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  1. I see your point regarding the handicap, but my question is how did he get to an 8 using non-conforming clubs as he can not play in sanctioned matches that would drop his official HC? Also if his HC did get down to an 8 officially using non-confoming would it not make sense that when he uses conforming clubs for the Championship he should play off of 12? AJ
  2. I have the 57 series Miura Blades with KBS C Taper shafts. Awesome clubs. Not much else to say really AJ
  3. My father played off 6 when he was 60 years old. I am not sure if he ever got lower than 6. There were a couple of things that stood out in his game. 1. Did not drive the ball all that long, but he was arrow straight and always on the fairway; 2. Only hit 5 or 6 greens in regulation on average; but 3. From anywhere inside a 100 metres he was up and down for 2 always; and 4. He practiced his chipping everyday and that was all he practiced. I can not remember ever seeing him 2 putt, ever! AJ
  4. These have to be some of best member reviews I have read on MGS and the photos are equally as good. Well done to everyone. AJ
  5. I went to my local GolfBox here in Perth and they have all the latest in swing monitoring equipment and it is amazing to see the mathematics of my swing compared to what I am feeling in the swing. They also have the floor sensors that can tell you where your weight is being distributed throughout the swing. This information alone improved my swing 10 fold. AJ
  6. Am I correct that the face angle dictates where the ball starts and swing path relative to face angle determines if it fades or draws? Richard I am good mate, just been very busy. Thanks for asking. AJ
  7. I think that the feeling of releasing the club head through the ball gets confused with the thought of rolling or turning the wrists over. The first is correct the second is not, just my view. AJ
  8. I know that the rules say US only but what the hell. My entry is TaylorMade MLB13 (multi layered ball 2013) AJ
  9. Was about 15 years ago and was an legit news item in the newspaper. AJ
  10. Yeah so did I until I saw the story. I think it was in the UK. AJ
  11. I remember a news story a few years ago where a golfer put his tee in his mouth and after falling ill had both legs amputated from the infection caused by the fertilizer used on the course. AJ
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