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  1. LOL that is hilarious and of course that made me look at the top of MY page... Oh man - maybe the Mayans are right - only a few days left!! How did they know I was addicted to golf! Pretty morbid stuff...
  2. logo nearly as terrible as the new design... no doubt it will be a sensational club though!
  3. Hahaha! One word! ENVY other things spring to mind - grass is always greener
  4. as my post above - $100 bucks a quarter...not a month... and it seems from the site that you can pick between different lofts and a regular or stiff shaft... ok not quite the full customization but pretty cool to be able to have whatever driver you want in your bag at all times... and you can swap it out whenever another looks like it is worth a go...
  5. Actually $100 bucks a quarter...if you sign up for a quarter... or $39 if you just do it monthly...
  6. wondering what other golfers experience is who have used launch monitor when demoing or getting fitted for clubs... does the distance, slice, draw etc. all correspond to the "real" experience when playing a real round of golf? interested to hear your views...
  7. Every year we get inundated with multiple driver models from the top manufacturers and selecting/upgrading is becoming more of a challenge.  I've tried the demo days but often find it difficult to compare due to the "contrived" environment...maybe it is just me but interested to hear from others.  I mean go to any of the reviews and most of the top drivers and manufacturers have 4/5 star reviews and the "reviews" are often "generic" so how to really make a decision. How do you all select the driver for you?
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