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  2. I'd recommend Dave Murray at the Course at Watter's Creek in Plano. A friend of mine got a fitting there (wound up with a Ping bag) and said Dave was great to work with. He fits most OEMs but also custom builds Wishon clubs (or at least he did). https://www.watterscreekgolf.com/clubfitting/ I've heard lots of good things about Bo Hodnett at Golf Tech, also in Plano. He's had a number of tour guys at his shop over the years. http://golftechplano.com/ Russ Ryden at Fit2Score seems to know more about shafts than just about anyone. He might be a good source as well, although I haven't heard as much about his fittings. http://fit2score.com Dave and Russ do outdoor fittings. Bo may have a range available, but from the web site it looks like he does his fittings indoors. I don't know of anyone from the mid-cities west, though.
  3. I have not only turned off AdBlock for the mygolfspy.com domain, but disabled it on Firefox (v59.0.2) as well. I still get the (annoying) pop-up on the main page when I try to scroll down. I tried restarting the browser to no avail. Let me know what you find out.
  4. I don't get to the forums much, but I just saw this. Good to hear from you, Robin. I am glad you're doing well, and I hope you continue to do so!
  5. Very interesting post. Thank you for taking the time to go out with the rating group, and for writing up your experience!
  6. I think this is the thread: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/5638-adams-warranty/
  7. Tom Wishon offers a custom fit questionnaire for people who don't have ready access to a fitter. Here's the link: http://wishongolf.com/clubmakers/twgt-your-fit-custom-fit-questionnaire/ As he's pretty much the guru of custom fitting, it would be worth your time to contact him IMO. He is usually extremely helpful, even a busy as he is. You might follow up with an e-mail or phone call (not sure of the cost from Colombia! but would probably be worth it).
  8. For some reason, I can't hit a driver well in an indoor bay. Irons are no problem; I get very similar results indoors off a mat and outdoors off of grass.
  9. I'd send them back to Ping to have them adjusted. Based on some posts at another forum, the cost is $30/set (or $3/club) plus return shipping. I've read it doesn't take long, but couldn't find an actual time. Call Ping and find our for sure 1-800-474-6434.
  10. I've been wanting to do this on my "new" Maxfli Revolution irons (1999) that I'm playing this year. This thread may have pushed me over the edge! Looking forward to seeing other's results (the ones posted so far look great).
  11. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize with an extra wrap under the right (lower) hand.
  12. Welcome! Enjoy your (golfing) retirement!
  13. Hello Fred, Welcome from Dallas! Enjoy your stay.
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