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  1. 1. Jim- CA 2. Scotty Cameron Monterey 35" 70* and 3* and LH 3. Odyssey O-Works #1
  2. 1. Jim CA 2. 7 3. Nike Vapor Pro Combo JPX 900 Forged (I'm a lefty) What a great opportunity! I have been eyeing these irons for a while!!!!!
  3. 1. Your age; 50 2. Your ball speed with your driver; 155mph 3. Your current golf ball; Titleist Pro V1x 2016 model
  4. 1. CA 2. Scotty Cameron GoLo 5 3. Speed control
  5. 1. Jim from CA 2. HCP: 7.8 3. Cobra LTD set at 8.5 with Hzrdous Black 75 x stiff 4. 109 mph S/S 268 yd carry 5. Phil Mickelson
  6. First Name Jim Home State/Province CA Current Handicap 7 Current Iron Set Nike Vapor Pro Combo One length or Variable One length
  7. First Name Jim Home State/Province/Country CA Current Handicap 7 Current Iron Set Nike Vapor Pro combo
  8. Your first name, home state/province Jim, CA Your current handicap 7 Have you used a GPS watch? Which one? No Have you used a Shot Tracking System? Which one? Yes, Arccos
  9. Your first name: Jim Your home state/province: CA Your current handicap: 7 Your current iron set: Nike Vapor Pro combo Your biggest strength & weakness to your iron game: Length and accuracy
  10. Your first name-James Your home state or province- CA Your current handicap- 7 Your current distance measuring method (laser, GPS or eyeball)- GPS
  11. Your Handicap 5.6 Your State/Province CA Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance S/S 108 Avg Carry 278 Your Preference (F7 or F7+) F7+ Thanks!!!
  12. Jim Shields Roseville, CA 9 Your current shot tracking system, if any: None
  13. State- CA Handicap- 6 Current Putter- Scotty Cameron Monterey
  14. Jim Shields, CA. HCP 5 Lefty Driver- Z565 9.5 3W- F65 3 wood Utility- Z U65 18* Irons- Z765 4-9 Wedges- RTX3 Black Satin 46 VG Mid RTX3 Black Satin 50 VG Mid RTX3 Black Satin 54 VG Low RTX3 Black Satin 58 VG Full Putter- Huntington Beach 1 35"
  15. 1. Jim Shields CA 2. 5.6 3. This training tool will help me "trap the ball as I deliver a descending blow helping my launch, control and distance. Very excited!
  16. 1. Jim from CA 2. 5.6 hcp 3. I am comfortable hitting a 2 iron as I am looking to switch to something similar to replace my hybrid. I am also left handed and not sure it these come in left handed which would eliminate me from the test. Thanks!
  17. 1. Your name and state Jim California 2. Your current handicap 5.5 3. Your current ball Titleist Pro V1x 4. How many rounds per month do you play? 3-4 rounds/ month
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