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  1. I interviewed former World Long Drive Champ (1992) Monte Schienblum and he told me the move he used to hit his winning drive 23 years ago, a move that he is still using today to get 126+ mph of CHS at age 48. He also he some balls on the flight scope for the camera. Part of a new Driver series I am filming. Basically he feels that he is dumping the right wrist angle as hard as possible from the top. The body then speeds up to match this, this has really helped my irons and a different move has helped my driving. I think you guys will enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o59KDjIxX14
  2. Yes, very interesting with swing feels expiration date you are right. There is something to that, for me and others as well I have notice that as soon as it stops feeling "weird" or different and the new move feels natural, the magic of the move leaves. I have good hope for this, hitting positions I have never been in before. So from just a fundamental standpoint I would say I am much improved, over the next weeks and months I am really going to try to make it mean lower scores. as far as Lee Comeaux, that idea is really going mainstream now VIA Leadbetters "A Swing" where he describes a c motion baseball style backswing downswing relationship. I am going to try to incorporate that into my swing with a more upright backswing, leave downswing the same.
  3. I had a lesson with Monte Scheinblum on Friday and got great shaft lean and lag by trying as hard as possible to dump it all! Check it out
  4. I shot a video interview with Micheal "the hammer man" Lavery He is somewhat known around these parts for being an eccentric guy with some out there ideas about training your whole brain for golf so I had to talk to him. He has some very unique drills to improve your hand eye coordination. I was skeptical but then impressed by what he had to say and I think it does help your golf game a lot. Check it out. https://youtu.be/WTxtcUbhWd4
  5. I have been shooting some video interview with Monte Scheinblum down in Orange County for a new show I'm doing and he has some really wild ideas about how people can get better. Check it out Here is part 1 (concentrated on LAG) https://youtu.be/7j3TjGVUHxo Part 2 (all about "Over the Top") Part 3 (about Johnny Miller and the Mental Game) Thanks Guys Hope you enjoy them, more coming soon
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