's facebook page. I can post the rest of them if that would make it easier. If you've liked them then all the 25 or so pictures they put up should be viewable.
  14. My normal 3 guys one of them could care less if I'm screaming death metal in his backswing and dancing like a guy having a seizure. The other guy is pretty picky about me not moving or talking when he's swinging but doesn't really care where I'm standing so long as it's not right in his sight line. Sometimes in leagues I play with really picky guys who don't want to see me at all when swinging so I forget to move sometimes because I'm not always used to it. Ball marks, divots, bunkers. Always taken care of.
  15. I've been wearing Hirzl for about a month now. I will never wear another glove again. Before I would sweat through a glove in six holes and need three for one round, and all 3 would be ruined in two weeks. I've worn the same Hirzl glove for at least 25 rounds in the past 4 weeks and it is just starting to get a small tear in the thumb stitching and has no sweat damage. I love it!
  16. I'm from the GR area Michigan. love golf, play as much as I can. I'm a total gearhead. I love everything about equipment.
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