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  1. 1. Brad, Hawaii 2. 12.4, 109mph 3. Cobra Biocell 4. Epic Flash Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. 1. Brad, Hawaii 2. 12.4 hdcp, 109mph 3. Cobra Biocell, stiff, set at 11.5 4. G410 Plus Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. I'm happy to say that Cobra customer service reps contacted me within 24 hours and have been nothing short of accommodating. My 7i should be heading back to Carlsbad for reshafting shortly. Here's hoping that this is an isolated issue.
  4. Update: I am sold on the one length philosophy and it works for me. Unfortunately last night though, I was at the range and the head snapped off my 7i right at the hosel (2nd shot of the practice). A quick search of online user reviews suggests that this is not an isolated issue... I'm hoping that there was simply a bad batch of shafts in there somewhere. I haven't been in touch with Cobra yet, but really hoping that they can help me out with a replacement.
  5. Hey mate, im living in hawaii now but grew up in New Zealand. I can vouch for the queenstown courses and also those in the northern part of the north island. There are some truly spectacular courses right across the country. Let us know when you firm up the locations youll be at and between nunfa0 and i we can make some recommendations. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. Haha thanks for the kind words Rick! Fair to say it was a mixed week for me but i think the skins format suits my inconsistent play lol It was such a great few days, and ive been missing from the forums for some time but kudos to the MGS team for creating a platform that supports this kind of interaction. It was great to meet some guys like Rick and Sean who ive been friends with for years but hadnt ever actually met them. Congrats again to Zach and Brittney! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Thanks TGM, nice prize pack. Im in! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Brad Hawaii Cobra BioCell 10.5, Fujikura Fuel Stiff shaft No i was not fit for this Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. Im 2 rounds in with my set of these and couldnt be happier! The caddie function is a game changer! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. Definitely my Tour edge XCG6 4-Wood. It is super long, knows how to go straight and has been super reliable both off the tee and fairway! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 3: Shane Lowry Tier 4: Kevin Kisner Tier 5: Brian Gay Winning Score: -13 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. Just watched Tony Finau sink a hole in one. Totally pure! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  13. So I got this just as I arrived at the Sony Open this morning: Turns out it was not a real threat, but sent a few shivers down my spine. Still, a beautiful day here for golf! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159940947700512&id=800270511 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  15. Hey team, Just wanted to resurrect this thread and offer my sincere apologies. My review has taken a lot longer than it should have. I was out with a pretty bad ankle ligament injury for quite some time, but I should have gotten this up earlier. Given the recent announcement of the new version of the one length irons, let me know if you have any questions and I'll endeavour to answer them (based on my experience anyway). Link to Review: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/19713-official-forum-member-review-cobra-f7-onevariable-irons/?p=291845
  16. Thanks Jiro, these are certainly going to be included in my analysis. The adjustment period should be interesting - I've had one round with them and... I can say that it takes longer than one round lol
  17. Hey all, my Stage One is up - let me know what questions you have regarding the single length and I'll do my best to build these into the testing.
  18. When I found out I'd been given the opportunity to review the Cobra King F7 One Length irons, it's fair to say that I was over the moon. I'm all for embracing things that others may find a little quirky or ‘other-than-standard' and I'd been following the One Length story after having followed Bryson DeChambeau during one of his rounds at the Sony Open earlier in the year. The single length iron concept is interesting to me because it is unique, but also because it has the potential to improve my consistency – the main area where, for me at least, “the struggle is real”. Aotearoabrad background – I'm 37, am a solid 14.7 hcp, and if I were to describe my game in a single word it'd be “inconsistent” – I generally start the round with a deal of consistency but make too many accuracy errors with my irons in the center third of the round. I'm not the longest driver of the ball (250-260 on average) and this places extra importance on the accuracy of my iron-game. The other piece playing into my inconsistency is that, while I can play year-round here in Hawaii, I find myself having little time for practice, which really doesn't help my consistency. The basic premise for Single length irons is that by having all irons the same length, you can utilize the same swing irrespective of the number on the club, and by reducing the swing variability you are able to increase consistency. All of the irons are 37.25 inches long (essentially a 6-7 iron length) and have the same lie angle. The only thing that changes is the loft and the head weights. Prior to even getting the King F7 One Length irons in hand, I hunted down the spec sheets so I could get a decent comparison between them and my WilsonStaff FG Tour F5 irons: Observations: • The Cobra King F7 One Length and Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 irons occupy different segments of the iron market, the Cobra King F7s firmly in the Game-Improvement category, with the FG Tour F5s taking up residence in the Players Cavity ‘spectrum' of irons available currently. • Game-Improvement irons tend to favor a ‘pro-distance' philosophy in their construction. As such, it should be no surprise then that the lofts on the F7 One Lengths are considerably stronger throughout the set. • F7 One lengths are the equivalent length of a 6-I for me… and are all the same length… The Cobra King F7 One Length stock shaft is a “True Temper F7 King” (steel, stiff). I have been playing Aerotech Steelfiber i95 shafts in the FG Tour F5s, also stiff flex. Enough with the intro, on with the review! Performance Short Iron Performance (9i – GW) I'm generally confident with short irons, my miss being a little high on the face and short of the target as a result. The short irons are at the less-tech end of the Tec-Flow spectrum and are more like a traditional cavity back. What is different is having a 6-i length Gap Wedge… Accuracy – The short irons are deadly accurate! Irrespective of where I aimed, that's where the ball went. I have a fairly consistent small fade in my FG Tour short irons, but this has not been evident in the Cobras – they are straight, straight, straight. Distance – I was expecting some added distance as a result of the length of the short irons, but it was pretty extreme. The lofts are consistently stronger than the FG Tour F5s and on average 2” longer across the 9-GW irons and I found the gapping and transition from short irons to wedges a little difficult to manage. Trajectory – Ball flight is medium-high with the Cobra's, but lower than my FG Tours – Getting the ball airborne has never been a problem. Most short iron shots for me are at 75-80% maximum and, with the help of the “wedge-spaced grooves” in the One Length's, have had no problems holding greens – a hop and stop with very little roll-out. Forgiveness – This was a real surprise! I had a couple of 9i off the toe would normally have had me in serious trouble. With the Cobras they still hung onto the fringe. A little loss of distance, but not as much as I would otherwise have had. Control – I don't usually try to work the ball so can't really comment on the workability of the short irons. Short Iron Score: (80 of 100) Mid Iron Performance (6i – 8i) Accuracy – My normal shot is a straight/baby fade with my mid-irons and my miss being a …strong fade. I have had a few shots that sprayed but fewer than I normally would on average. The groupings are closer together and I'm finding that my confidence over the ball is improving the more I play with them. It's not an easy transition, but (as you'd imagine) easier with the mid-irons than with the short or long irons. Distance – It really took some time to get used to the extra distance that these irons provide. It's easily a full club, even in the mid-irons that have a similar length to my FG Tour F5s. It's more than I expected, so kudos to Cobra and the Tec-Flow technology. While it takes a while to get used to, I do find myself enjoying pulling an 8i when it would otherwise have been a 7i – even when no-one else is around to see it lol. Trajectory – Again, lower than I'm accustomed to. This helps a little with the pretty consistent winds we have here and preventing ballooning, but not so much when you attack a pin and don't have a lot of green to play with. Forgiveness – Consistent length across most of the face and my confidence has been high the past few months as a result. It's not that I know I'll be on the green every time, but I am sure that if I'm not, then I'll at least be close. As a result, I've had more birdie opportunities (and actual birdies I might add) over the past three months than ever before. Control – Again, these fly pretty straight and I'm not a ‘worker' of the ball so cannot really comment on range of control. Mid Iron Score: (91 of 100) Long Iron Performance (5i…) …that's right… the set comes standard from 5i up. You can get a 4i, but it is a custom order. This is where my fondness for the set wavers somewhat… Accuracy – There is no doubt that the 5i is accurate. The Tec-Flow progresses to a hollow-body iron for the 5i and it's really not my favorite. The sound is…well…a hollow thud – which I don't find appealing. I probably shouldn't complain because I do enjoy the results of consistently hitting a long iron well (i.e. where you aim it). It is a far cry from the feel of the FG Tour irons though. Distance – I found that the distance gains in the short and mid irons were not as substantial with the 5i. Still longer, but about a half club longer than the FG Tour equivalent. This is most probably a combination of the lower loft but is offset by the shorter length of the 5i. Trajectory – Low. Fine unless the greens are protected up front, but a challenge to hold them because of how low the trajectory is if you fly it to the green. This is probably my biggest complaint through the set is that the trajectory is substantially lower than I'm used to – especially in the longer irons. Forgiveness – It's difficult to stress enough how forgiving the irons are right through the set. The consistency of distance on mishits is ridiculous. Control – You can work the 5i a little more than the mid and short irons, but (again) it is not something that I do frequently on course so my experience with doing this was limited to the range. Long Iron Score: (75 of 100) Performance Notes The single length Cobras have been in and out of the bag for the best part of the last 4 months and have made an interstate trip as well. Honestly, the biggest challenge has been getting used to the distances. The single length concept appeal for me has been mainly around the potential gains in consistency and I was hoping that the transition time would be quicker than it has actually taken. To be fair, I had a pretty serious ankle ligament injury shortly after receiving the irons which still causes me some trouble and has impacted my golfing capacity. All that said, I have gained some consistency over the last few months and the biggest evidence of that, on course, has been the increase in the number of birdie opportunities that I have had. I'm regularly giving myself opportunities at multiple birdies per round which has been a significant step in the right direction. I still throw in the odd blow-up hole here and there, but that's been more to do with Driving accuracy than with my irons. Total Performance Score: (82 of 100) Subjective Looks General Shape - They are certainly bigger than a lot of more traditional irons, but similar size to others in the GI class. They are a little longer heel-to-toe than I'm used to, and I would change that if possible to do so without reducing performance. Topline - The topline is pretty thick and, as you'd expect, certainly thicker than the FG Tours. It is similar to the majority of other GI irons. Sole - The sole is really similar to the FG Tours, which was a surprise. Maybe just a hair thicker, but not to the point of distraction. Offset – There is a decent amount of offset. Personally it does not bother me at all and hasn't affected the playability for me. Graphics – Cobra did a really good job of the color-scheme with the irons. They used a different palette than with the variable length King F7 irons and I definitely prefer the blue of the single lengths. There are no gaudy decals and while there is a reasonable amount going on in the cavity it all ties in well and cannot be seen at address. Looks Score: (91 of 100) Sound and Feel I'm not a fan of the sound. While not as important to me as performance, the dead thud that the 5-iron makes is really not very pleasing. It reminds me of the sound of a rubber mallet and may well be because it is hollow-construction. The sound and feel as the set progresses from mid to short irons improves, so that is at least a positive. There is a slight difference in feel between a flushed shot and a mishit, but not so much that the mishit hurts. Slight mishits still felt pretty good and I found the feedback on good vs poor shots was a combination of a change in feel as well as ballflight. Sound and Feel Score: (75 of 100) Likelihood of Purchase (LOP) As tested, I'm on the fence whether I would purchase the One Length irons. I'm still confident that the single length idea is a winner and as much as the performance is a positive, the sound and feel leave me feeling a little flat about them. I'd really be interested to see if the Forged version improve the sound and feel of the irons. If they do then the likelihood of purchase would increase dramatically. As tested, I'd be hard pressed to part with my own money for these. LOP Score: (70 out of 100) Total Subjective Score – (78.7 out of 100) I came into this review having some pretty strong ideas about the benefits of the single length iron concept, if not specifically about Cobra's take on it with the King F7 irons. I've was expecting some increased distance and consistency from these irons, and they delivered. While performance is the most important, the sound and feel are a let-down and are the major reason that my review is not more of a overwhelmingly glowing. Overall, I'm still optimistic that there are a lot of consistency gains available and I'm intrigued about what the next generation of Cobra's One Length irons provide, and also the Forged version of One Length. I'm certain that this won't be the only set of single length irons that finds a home in my bag. Total Score: (80.4 out of 100)
  19. COBRA KING F7 ONE LENGTH IRONS I’d heard about the single length iron concept a little bit, but it wasn’t until watching Bryson Dechambeau on the range and getting to follow him around for a few holes at the Sony Open earlier this year that I thought there was really something to this. The idea that you can remove a large part of the variability in swing by having clubs of the same length really intrigues me – why? Well, I’m glad you asked… A little about me… I’m a 36 year old Healthcare Executive living and working on Oahu, Hawaii. I’m husband to a beautiful lady and proud father of two young girls. Oh, my wife and I have a side-business that we’re working on as well. This is just to say that my available golf time is limited and so, while I am as competitive a guy as anyone else, I spend my ‘golf time’ playing, not practicing. I’m a solid 14.5 hcp, and if I were to describe my game in a single word it’d be “inconsistent” – a round for me will typically consist of a couple of birdies but also multiple bogeys and the odd double thrown in for good measure – which any of the guys on MGS who’ve played with me can attest to. I’ve eliminated the blowout hole for the most part, so my major challenge is hitting greens rather than the fringe or bunkers. Actually, that’s a lie… I don’t have the power of Grayskull, so I rely pretty heavily on mid-irons rather than wedges to reach greens and so accuracy with my irons is the difference between a good round and a bad round. This is why I’m intrigued by the single length iron concept – innovation through simplification – remove inconsistency by eliminating unnecessary variables. Now, whether iron length qualifies as an unnecessary variable is still up for debate, but hopefully I can get closer to the answer and share my journey with you over the next few weeks. Okay, so what’s the competition? What’s currently in the bag… Driver: Cobra Bio Cell 10.5deg Stiff FW: Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 16.5deg 4-wood Stiff Irons: WilsonStaff FG Tour F5 3 - GW (Aerotech Steelfiber i95 R+) Wedges: Sonartec East Coast T46 (56 and 60 deg) Putter: Center-shafted Seemore M3 So last week arrives and I’m all excited about getting new clubs but it turns out to be one of ‘those’ weeks… I’m sitting at the lights waiting for them to turn green and a car slams into the back of me – she thought that the light was green, so I reminded her that even if it was, you can’t drive through the car stopped in front of you. Great start! Then we have contracted vendors messing simple (extremely important) stuff up and rather than doing the stack of work I have I end up fighting fires and dealing with insurance. Friday comes around and I’m beat. Ready to push the hard reset button on the week and just write it off, when I get an email to say that there is a package waiting for me at reception… All of a sudden I forget about insurance and contractors and I'm on top of the world. It's Friday, and I've got new clubs - so I headed straight to the range to take some pics and hit some balls: First impressions... They're bigger than my current irons, but not obese. The offset may take a little getting used to so watch this space. There are some big cavities in the mid-irons and the long irons are hollow-body but from address you can't really tell too much. Overall the look is not off-putting, so that is a good start. Let me know what you guys have questions about and I'll try and work this into my testing over the next few weeks! Thanks again to Cobra and MGS for the opportunity to test these out! Happy Memorial weekend all, and a massive shout-out to those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice!
  20. Dude - I've been playing the XCG6 16.5deg 4-wood for the last couple of years and it has never left the bag. I'm in the process of trying to find a 7-wood to accompany it but no luck thus far. The loft on the 4-wood is perfect for me and I find that it is super consistent for me. I added a Paderson FW shaft last year and that combo is unbeatable - I can't see it ever leaving my bag. Would be interested to see how the E8 16.5 goes for you.
  21. ha - then I'd say they have only been hit in a fleshy part of the body. There is absolutely no doubt that you could get seriously injured, if not fatally, if hit in the wrong place or from the wrong angle by a golf ball at speed. I think someone already cited a death in this thread as a result.
  22. Different scenario, but I've been hit in the face before. When I was 13 my playing partner, who was 14, was teeing off on #12. I was getting something out of my bag still (which was about 15yds forward and 20yds to the left of the fairway direction). I ducked down behind the bag and just peeked out as he tee'd off. He shanked it directly into my face. I went down like a sack of s%*t and my eye closed up pretty much immediately. I can attest that it is excruciatingly painful. There wasn't much blood so we decided to finish the round. When we got to the 18th green and Dad could see me he was less than impressed... I ended up spending 5 and 1/2 hours in the Emergency Dept and had a cracked cheekbone as a result. The ER Doc said that if it had been a 1/2 inch higher I'd have lost my eye, or 1 inch to the left and it would have hit me in the temple and likely killed me. Lesson learned: don't ever stand in front of someone teeing off - not even an inch in front and off to the side. I haven't since.
  23. Whoop whoop! Bonanza!!! I can't wait for this - just FYI fellas, "i is pretty excite"... Thanks MGS and Cobra, this is gonna be fun!
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