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  1. Not necessarily. With distance, how good someone's swing is isn't relevant. If a slicer hits all 9 of them, they are all ggoing to slice, but we will find out which one slices the farthest for that person. If someone ith a 5 yard draw hit them all, we see which goes farthest for him. Regarless of the swing, distance can be measured and compared and scored easily, because it doesn't matter what direction the ball goes. But with the accuracy test, regardless of the club in hand, the person hitting the club is trying to hit the ball down the target line. Is it really measuring accuracy if a slicer is trying to slice the ball onto the center line? Or if the 5-capper who normally hits it dead straight dipped hit shoulder and pushed one, is it the clubs fault? Any bad hit during the accuracy test, even 3 yards off, is probably the guy swinging th clubs fault, not the result of the club being less accurate.
  2. I'm seriously confused about the accuracy scoring here. By having humans hit balls at a target, it seems to me you are more testing the accuracy of the human, not the club. By the end of the round of testing testers may not be producing as good of swings. SOmeone may just hate the white look of the RBZ and therefore not hit as well with it. Someone may change their swing mid-testing to compensate for bad hits they are making. Humans screw up and don't repeat their swings every time save for the top .01% of golfers. (The dreaded word) makes a 100% repeatable swing every time and will make the same swing every single time with every club. I know (the dreaded word)s don't play golf and people do so you believe in using people. The distance test works great with people, for the most part. The accuracy, not quite.
  3. I'm getting tired of this stupid cold weather.

    1. GolfSpy WD

      GolfSpy WD

      Bundle up and get outside! You can still play with irons in 30 degree weather :)

    2. Ice


      I can if I had the time! Part of the complaint is the short daylight that comes with cold weather.

    3. GolfSpy WD

      GolfSpy WD

      That part definitely sucks, I have to get out before noon to play 18 right now

  4. I once lnded just off a par 3 green right on top of a rusty old divot tool called "Eclipse Tool or Die." I use it every time I hit a green to this day and will never relace it.
  5. Two way chippers have a face on both sides, because the companies making them don't have much money, don't want to exclude lefties, and their customers don't care about conforming. The Odyssey chipper can be had at Maple Hill for probably 80 bucks.
  6. The Bladez just have the weird cavity thing. From address they look identical shape wiise to me.
  7. They should be the same, the AW breaks from the irons and trns into a wedge, if you get what I mean.
  8. Get him a White Hot X-ACT chipper from Odyssey. It's a Rossie putter with 35 or so degrees of loft and grooves molded into the elastomer. It's a sweet chipper. I know he probably doesn't care one bit about conforming or not but 2-way chippers are not conforming.
  9. It's extremely similar to the ATV wedge. I think it's probably the same wedge, just rebadged, at least from my experience with it.
  10. Most companies have their current lines trademarked 2-3 generations into the future. The price isn't going to come down much on the i20s, maybe from $349 to $299 on the driver.
  11. Gonna be in Tampa / Clearwater area the week following Christmas (Dec. 26-30). Dates still a bit fuzzy. Will be looking for a round when down there, let me know if you want to tee it up!
  12. Have you ever even hit the XCG5? I wasn't impressed at all. It's place does not surprise me. The CB line is where TEE shines.
  13. Not practically every, every. The only way to get PING stuff discounted at retail is when PING officially drops the price.
  14. These look really cheap. It almost looks like they took the X-Hot Costco starter set and added a bit of tech to those clubs. This one doesn't look to stand a chance against RBZ 2.
  15. Based on recent Callaway trends, I bet there is some sort of design on the crown. THe FT/RAZR line is usually clean and the Diablo / RXB line usually has some sort of design on it.
  16. Adams is a special case though because they (and Cleveland) are the only ones to use real shafts in their clubs. Clevelands will all be the same because all are Miyazakis with the same standard for flex code. Adams uses different shaft makers (almost entirely MRC, Matrix, or KBS nowadays) so the flex will be different across the brand yes.
  17. I paid $250 for mine, but I never pay full price for anything. I get special treatment at my local pro shop. $399 is retail, you could probably get that down closer to $300 like WD said.
  18. Set of Mizuno MP-59 irons 6-PW, 1 inch long, standard lie, DG X100 shafts, NDMC black / white grips (grips have about half their life left). Not great condition but not bad either. Normal bag chatter and play wear, clubs have plenty of life left in them. Looking for premium milled putter (Bettinardi or SeeMore preferred, please no Scotty, will consider others) or a combination of 3 wood / 3 hybrid (could go 3 wood only if the shaft is right). Would consider a set of "players" irons with stiff or Xstiff shafts. Worst I can say is no so let me know!
  19. Interested in a trade for Mizuno MP-59 irons 6-PW? I'd want the driver and 3 wood
  20. That RBZ 2 is nice. But the name lacks any sense of creativity or originality. Adding a 2 to last year's driver is a bit pathetic. That R1 is the worst looking driver I've ever seen. Marketing better be good for that thing. I'm interested to see how they justify the hideous graphics on the crown.
  21. I like my crown clean. Don't really mind an alignment mark if the driver works but I couldn't stand the waves on the back of the F12.
  22. Bumping this, did any of you guys hear back from Leo? I never even got a response when I sent him my information.
  23. Don't even need to apologize. No problems with misunderstandings.
  24. This might be the most entertaining post I've ever read on this site.
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