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  1. Selling off some of my shafts that are not getting any use, so benefitting for you. All have titleist tips. All prices are shipped CONUS. Driver: Fujikura Atmos Blue (non Tour Spec) 7x- 43.75" $89.00 3 wood: Fujikura Speeder Pro 84 x stiff- 41.25" $110.00 Fujikura Speeder 857 TR x stiff- 42" $160.00 Fujikura Speeder 869 stiff- 41" $89.00 Hybrid: Fujikura Speeder 869 x stiff- 39" $79.00 Accra XH105 x stiff- 39.75" $55.00
  2. Jim, Roseville, CA Driver Swing Speed: 106mph Titleist TSi3 Accra Tour Z x475 M5 Have you Played Modus Iron Shafts before? Yes, Modus Tour 120 x stiff and stiff.
  3. First name: Jim City & State: Roseville, CA Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds? Walk Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one? Clic Gear 3.5
  4. Up for sale is a used, 6 months, LEft handed TS2 5 wood, 18*. Plays at 41.5” with Mitsubishi Tensei Blue AV 75 Stiff shaft. Comes with GP tour velvet 360 grip.SOLD
  5. Jim/ Roseville, CA What IOS Device Will You be Using: iPhone 8 plus I will be Testing Primarily Outdoors Not using a net
  6. Jim Roseville, CA Titleist TS2 7.2 103 TSi2 8.5 LH
  7. Jim Roseville, CA I live in CA and can get out pretty much year round I have tried a Skillz golf mats Medium speed
  8. Jim Roseville, CA USA Scotty Cameron Monterey Tomcat- I have never been a mallet putter and it says it works with a slight arc swing
  9. Jim Shields/ Roseville, CA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 2x/ week usually about 30 minutes each time How many 3 putts do you average per round? 1/ round. What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? The ability to practice at home and to get feedback on leaving the face open or cutting across the ball
  10. Roseville, CA 7 HCP Printed alignment on ball Pro V1, JRS 3
  11. Woods and wedges arrived! Irons come in tomorrow. My plan is to get to the course this and try these bad boys out!
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