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  1. Harry San Diego, CA I shift between walking and riding after having had both knees replace. When it is dry and warm, therefore easy to push, I use a CaddyTek 3 wheeled pushcart. Early in the morning when it is either cold or wet/moist - I ride. I would love to walk more. My club had a ClubCar Tempo Walker (it followed you using a remote). While they had it, I used it close to a dozen times, before they returned it to the mfg.
  2. Harry - Vista, CA It has been quite awhile since I used a net. I don't have a launch monitor but see how it would work well with a backyard net.
  3. Harry; Vista (San Diego) CA USA Currently use Ping Sigma 2 Tyne - strong arc Interested in either ZB3 or Floki (since they are available in strong arc)
  4. Harry - Vista, CA (north suburbs of San Diego) Yes, I currently use Laser Link, a laser measuring device.
  5. San Diego area; HI 15.6 Use the mfg logo Snell MTB Black; yellow
  6. Harry - California Hdcp: 15 Ping Glide 50 degree and 56 degree Favorite Wedge shot: full swing 90 yards +/- (as you can tell by my handicap, not so good on less than full shots, and do not play for ball to check up but expect a certain amount to running out).
  7. Harry Vista (near San Diego), California 85 mph Bridgestone E6 & E12 Have played Snell ball on occasion.
  8. Harry, California (San Diego) Ping, Tyne Sigma generally a strength
  9. Harry, California Ping G Max 12 degree, Alta CB regular shaft Hdcp/Index: 15.0; Driver Swing Speed: 85 mph I have a ShotScope watch which gives me driver distance. I do not have a launch monitor I have not used a Tour Edge Driver before. thanks
  10. Harry Elias; San Diego, CA - 95+ rounds per year Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn 15.2 Index; -80-85 mph (driver) Ping G 400 - current set Desired Cobra: F9 conventional (Driver, 3 & 5 wood; 3 & 5 hybrid, 5-PW, AW & SW
  11. Harry California 90 mph, 15 handicap Currently play Ping G400 Max, set at 11.5, regular Would like to try G410 SFT
  12. Harry E., San Diego CA Sunice pants & jacket A number of year ago I played with 3 buddies at Waterville in Ireland. The rain started about 6 holes in and by the 13 was coming in sideways. I don't think that any raingear can keep you dry in that. That being said, since SoCal is way above the average rainfall this year, would love to try the Galway Bay apparel.
  13. Harry San Diego, CA 13.3 Ben Hogan 4 - PW (Recoil shaft - Regular); Equalizer Wedges i500 Thanks for the opportunity.
  14. Harry, California Current: Ping Glide 50, 56 Like to test: 50, 54 & 58
  15. Harry San Diego, California Ping G400, Regular graphite, White dot 7 iron: ~ 145-150 yards Thanks for the opportunity
  16. Harry, California Ping G400, Alta regular 95 mph, 13.8 MCA Tensei CK Orange - 12.5 degree loft
  17. Harry, San Diego, California Ping Glide 50, 56 Weakness: tend to dig into turf & chunk shots Handicap/Index: 14.6
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