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  1. I play KBS Tours in my Adams CB1's and I am considering going either KBS Tour or KBS Hybrid in my hybrid. My question for you his how much did you tip the Hybrid shaft to get it to play to S+. I contacted KBS but they told me I couldn't tip the shaft at all. My main reason for tipping in because my Tours are hardstepped once and I love the feel and want to basically duplicate it.
  2. I've almost always played logos up but Rookie said when installing them logo down your not so worried about getting them lined up perfectly. I currently have half of my Multi Compounds logo up and half logo down. When I regrip here shortly with Red Lamkin Crosslines I'll install them logo down.
  3. I have my 9* head set to 8*, the 1* lower setting. My ASP plate is neutral and my weights are 1 in the toe and 10 in the heel. Have it shafted with a Kai'li 70 and I love it. I actually got fitted for mine in those exact specs so since I recieved it I haven't changed it. Coming from and R9 Supertri & 909 D2 I've gained about 15 yards on my drives mostly to due less spin which has given me a lot of roll out and the kai'li have improved my accuracy a lot as well.
  4. So I really want to get into club building. I've been doing my own grips for about two years now and I'm about to do a little caswell treatment on my scotty but I want to do more. I'd like to build a putter, reshaft an old driver and even build a set of blades once I know what I'm doing. I've got the space for it but I just need the tools. I've been looking at golfsmith and golfworks and clearly there are a lot of tools, not many of them cheap but thats ok. Some of the sites I see they have building kits but I don't know if thats a good buy or if I should buy individual tools that I need. So I'm curious which of you have been building clubs and if so what advice do you have for me. ANY advice would be appreciated.
  5. Call me crazy but I actually like the look of the new dots.
  6. Wow this thread reminds me that I need to order some new Ferrules for my irons and wedges.
  7. I've never seen a White Cameron grip either tour or retail. The closest one I can think of is like a white/greyish custom shop grip but those look ugly to me. I wanted a white grip for my Cameron and I went Iomic and haven't looked back. Great feel, looks great and a whole lot cheaper than some stock grip that says "Cameron" on it.
  8. The Look of that A12 could prossibly replace my A7.
  9. I like the ghost but I'm partial to center shafted mallets.
  10. Great looking bag you got here. With the Adams 3 wood and Hybrids, Iron shafts, Vokeys and 14 way Titleist bag I feel like im looking at a variation of what my bag could be with a few tweaks.
  11. Thanks for the detailed response bud. I am about to just finally cave in and get a pair because of all the reviews between here and WRX they just seem like the ultimate golf shoe. I too rotate between Adidas and Puma so it's nice to hear that even with those brands in the rotation the Trues are still the front runner. I can't stand reading reviews when guys compare them to FJ or Nike or something because I simply do not wear any of those brands. Looks like I'll probably be ordering a pair of Trues.
  12. So it seems like some of you have gone from Adidas to the Trues. I am an Adidas guy myself as I've been playing in Tour 360s for a few years now. My main concern about the Trues is that the toe of the shoe will be really wide and look like clown shoes. I have a narrow foot and a fairly flat foot so comfort and a nice tight fit is very important to me. What are your thoughts on the Trues in comparison to Adidas shoes?
  13. So I have been hitting my Supertri with the stock Fuji Motore 60 shaft and I also bought a 08 Tour Burner with the same shaft in it. I hit the Supertri great but the Tour Burner even better and I love the feel of the shaft althought it feels a little whippy but I swing it great for my 108 swing speed. I was just curious which Fuji shaft is it comparable to because on the Fuji website there is no Motore 60 so I'm not sure if its more like the F1 or F3 or one of their other offerings. So does someone know which "real" Fuji shaft the Motore 60 is comparable to?
  14. Good looking face. I always hoped Cobra would come out with some new putters other than those ugly mallet things they produced.
  15. I like it but I'd rather see the white painted black instead of completely stripped.
  16. Colored Ferrules are awesome. I'd love to get a set of white w/ a black stipe for my irons but I'm trying not to change equipment this year , we'll see how long that lasts.
  17. Well I'll have my brother look at the website since he is Korean. I just think they are such nice looking irons.
  18. Yeah every where I look I see guys talking about the 9015D and I have found some rather cheap, I'll be keeping my eye out for one. I really should give this SuperTri a little more time as it is new to me but I'd like to try a 10.5 9015D with a lower launching shaft just as an experiment.
  19. The only downfall to the GeoTech website is I don't speak Japanese
  20. Dang you guys really gave me a lot of info here, Thanks a lot I mean it. I don't really want spend the money for another SuperTri head and most of the High Launch / Low Spin shafts, if there really is such a thing, are rather expensive. So would going to a 10.5 low spin head like the 9015D and a low spin shaft "possibly" be a good combo to try out based on my numbers and the desire to increase my ball flight?
  21. I couldn't agree more Dave. When I think of Geotech I think of those 2 same irons. I really like the JF10 head
  22. Thanks for the info. If I could find a set decently priced I may consider buying a set. Just a simple looking blade which is what I look for in a blade
  23. So what "should" a lower spinning shaft do differently?
  24. Nic what would be the difference between a lighter and heavier shaft? I ask because I launch my 909D2 with the stock voodoo higher and its a 72g shaft as opposed to the stock Motore which is 59g.
  25. I was shown the Clay Pigeon video yesterday at work. By far one of the best shots I've seen in golf. I know I can hit a Clay pretty good with my Remington 870 but I bet I couldn't hit one with any iron to save my life.
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