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  1. Can't say I really like that one... too TM-esque...
  2. My only question is what makes me less qualified than someone who signed up made one single post signing up for this and basically said he lives in California and wants to test it? Not to mention neither him or Blake will likely even come back to see they were selected or ever bother to write their review. People who sign up for testings like those two did are looking for free stuff, not an opportunity to test and review something. Anyway, the best to the future of your company and I look forward to seeing fsav's review.
  3. Can you give an example of a club that has promised lower ball flight? I can't think of one... Most marketing and promises is thrown at the GI clubs which equals higher ball flight. Shafts are where lower ball flight comes from and you don't see a ton of promising there. The clubs existence makes me want to try a club. There isn't a club on the rack at my pro shop I have not hit. I mean I have hit each driver, one wood and hybrid and iron and wedge, not every single numbered one. I like knowing the differences between them, seeing ow they perform, and I just like hitting clubs...
  4. Welcome to MGS Blake. We'd love to have ya hang around and get involved in some of our discussions. What's your favorite type of golf shot? Whose your favorite tour player? What golf shoes do you wear? Hit em straight!
  5. Ice

    2013 TM Drivers

    I'm sure there are a lot of drivers you can afford and a lot you can hit well. Now I know you well enough to know that you don't care about shafts or fitting, so getting fit for a driver on a launch monitor isn't something you'd do. So how do you choose between three drivers you can afford and you hit well if you don't care about looks? The vast majority of golfers would hit a K15 driver or RocketBladez irons waaaaaaaay "better" than say a J40 430 driver or 712MBs Does that make everyone who buys the latter idiots?
  6. Ice

    2013 TM Drivers

    Changing loft without face angle can be done, but it isn't feasible to actually do on a mass produced driver. It would be like bending loft on an iron. You'd need a hinge like adapter. But, the one piece once used now are much simpler.
  7. Can you show a "down the barrel" type pic to show how thick they are?
  8. Congrats guys. Looking forward to your reviews. It's amazing how many people sign up for the forum and then sign up for testing as their first and only post. Guys, you are NOT going to get picked if you sign up for the forum and immediately sign up to test something without ever contributing elsewhere. Stick around and be active and the next testing you might get lucky.
  9. Not just any parking spot. How about a parking spot where your Bentley can sit nicely next to Tiger's at Isleworth.
  10. Welcome to MGS, and thank you very much for your service Shooter. Hope to see you around!
  11. An update on this: I called Leo just now because it has been almost three months since we heard from him. I was a bit worried either something happened to him or his company, or he just plain forgot... Turns out his company is struggling a bit and his mom just died, so times have been tough for him and this testing has been at the back of his priorities. Anyway, he said he will try and get them in our hands before the holidays so we have that free time to work with them and work on our reviews. I hope all goes well for Leo and that our reviews can get the word out about his product and get the product on shelves.
  12. Not renewing your membership doesn't do you much good because the USGA doesn't care about that revenue. They won't complain. The US Open is where they make their money. Good luck shunning that away.
  13. It better be conforming, because non-conforming stuff doesn't sell. Good luck.
  14. It makes images so much more vivid. I like it. Not as complex as photoshop, and it does more than photobucket. Win.
  15. I imagine having an iPad is a prerequisite lol, well no problemo for me. I think this would be awesome to test. Is this something that you record your swing and it analyzes it, or is there an attachment for the club or hand/glove? I think it should be me because I have a swing that can definitely use improvement. The claim is that I can improve my swing with one trip to the range, and that is something I will definitely be able to validate. I like writing reviews and letting other golfers know how I feel about a product. I'm always working on improving my review skills. I have limited experience in reviewing non-clubs items, but I think it would be a fun project. It appears you don't need to be hitting golf balls when using this, which is a big plus. Combined with the range, I have a large indoor space at home set up for swinging a golf club and hitting into a net, which will definitely be utilized. Thanks to SwingProfile for this awesome testing opportunity. I look forward to either reviewing it myself or hearing what my fellow MGSers have to say!
  16. There is absolutely nothing wrong with "smuggling" something on that isn't alcohol. And the law only applies to courses with a liquor license. Kaufman, for example (a municipal course) doesn't have one. So if you behave, you can BYOB. The law is to both protect the business selling alcohol (the course) and to enforce a limit on how many drinks someone can buy (most courses are 6) at once.
  17. Doesn't matter if he graduated. The dude has school spirit. Isn't that what matters?
  18. Taylormade will probably replace it for you regardless of how you got it because making you happy is more important to the, than one old driver. I say old because it is to them.
  19. Dates: Dec 21, 22, 23, and 26. PM me if you're up for a round, bay area. Sarasota a possibility.
  20. So you want to use it more as an iron replacement than to position yourself off the tee. I would use an 18* almost exclusively off the tee on tight holes, short holes, long par 3s, long par 5s where I want to hit the fairway and have a 3-shot GIR, etc... Oh and on windy days where the driver would be out of control. I would see it being a valuable weapon from deep rough, and for punch shots. An iron replacement is not what it would be for me.
  21. I'm sick of offset on Callaway hybrids. I want the regular heads but no offset.
  22. I'm thinking I want one in 18 or 20*.
  23. US Kids Golf driver, 8i, 9i, sw, and putter. Eventually upgraded to my dads old knock off cobra oversizes.
  24. Don't ever shy away from posting. You don't need tenure to jump in on discussions. A robot with the exact same swing and shaft on each club will tell you which head makes the ball go the farthest without any variables. Of course every head goes straight. Why would someone release a head that does t go straight. Going back to my point that the golfer dictates how straight the ball goes not the club. A head can be fit by benind loft, face angle, etc... To make it go straighter or farther but that doesn't mean one club is better than the other because one company decided to fit the club to the tester and he other didn't. Writing about the accuracy, giving thoughts on where it goes for a particular tester, allt hat stuff is good stuff. Giving a number and saying the XcG5 is more accurate than the 910F is where my problem lies.
  25. Wouldn't the results of a human test be biased towards one FW over another if say Titleist gives you whatever shafts best fits the tester regardless of whether it is stock or not and Cobra only gives stock? Generally, the one with the best fit shaft s going to work best. I hit the AMP stock shaft great, but the RBZ one simply did not do it for me. Is that gonna throw the results a bit? Yes. If both had the same shaft, regardless of what it is but ideally if it fit me, the result would be more accurate in doing what the test was meant to do, compare fairway woods, which are truly just comparing heads.
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