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  1. Don't know if you picked already, but I'll post. Nicklaus Woods Hogan Palmer Pride BTW, I've walked with Dicky in Reno and he's a great guy! Very friendly and easy going.
  2. Picked up the LC4s. So far only one round but they have a nice fit. Also, they don't squeak like my DNAs do.
  3. Reviews are posted. I have been mixing the Fly Z+ in a few rounds, but it isn't going to supplant my current fairway wood in my bag.
  4. Jim Shields- California Hcp. 6.7 55 rounds/ year Buy balls a independent golf store, I Fit Golf (Folsom,CA)
  5. Follow Up While the Fly Z+ isn't going to make my bag, it is a step in the right direction. I realize Cobra has a whole new lineup out and I have tested and really like the LTD driver. It seems to have come out of the Fly Z and is a great improvement. I can't say whether the 3 wood will replace my 915fD but we'll see.
  6. Review I have played Cobra drivers in the past. From the King Cobra (loved the distance, hated the frying pan bang!) to the ZLE (loved it!), but I have never used any other club made by them. While I am a fan of Rickie Fowler's golf ability, his style is not mine so I have never given much thought to the brand. I have noticed their clubs as of late and will say the looks and style have definitely been improving in their latest models. For that reason, I was very excited to play and write a review on the new Fly Z+ fairway wood. Like others on this site, I have a confession to make
  7. First Impression Upon opening the box, one of my favorite things to do, I was very pleased with the sleek look of the head. I like the silver/ steel line at the back of the head. It will serve as an alignment marker.Overall, I give the club an A for looks. It all flows together very well and looks great at address. Not a fan of the sock like headcover. Just not my style. If it stays in my bag, it well definitely be switched.Also, my club came with a stiff shaft and I play an x stiff. We had ordered it with the x stiff but haven't received the new shaft yet so I will proceed with the stiff
  8. Looking forward to writing and giving a fair and honest review. Thanks for the opportunity!
  9. I am currently playing a Titleist 915fD with a Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 9x My handicap is 1.7
  10. I am looking at new irons. My MP 68s have had a lot of use!!! Thinking about the Mizuno JPX 850 forged and also looking at Nike's new Vapor line. Upgraded 3W to the new 915 Fd and also changing my hybrid to the 915 Hd.
  11. I would be honored to test their shafts. I;m a lefty with a swing speed of 110mph. I can supply my own adapter and grip as well have access to a launch monitor. Looking ofrward to testing a Paderson shaft and providing a great write up and review. Thanks, Jim
  12. I tried one when the Titleist rep was showing the new stuff at the store I frequent. Great feel and I'm a Newport fan! I would consider it.
  13. Never heard of it. Do you have a link to the website?
  14. I'm partial to the silver but I like the full logo on the yellow. The yellow will always be more noticeable and draw more attention. Great look!
  15. Those look nice. I will definitely test them out and consider for a new set.
  16. I can see them coming in full speed ahead with lots of finances to back the push. I'm not sure I see a viable company for them to purchase.
  17. When can we order them and how much??? Very nice!!!!
  18. Great name! Not a Cleveland fan, but can't wait to see it.
  19. Saw this thread and found this picture on golf.com http://blogs.golf.com/.a/6a00d8341caaef53ef01a3fccd4a88970b-pi
  20. Going with "Tour Preferred". I like it that they are bringing this back.
  21. Looking forward to these coming to market. I will definitely hit both. Leaning towards the Alpha with the great shaft options I keep hearing will be available. This could be their best offering yet...
  22. Very cool logo. Thanks for growing every year.
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