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  1. Similar here, though I will occasionally pull out the rangefinder for hazards or obstructions on hole, not just par 3s. Primary tool is Garmin GPS watch, with secondary being rangefinder. New rangefinder has slope, so I may be using it more on hilly courses than I did the old rangefiner (without slope).
  2. Saskatchewan, Canada: Courses open May 15, in time for long weekend. Carts allowed: singles only, unless both riders are from same household. Cups will be raised - contact with cup indicates 'made' putt. Flags left in hole. No ball washers or rakes in bunkers. Tee times 20 minute intervals. Restaurants and bars closed. May have window service. Not sure about washrooms / restrooms. I'l probably take my own sanitizing wipes, hand gel, etc.
  3. Good point. I probably should have used "replacement" rather than "another".
  4. I've played a shorter driver before, at 44.5", so I'm not concerned about that at all.
  5. I'm able to fit grip in swingweight scale and shaft holds it in place without tape. Just have to be careful to position shaft to account for top cap of grip.
  6. No doubt. I'll be watching for that when I swing weight it. The replacement shaft is a UST Proforce V2 Tour Flight Regular, while the original shaft is a RocketFuel original Stiff shaft. I'm getting older and swing speed has dropped a bit, so I'm trying a (theoretically) softer shaft as well as get a more boring ball flight as I typically hit a high spinny ball that balloons and doesn't play well in the windy conditions. I bought the V2 TF shaft a few years ago and now going to try one out in both the RBZ Stage 2 (9.5 deg) and an R11S (9 deg).
  7. That was my plan. If I go too light I can always hot melt the head later, but that's Plan B, as I'd rather not do that unless I need to.
  8. Based upon that, and assuming the balance points of the two shafts are identical, I get the following: extra 19 grams will increase swingweight just slightly more than 2 points (e.g. D3 => D5+) Shortening the 69g shaft by 1/3" would reduce SW by 2 points, so 3/8" should reduce the additional SW by about 2.25 SW points. I have a SW scale, so just looking for a starting point. I can load everything up and cut increments until I get to the desired SW. I note one review indicated the stock RBZ Stage 2 had a SW of D6, but I don't recall it being that high. I generally play ar
  9. I'm planning to build another shaft for my RBZ Stage 2 driver. The current shaft is 50g and the shaft I'm planning to put in a new tip is 69 grams. How much shorter will the 69 gram shaft need to be to maintain the same swing weight?
  10. Regina, Saskatchewan. 65 90-95 MPH above average - for my age - regular gym attendee until COVID-19 lockdown Absolutely. I live in a climate with winter, but I will use my garage when it gets cold. It has a 10' ceiling, so some extra room there. I have a BEL SwingMate Electronic Swing Speed Meter I can use to monitor changes.
  11. That's what I was going to recommend. Glad to see others are of a like mind. Well, at least one... LOL Here's a video from the UK which plays and reviews the Callaway Edge boxed set. Definitely worth 20 minutes of your time if you're thinking of buying these. You're stuck indoors, so what else are you going to do instead of staring at the walls? Enjoy.
  12. I stand corrected: Apex Pro irons are 'Players' clubs, while Na's Rogue Pro 4 iron is listed as a 'Players Distance' club.
  13. I don't know how many caught this, but Kevin Na has come out in favour of GI irons. Yes, not that many look to Na as a source of wisdom for golf advice, but he is on the Tour and has one there, so that certainly puts him well above me. LOL. I was never going to play blades, but perhaps I can now feel better (less inadequate?) about playing GI or SGI irons. During a recent chat on GOLF’s Fully Equipped podcast, Callaway staffer Kevin Na admitted blade irons aren’t his cup of tea. You read that right: a four-time PGA Tour winner is openly championing for forgiving cavity-back irons. “I
  14. That will certainly work. I see somebody has listed some GolfWorks products on both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com - but there's something seriously wrong with their prices. Amazon.ca has a 2-tube 50 ml epoxy syringe for $115 CAD - but at least it has free shipping. LOL
  15. I only recommended that as OP indicated he was going to HD. My preference would always be shafting epoxy which, of course, isn't that hard to track down. I get most of my supplies from https://www.golfworks.ca/ or, in USA, https://www.golfworks.com/
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