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  1. KSU is in a shaky QB situation and LYS aren't necessarily prepared. ND has proved they can win the big games. Oklahoma - not even a close game, and they were just the 5th tesm to win in Norman since Bob Stoops arrived. ND is the most popular CFB team in America. They're gonna have a lot of weirdos as fans...
  2. Ice


    I personally think buying golf clubs on Amazon is a terrible idea. Riskier than eBay IMO. And I'd only buy on eBay from a seller who is an authorized dealer.
  3. The "speed pocket" on the RBZ is where the distance comes from. Having one on the bottom but not the top delofts the face at impact, adding distance... they'll probably do the same with drivers. The thing with drivers though is they usually flex enough already with the big face, so a speed pocket might hurt distance.
  4. You guys still want to tell me Alabama is far and away the best team in the nation? GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I bought a Speedline Tech today and didn't get the wrench with it. Adams has to be dumb and make theirs different than anyone else, so my Titleist, TM, Cobra, or Srixon wrenches won't work with it. PM me if you've got one you'd be willing to let go, thanks!
  6. Get a good fitting on the fixed one and put the extra $150 towards an upgraded shaft.
  7. Holy shizzzzz... Who in their right mind would pay almost $400 for a standard 3 wood? It better come with some serious shaft options, not the stock garbage in the current one.
  8. I'm seriously attracted to these irns. I need to hit them.
  9. TGW is one of the few online golf retailers I like. I hope they come out of this stronger than before.
  10. Wait if they abandoned the adjustable RBZ driver why would they go make the fairway adjustable? Will it be more expensive than whatever comes out of the R line? I suppose they call the R line their top driver and the Burner / RBZ line their top fairway. At least it seems to sell like that.
  11. Ice


    Thats part of it too. Just too inconsistent of a club to use for putting with, especially short distances. I use it occasionally for the shots you described too, if there is a looong way to roll the ball.
  12. I swear to God if they actually say it's 10 Yards Longer...
  13. Ice


    Genuinely curious. How does putting with a hybrid work? It's long enough you almost have to anchor it, and the loft is high enough you're gonna get carry. Can you reliably putt like that or is it too unpredictable?
  14. its so dang expensive... 304.99 I believe. Cool looking though. I'm interested to hear more and if it will work well specifically with Ogio cart bags.
  15. i played so bad on Sunday when I tried these I won't even bother describing them. IIRC I lost one of them. Hopefully tomorrow night I play well and can describe the balls accurately.
  16. The thing that kind of baffles me is that it is irrelevant if the putter provides ANY advantage at all over other competitors, because those other competitors are able to simply go grab a long putter themselves and gain that advantage. If they choose not to, they forgo that "advantage"...
  17. You should see him hit a massive slice one hole, dead straight 280 the next hole, then snap hook it the next.
  18. just blew the first grip on my wedge. I'm gonna use it for a while before I put them on all clubs. Gotta decide if I like them over my NDMCs.
  19. What you need is not a new driver but a new camera.
  20. $100 is not going to happen Zac. For a quality indoor green like that you're gonna need more. Best bet would be to build one yourself with some type of cloth depending on the speed you want, and then just use wood from Lowes...
  21. You do realize they have to lower the loft for the club to behave like a 5 iron. Because the CG on them is so low it launches the ball very high. With a standard loft on the irons the 5 iron would look like a 6 iron ball flight. What needs to change is the marketing behind longer irons, not the specs on them. They have to lower the lofts to keep the ball flight down. Nobody wants to have 8 9 irons in their bag.
  22. Meh... They're the last major ball manufacturer without yellow on the shelves.
  23. I love the competition. I'm fine with it. But posting a link where I already put it is not cool.
  24. Hey MGSers, let me tell you a story. jayhawkgolfer's name is Zac Vogt. He goes to school with me and is leading the contest currently. He's going around to anyone I ask to sign up with my link and trying to get them to instead sign up under his. So, instead of being a good friend and playing fair and letting MGS help me out, he had to come on here and try and mooch points. Not a cool move if you ask me. Can a moderator simply delete Zac's post and delete this post I'm writing now and keep the drama off the forum and not make the forum a contest war zone? Thanks.
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