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  1. Good luck guys. I would love to do a review on the irons but the Chicago golfing season is sadly coming to an end. I hope the irons aren't tmag, callaways, nikes, pings or mizunos. Although they make some great clubs, especially mizunos, I'd rather read about other brands instead of the irons that everyone reviews.
  2. So here's the scenario. Skins kept being carryovered for 9 holes. There were 3 opportunities to win holes but all 3 of us missed putts within 2 feet on different holes. So on the 17th, I was on in 2 going for birdie while another buddy was hitting his 3rd out of the bunker. The other 2 guys were all going for pars. I stand about 7 feet to the left of the guy hitting out of the bunker and thought I was safe. Nope, he ended up blading the ball right into my shin! I fell immediately in excruciating pain but was more pissed because his ball that probably would've ended up skidding way o
  3. Bought one for my mother in law and I think it's a great product. She just wanted something small that gave her the yardage to the greens. It's perfect for those that just want basic information. Plus the fact that it's about the size of an iPod mini makes it easy to attach to anything.
  4. If you have a chance, definitely go. Lots of elevated tee boxes and hills. Will definitely try amend make a trip again to play the player and Palmer courses. Heard those were a lot better than the Trevino but the Trevino is one nice course as well. I believe the green fees are cheaper as well although you do have to pay for the range..unlike the Grand Geneva.
  5. Sure is but now I remember why I like a rangefinder with slope (yes I know it isn't legal) function. Don't remember exactly but either the 15th or 16th hole had a severe upslope to the green and I decided to go 2 clubs up. Big mistake. There was a sever drop off if you went long and nothing but wild bushes behind. I couldn't believe it when I got up there and couldn't find my ball. Led to a miserable quadruple since my chip was too long and then 3 putted again..theme of the day. Loved the challenge though.
  6. Late to the party but wanted to add my 2 cents since I just came back from the grand Geneva and had a chance to play both courses. Highlands were nice but for the green fees, I'd rather drive a few miles west and hit up the Trevino course at Geneva national. It's the least memorable of the 3 there but a great value and on par with the highlands, if not better. Had four different tee boxes there and I played from the whites. Should have played from the blues since the course seemed very short from the whites. Great opening hole but didn't remember much else. Now the Brute, man what a c
  7. I wish I could compare for you but it wouldn't be apples to apples unless I use the same heads. In my onoffs, the sp blues are great so far but only time will tell. I liked how smooth the 950s were but I just found myself swinging too hard to the light weight. On top of that, if I really went after a ball, those balls would just balloon on me like no other. Can't count the number of times I'd go after it on par threes and just end up literally a few yards short due to the ballooning. I'm glad that you're liking yours though. Nippons are just some quality shafts.
  8. Just a little update to those wonderiing about the sp blues. Just got them back shafted with the sp blues in stiff and all I can say is wow. Just as smooth as the 950's but definitely lowered my launch. Went to the range and there was a breezy headwind and the sp blues didn't balloon like my 950s. Can't say anything about distance gain really since I wasnt paying much attention other than flight. weight reminded me more of the s300s but not as harsh. Side note..I would like to give huge props to Chip Usher at chipandputt. Did a great job and was very responsive through this whole p
  9. I've been using the clover one for pretty much the last 2 months. It's expensive for a glove but honestly I've never had a glove last more than 3-4 outings before they started ripping. These still haven't ripped but the sweat and water and what not have finally made it too slippery to use. They feel great, are soft, and last. I think it's worth every bit of its price. Now the $50 dollar price for customization...I'd rather spend that on some pro vs's.
  10. If you don't like doing the distance conversion in hour head then yeah. When I can get it to read it shows that the 185 par 3 is actually 150 to the pin due to the slope. It helped me out yesterday on several holes. Of course you van just estimate how many clubs you need to go down or up based on perception but Id rather know for sure.
  11. Thanks. I fully enjoy this site. So much information for a golf fanatic like myself
  12. So does anyone have any advise on how to best use these. I have shaky hands and I can never get the reading on the first try. I think I was able to get one prism lock today but have no idea how I got it to do that. Just seems that I keep getting different numbers all the time. Especially if there are trees in the background. I just wish I could use the pin seeker function better. Ny help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I like the switchback grip. It's just a tad too thin. Maybe I will try the medium size. I'd hate to lose the yamada lettering though.
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