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  1. That's what's annoying about so many people complaining about jacked up lofts. The rep was absolutely correct. If they had traditional lofts on these, ball flight would be so high it would be ridiculous. So they lover the loft to get a launch more standard to that number iron.
  2. I'd bet if I went to the course some day next summer and asked 100 golfers how far they hit their driver, less than 20% would be within 5 yards guess if they hit 10 LM shots averaged
  3. Feel is subjective. Quality doesn't mean the shaft will feel better. I can't stand the feel of DGs and they are some of the highest quality American steel shafts there are.
  4. Both of those words are misspelled
  5. Awesome. I love it. Anything to circumvent the USGAs stupid ruling. Higher loft, and a more upright lie angle would be my guess.
  6. It might fit in there, but it is a bad idea. It will most likely break no matter how slow you swing.
  7. This is the most ridiculous rule a sports governing body has ever passed. Lets refute the major arguments: Anchoring provides an advantage: First, prove it. That hasn't been done yet. While I tend to agree with this statement, it is irrelevant. If one thinks his opponent has an advantage by using a long anchored putter, he can go buy a long anchored putter. It isn't an advantage if the advantage is available to everyone. It is against the integrity of the game: things evolve. Golf has evolved. Golfers are getting older and getting bad backs. Long putters save old guys backs. It is a different way for a junior to putt. It may work better for them. I don't agree with being raised on one, but I also don't believe in stopping one from doing so. Equipment is more influential In golf than any other sport. Equipment drives the industry. It changes. A change has taken place, accept it crotchety old men who can't get out of the past. It is not a golf stroke. It is untraditional: prayer, left hand low, claw, the lost goes on of unconventional putter grips. Everyone grips a club differently. Jim Furyk. Pretty good player. Is his swing not a golf swing cause it looks different than everyone else? Is he cheating cause he uses the stroke that works best for him? SGI irons, CB wedges, adjustable drivers, spikes on golf shoes, GOLF CARTS, etc... Are all unconventional. I guess being selective about what is and is not allowed among unconventionalities is ok.
  8. I think this is ridiculous. They can't cite that it provides an advantage over those using a short putter because those using a short putter can go get a long putter if they want that advantage. Are rangefinders in the spirit on the game? They didn't have those is 1920. Spirit of the game is also a BS argument.
  9. I think we misunderstood each other. Both are very forgiving heads really. It's a matter of whether a person needs more or less spin to determine which will be more forgiving for someone. Both are listed as extremely forgiving on PING website.
  10. I want to convert my BC3 to a belly now. Buy a SeeMore X2 and convert my Betti to a belly. Just to be a rebel.
  11. You just said the Anser line replaced the K line in place but not in function. That statement was incorrect. Check your quotes first please.
  12. Zac, there is one guy in West Michigan who could bend the hybrid. Luckily, he's at Maple Hill. Go find Ed Tonak, 5bucks and you'll have a new hybrid.
  13. It never ceases to amaze me how freaking ugly Nike keeps making their clubs. The one club outside their players irons that has Ben decent in recent years is the Vr Pro driver. That's it for me.
  14. Not really true. The Anser driver is one of, if not the, lowest spinning driver made as of recent years. That wasn't the case with the K line.
  15. But outside the golf forums, nobody is talking about Wilson Staff.
  16. Didn't the Anser line replace the K line? If not, wouldn't the K20 come before the G25? Ping always releases one line in he winter and one in the fall, so when would the K line come if we can assume G25 is this winter, as would fit the pattern?
  17. You're absolutely right. I'm sure there are 7 irons one hits more accurately than the other between the two of us. But that is dependent on the two of us. I don't think assigning a number as to how accurate a club is works. Sure some clubs work for different testers better, thats a given. My whole issue is that we are assinging numbers to how accurate a club is based on an imperfect swing.
  18. What I more have the problem with is assigning a number to how accurate a club is based on the imperfect swings of golfers. Should I go assume the XCG5 is more accurate than the 910F because of the number you gave it using imerfect swings? I'll use the iron reiew as an example too. Hitting balls at a target or hitting balls seing how straight they go is now measuring how accurate the club is, it is measuring ho accurate the GOLFER is. Anyway, I'm done. See my point or not, I'm never going to succeed with my argument.
  19. If you swing all 9 clubs with the exact same swing, that is how you tell the difference. When people with key word imperfect swings hit the ball, the mishit is the result of the human not the club.
  20. $47.99 MSRP and hoarders of people pay it.
  21. You can make the robot do a lot of different swings. My point isn't anti human, my point is that unrepeatable swings don't tell the accuracy tale.
  22. What you just said is precisely my point. The golfer makes the shot, not the club.
  23. I must have misspoke, I knew the shots were one in the same, because that would be dumb to spilt them up. But still, I refuse to believe a range of handicap golfers hitting fairway woods is a good way to distinguish the accuracy of one over the other, because the golfer makes the accuracy. It would have to be the exact same swing every time to tell the accuracy difference between clubs.
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