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  1. Great setup and fantastic pictures! How do you like playing all Hi Toe wedges?
  2. So glad I read your fitting experience and saw your pics! I will make sure my wife takes pics of the action during the fitting if she's allowed in to watch. I'm very excited as it looks like a great experience!!!
  3. I will be interested to see how I am fit as well. I use all my wedges as full swing options and I tend to like the Vokey 46* instead of the set PW. I use the 58* around the green and bunkers as well as full swings from less than 90 yds. I will use all around the green for different shots and try to hit to appropriate shots with wedges for full swing approaches. I have been looking at videos of testing of the new Titleist lineup and am going in with a completely open mind. Should be hearing from Titleist soon to schedule my visit.
  4. Here's what the fitting tool says: Right numbers and grinds with the exception of the 58*, which is a custom grind T
  5. I am looking forward to seeing what irons they put me in as I have never had great luck with Titleist irons. Very excited for that as well! I 'll use the online fitting and post on here. You can see what I am currently playing below.
  6. Thank you and I am really looking forward to the opportunity. I will hopefully get a chance to get some rounds in beforehand. You can see my current WITB below.
  7. Jim Roseville, CA Laser Range Finder I value the relationship if it makes golf more enjoyable for the general public.
  8. Jim Shields Roseville, CA Yes straight through the writing along the equator of the ball Titleist AVX Align XL personalized Line- Blue JRS 3
  9. Jim- CA 5.7 Mizuno JPX 919 171 yds
  10. Jim Roseville, CA 108 mph Titleist Pro V1x I have used the Snell MTB and felt good bout the ball. I liked the spin around the greens and the control I had. I found it comparable to the Pro V1x. I did feel it got a little "balloony" off the driver in comparison to my current ball.
  11. Jim -CA - Scotty Cameron Monterey - Putting is a strength
  12. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year: Jim Shields, Sacramento, CA, 50+ Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Instagram and Twitter- jrshields3 Handicap and Swing Speed: 7 and s/s 108 Current Set:Titleist driver, fwy and wedges; Mizuno irons Desired Cobra Set F9 driver and fwy, 54/58 wedges and conventional irons with a stand bag
  13. First Name/Home State (US Eligible): Jim/ CA Current Grips Used: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Choose EITHER the ALIGN (pick one model) or SNSR (pick 104 or 140 cc): Tour Velvet Tour Align
  14. 1.Jim, CA 2. 7.2 with a ss of 109mph 3. Titleist TS2 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  15. Your first name: Jim Home state: CA Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Cobra King LTD/ Hzrdous black 75 xstiff/ 75grams Current swing speed: 108
  16. Your first name: Jim Your home state/province/country: CA Your handicap: 7 Your current irons set/shaft: Nike Vapor Pro Combo/ TTDG x100 Your PING choice - i210 or i500: i210
  17. Very excited! Never been a Ping user but these look awesome so if they perform, watch out! - Jim - CA/ USA - Nike Vapor Pro Combo 4-9/ TTDG x 100 +1/2"/ GP Tour Wrap 2 grips - 7-iron distance= 174 yds (168 carry)
  18. First name/home state or province: Jim CA Current driver/shaft combo: Cobra King LTD/ Hzrdous Black 75 X Swing speed/handicap: 108/ 7 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft: LH 9.5* Tensei CK White x stiff w/ GP Tour Wrap 2G grip
  19. 1. Jim, CA 2. Cobra King LTD driver, Titleist F15 fw (3 and 5), Nike Vapor Pro irons (4-9), Vokey SM6 (46, 50,54,58) wedges 3. 4.0 4. Make better approach shots from more consistent driving
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