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  1. Harry San Diego, CA I shift between walking and riding after having had both knees replace. When it is dry and warm, therefore easy to push, I use a CaddyTek 3 wheeled pushcart. Early in the morning when it is either cold or wet/moist - I ride. I would love to walk more. My club had a ClubCar Tempo Walker (it followed you using a remote). While they had it, I used it close to a dozen times, before they returned it to the mfg.
  2. Harry - Vista, CA It has been quite awhile since I used a net. I don't have a launch monitor but see how it would work well with a backyard net.
  3. Harry; Vista (San Diego) CA USA Currently use Ping Sigma 2 Tyne - strong arc Interested in either ZB3 or Floki (since they are available in strong arc)
  4. Harry - Vista, CA (north suburbs of San Diego) Yes, I currently use Laser Link, a laser measuring device.
  5. San Diego area; HI 15.6 Use the mfg logo Snell MTB Black; yellow
  6. Harry - California Hdcp: 15 Ping Glide 50 degree and 56 degree Favorite Wedge shot: full swing 90 yards +/- (as you can tell by my handicap, not so good on less than full shots, and do not play for ball to check up but expect a certain amount to running out).
  7. Harry Vista (near San Diego), California 85 mph Bridgestone E6 & E12 Have played Snell ball on occasion.
  8. Harry, California (San Diego) Ping, Tyne Sigma generally a strength
  9. Harry, California Ping G Max 12 degree, Alta CB regular shaft Hdcp/Index: 15.0; Driver Swing Speed: 85 mph I have a ShotScope watch which gives me driver distance. I do not have a launch monitor I have not used a Tour Edge Driver before. thanks
  10. Harry Elias; San Diego, CA - 95+ rounds per year Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn 15.2 Index; -80-85 mph (driver) Ping G 400 - current set Desired Cobra: F9 conventional (Driver, 3 & 5 wood; 3 & 5 hybrid, 5-PW, AW & SW
  11. Harry California 90 mph, 15 handicap Currently play Ping G400 Max, set at 11.5, regular Would like to try G410 SFT
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