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    Prescription 5 Clubs


    My handicap is 2.1




    I would be a great candidate for the Scor system as I currently use 4 wedges and play courses that give me a variety of wedge shots to hit. I travel throughout the western states and play many different conditions. I am playing elevations in Northern Nevada, the high deserts of Central Oregon as well as the target golf of Arizona.

    I am long off the tee and end up with scoring irons in my hands for a lot of approach shots. I have been very interested in these and am happy to see they are now available for left handers ( a little love is always nice...).

  2. To Enter provide the following information (in this thread):

    The current model and flex of your irons: Mizuno MP68 DG x100

    Your Handicap:2.4

    Your Age:45

    Are you Left or Right Handed:Left Handed

    Do you know your iron specs:2* upright Standard length


    AND Do the Following:


    1.Tell us which 2 companies make the best irons in golf: Mizuno, Titleist/ Taylormade (tie)

    2.Tell us which 2 companies make the worst irons in golfNo comment, all depends on what you like.

    3.Upload an original photograph of a piece of golf equipment in your bag right nowCobra ZLE Head.JPG

    4.Using one of our ULTIMATE Reviews as a template, write 1-3 paragraphs describing ONE of the following aspects (your choice) of the club that appears in your photo:


    I have chosen to write about the sound and feel of the Cobra ZLE. I have owned Cobra drivers, King Cobra SS 427, in the past and the sound has always been loud and very tinny. This one is very different.


    I find the ZLE to be muted, almost too muted, and giving a powerful thud upon impact. The ball comes off the face very hot and you will definitely feel the impact. I will say on well struck you balls you know it immediately and get that rush of a drive crushed down the fairway. Being a feel player, I do notice that I can "feel" this head through impact and that is why it stays in my bag. The ZLE is also a very easy driver to control and shape shots with. Itend to play a fade and have found I do not have to manuever too much to get the desired shot I want off the tee. This gives me a great confidence in this club.


    The ZLE is a great improvement over the Cobra drivers I have played in the past. I would highly recommend the ZLE as a driver that you can feel, control and bomb drives with.


    My rating scale 89.5

  3. Just saw this topic and had to weigh in.

    My top 10 in the US

    1. Augusta National

    2. Pine Valley

    3. Pebble Beach

    4. Cypress

    5. Pinehurst No.2

    6. Winged Foot

    7. Whistling Straits

    8. Old Macdonald

    9. Chambers Bay

    10. Pasatiempo


    On a side note, I would also like to play Del Paso CC in Sac as I too drive by it almost everyday and have yet to step through the gates.

  4. Sorry guys, Completely forgot about the thread. I have been on the course around 30 times and the range too many to count. The grooves are fantastic for me. Chipping now is night and day compared to my old wedge. I can be aggressive and have it check. I have not gotten used to it on full swings yet. Its a great club. Steve (Z-Man) is letting me borrow a forged 53° and that thing can spin to. I don't know if I like the shaft yet or not. As far as a number rating. I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Its not perfect but it is still great. I think its not a 10/10 because I wasn't fit for the club. These are the ABC grooves. The are true to the name. All Bite, no Chew. It scuffs my provs but it doesn't shred them. I play my balls until it is lost... The scuffs don't affect the playability to me.


    Thansk for the review Funky. I have the 1018s and they play great! I am very comfortable with all of my greenside pitches and chips and these grooves can really impart spin.

    I play 'em until I lose them also.

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