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  1. Dave Carol Stream, IL Callaway Rogue 5.4 105 Titleist TSi2
  2. Dave from Illinois Rogue 10.5 with Oban Devotion 7 04 Flex/ 75 grams Swing speed is about 104. Handicap Index 5.1 ST180 in 9.5 degrees of loft, with the CK Blue in Stiff
  3. 1) Dave from Chicago 2) 4.6 3) Oban Devotion 7, 04Flex, 75 grams 4) 108 mph / 260 carry 5) Lefty
  4. It truly amazes me how Fowler produces such hatred from the conservative types entirely based on his hair style and the types of clothes he wears. If you've ever heard the man talk, you should LOVE the guy. He's as well spoken and humble as any young player in the game of golf.
  5. Thanks! So far I absolutely love the site. I've read thru 6 or 7 threads and already found a ton of interesting golf discussions and many golf/swing thoughts that I've never read before. I' ve always been an avid golf book/instruction reader. Does MGS have any threads discussing golf literature?
  6. I've been playing the original Cobra Baffler 18 & 20 degree hybrids with steel Nippon 950 shaft for years. Nothing even comes close to them for me.
  7. Can anyone tell me if it's worth the extra $20 to get a fitted tour striker iron? I'm a 7 handicap player using irons that are a half inch long and 2 degrees upright. Thanks for any input.
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