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  1. LOL no not at all dude! That was a sigh at myself for my dumbness. We're all good! I asked if it was their handicaps or ages, and the post said they were twins lol
  2. Sigh..................
  3. I was hoping it would be KSU or Oregon... but Bama will still do
  4. Perfect example there. Are the 23 and 26 their ages or handicaps? I assume handicaps... I think they could probably get away with blades couldn't they.
  5. I've always heard Froggers are hit or miss and their CS doesn't serve customers very well. Personally the cheap ones are fine for me.
  6. I think it would be pretty awesome to have a brand new Ferrari not in the garage but being displayed in the foyer of my mansion. But of course if I can afford a brand new Ferrari I can probably afford 2. One to use and one to display.
  7. No iron can do anything for fat and thin. Not one. You continue to dwell on the handicap issue... an iron is not going to drop a handicap 15 strokes! Nor will a handicap dictate what iron one should play.
  8. Ice

    Cog Hill

    I would love to go! Keep the thread updates.
  9. I agree with you for the most part. But it does happen where a 20+ capper can have a very consistent bad swing, and properly fit clubs will make a difference. But without a consistent swing fitting is useless.
  10. I'd never take that thing on the course. Frame it in a bulletproof case and hang it above your bed so you can stare at it till you fall asleep then dream about it all night.
  11. LOL I chicken wing too, I'm kidding. Could go for a pound of hot wings right now though.
  12. I disagree with this. I know my example was extreme and you're right that it doesn't happen often if at all. I'll use myself as an example. I'm realistically an 18-20 capper. Every part of my game is good on some days, every part is bad on some days, a mix of good and bad on others. When I miss with an irons 9/10 times it is fat or thin, because of my shoulder dipping issue. Off-center strikes don't happen a ton. Would it be the best option, no, but I could make blades work if I really wanted to put the time and money into both the clubs and improving my ball striking. Handicap is not an appropriate way to dictate what clubs are best. As a very general rule you can assume RBZs are better for a 20 cap than TP MCs, but it's not always the case. Similarly, some argue a 20 capper has no business buying the RBZ Tour driver and he should always take the RBZ. Why? People assume tour means better. If his swing is in to out and he squares the club face, Tour is probably a better fit. Or the lower your driver loft the better you are myth. Or the more expensive your ball the better you are...
  13. But handicap is 100% irrelevant when choosing irons. It's about how good a ball striker you are, how much forgiveness you want, and how much workability you want. What is a 20 handicapper has almost tour like ball striking but is the worst putter and chipper on the course every time he plays? Does his handicap prevent him from using blades even if they are fully within his potential?
  14. 1. I'd have the Penta TP5 in the bag if cost was not a factor. 2. I used to play the TP Black.
  15. That driver in the picture is hideous.
  16. I don't like the section idea but I think a thread for such things would be awesome!
  17. You're young Zac. You should carry your bag on days it's less than 85 degrees out.
  18. If its a really long one I want to roll there I like hybrid because you don't need to hit it hard because the face is so hot.
  19. I'd have had one last summer had some lazy IDIOT repaired his ball mark! Ball landed a few feet past the hole right on line, started spinning back and then hit an unrepaired ball mark and bounced off it a few inches and ended up a foot from the hole. Congrats onyours! I bet that is jus the best feeling a golfer can feel. Except of course shooting par on Amen Corner or something lol
  20. That baby would have darker skinif she was his. She is the dughter of the Serbian basketball player.
  21. Then you add the Perfect Connection Golf Swing, 4 Yards More, Medicus, OrangeWhie, TA144, and all that other crap and they'll have in invent the par 6.
  22. Callaway is never going to win the 5-Year War if they copy everything TM does.
  23. It's probably going to be very similar to an IOmic.
  24. Ice


    I'm a "service clerk" at a grocery store. That's code for "slave." I bought a very nice car a few months ago with what I had earned, now I save half for college spending money and keep half for myself which goes towards gas, recreation, coffee, and golf stuff. I win contests for some of my golf stuff, I find and sell golf balls, buy things on Craigslist cheap and sell them for more than I paid, etc... to fund most of my golf equipment.
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