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  1. I like bane's guess but I wanna go with Yonex!
  2. I have custom painted all of my clubs already and ghosted my old putter and driver. not very professionally done which is why im woundering when scotty will come out with this line. I really like the work the Putter Lounge has done. very nice looking clubs
  3. Thats what i figured. and yes it is similar to johnny vegas' putter same with two of the three that rickie uses as well. I love Scotty putters but its time they came out with something new to the market and i guarantee these would huge sellers for them
  4. When is scotty going to come out with a black line of putters? i was told you can order tour black models but is this the only way we are going to see the black putter avaliable to the public?
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