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  1. On 7/11/2021 at 9:26 PM, myherobobhope said:

    Was talking to a pro I trust today… he said it might be worth waiting on the new titleist irons when they get released in September… I’m not in a huge rush, so if nothing blows me away, I’m waiting to try them.


    Ok, maybe the Srixon just blew me away... Overall, I have become confident that my shaft choice is correct... the C Taper 130 X feels good, and my launch numbers are fine with it... I hit the ZX5 and just really liked the feel of them overall... ordered them 3/4 over and 3 degrees up... I'm hoping they will be in by August so I can make a late summer run with them... 

    I like the look, like the feel, and ordering through my club lowers my total cost other brands (except sub70)... they have a nice blend of forgiveness without being cannons... I generate enough club head speed that I don't need the help, but I do need the forgiveness...

    I'm nervous overall, as I've never ordered new clubs, and maybe there is a better option out there... but I hit these really well, liked the feel and liked the look... There wasn't anything I would change about them, so I'm not going to fight city hall... This ends a not very epic quest... but I do highly recommend trying Srixon irons if you are in the market for new clubs.

  2. Got some testing done in between a Srixon fitting (also, I'm buying new Srixon irons)... Here are my overall thoughts:

    Quick Conclusion: T3 spins more than T4. This is the only difference I have noticed thus far.

    After warming up for my demo day, I went and putted and chipped with the two balls to see if I noticed any differences around the green... This was not scientific at all, I just kept hitting one of each ball and seeing if I noticed anything different between the two. My chipping has been mediocre, so this was more an excuse to practice getting up and down than anything else... overall, I did not notice any difference. Both felt similar around the green and with the putter... I tend not to care what I'm putting with, but these two felt the same... I'll do some lag drills with all 6 and see if there are any noticeable difference tomorrow.

    After the demo day, I "played" 10 on my way home... It's a wide open hole perfect for testing shots... I usually have about 100 yards into the green after a good shot... I teed up 20 yards behind where I usually tee off from, but was still around the 150 mark... I didn't flush either ball, but the 4 flew further than the 3... both had fade spin, and the 3 moved more left to right... Both balls were in the rough and playable (this was 100% a swing issue)... then, as it started to rain, I dropped at around 100 and hit a 54 degree wedge at the pin. Fortunately, both balls landed on the green. 

    A 100 degree 54 is about a 3/4 swing for me, and the 4 landed and bounced slightly forward, and the 3 stayed exactly where it was put... It wasn't a HUGE difference, but I believe the 3 spins slightly more.

    I think, overall, both balls will have too much spin for my current swing but I think the 3 is slightly MORE spinny... I'll hopefully get out to do a more thorough testing this week.

  3. 1 hour ago, fixyurdivot said:

    The AVX has a Bridgestone like dimple design... anyone else seeing that?  I probably missed it in the original tester thread, but does Titleist ever reveal any of the design specifics associated with the various balls?  With them all being code stamped in some manner, do they ask testers for this info in the results?  Are they just looking for trends in the tester feedback, to sift out performance attributes associated with whatever variation to current standard balls these have?  

    It’s shallow like the Bridgestone, but the patterns are different, i think… I’ve got some B X kicking around, but I don’t think we are here to compare the AVX to the B X… 

    if you listen to the sweet spot podcast with the PING rep, he talks about how much aerodynamics change ball performance… basically, the impact of spin is different based on the dimples on the ball. Not something I’d ever thought about.


    hoping to get some swings in with the ball tomorrow… 10th hole should be open and it’s a great place to hit test shots. (It’s basically the one straight open hole on the course)

  4. 20 minutes ago, greggarner said:

    My 4's are stamped "YP" which I choose to believe is "young professional" and therefore a slightly lower-priced model offering booming driver distance (obvs) and rip-it-off-the-front-of-the-green wedge spin. Obviously the 4 ball is for impressing your golf buddies and not actually getting optimal performance.



    Hmm... I'm both old and not professional, so I should have double checked my work... Mine are also YP not TP. 


    I'm looking forward to getting these on the course... I'm willing to risk it all without instructions and just hit them on the course and see what happens... Just need to find a tire iron that fits my carts lug nuts... 

  5. Just got the balls here in Kentucky on a cold and wet day... my course is closed, my golf cart needs new tires... so there is only one thing to do, and it's over analyze the golf balls I just received! So let's begin... I brought in my own control ball, mostly because I have 2 sleeves sitting in the garage... Titleist AVX  that I bought on a whim... I have some random ProV1s in the bag from the course, but I don't know them well enough to know which year they are or anything like that... So the AVX is going to be my point of comparison... As previously noted, there isn't an A or B, these are just balls labeled "Titleist" with a number...


    Conspiracy Theory #1: I think they were labeled 3 and 4 because people would have bias against balls labelled 1 and 2... even 2 and 3 would create a problem... I have no data to back up this claim, but it's obviously true. I'm only ordered balls with 1 or 0 on it moving forward. It will obviously help my game.

    Dimples: The only obvious point of comparison on the balls right now would be the dimples... The AVX dimples seem to be slightly flatter, while both mystery balls are more round and deeper... based on the visuals of the dimples, I can quickly pick the AVX out. The other two balls are very similar from a visual perspective. My guess is these are the same dimples on the ProV balls... Someone else can confirm this. All three balls have small markings on them... AVX: ZL T3: CZ T4: TP (does that stand for TOUR PROFESSIONAL. PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR OTHER GUESSES). I'm curious if others have the same markings... I'm sure they are just factory codes, but also... the numbers, what do they mean?

    Dimple Pattern / Seam: I'm old enough to remember when you would line the seam of the ball up down the fairway and it would net you an extra 20 yards... The seams on these are much less noticeable... I had originally written I couldn't find a seam, but then I found it on the AVX and went back to look at the mystery balls. I found it on the T3 relatively quickly... it's findable on the T4 but less noticeable... Overall, I'm still just very impressed with the manufacturing capabilities of Titleist. Kudos to them. 

    The dimple pattern, to my untrained eye, appears to be the same across the balls... it appears to be mostly large dimples, with an occassional repeating pattern of 6 smaller dimples and occasionally 2 even smaller dimples. Titleist has found a pattern that works, so I'm not going to question it... I'm also unwilling to count the dots. 

    So, in conclusion: The main differences I've seen VISUALLY is a less noticeable seam and deeper divots than the AVX. 









  6. I'm hoping to get some testing in this week upon receipt, and then bring them with me to altitude up in Idaho... plenty of wind up there, so it will be fun to see if I can spot differences.

    Should be fun! Unfortunately, the 10th hole of my home course is the perfect testing spot for driver and getting taken over this week for a City Swim meet... It's the best spot on the course to assess ball flight, so hopefully I can get some swings in before the kids are on the course... otherwise it might be the first swim meet that requires concussion protocols.

  7. 3 hours ago, vandyland said:

    I have read this entire thread but didn't see anybody that went into detail (may have missed it) about the 639CB vs 699pro. I am currently demoing the 639CB and I love the looks, feel and feedback it gives but I am probably a shade or two short on the talent required to play them (if interested see thread here ). I have read the website copy and I know that the feel will likely differ significantly going from a forged player's cavity back to an injected, hollow body milled iron but I am trying to move beyond "feel" since that is subjective. BUT, I would like to be able to feel where I missed on the clubface on mishits. That is an issue I have on my Cobra F9s and was wondering if people who have hit both 639CB and 699pro can comment on the differences in feedback on the two as well as maybe spin and ballspeed. Thanks in advance!

    I have the 4 utility and the 5 639… there is definitely less feedback from the 699, but you can still feel the impact. They are solid clubs… im a 7 handicap and a decent ball striker and I’d happily play them but I don’t want the distance gains. 

  8. I've been playing golf for 30 years, and have never owned a new set of irons... I actually gamed the same set of Taylor Made Oversize for 25 years. I bought them used with money I made working at the pizzeria inside a movie theater... Good times... Last year on a whim, I bought used Adams CMB heads and got them shafted with pulls we had laying around the pro shop... We made it work, but the clubs aren't really built to my specs... My swing is a bigger issue, but it's gotten to the point where I need a set custom built for me (+3/4 over and 2 up)... I've started the process of demoing clubs and talking to reps, so I figured I'd share my journey here...

    I have a steep swing, a tendency to be outside in and a fast swing... All of this generates a ton of launch and spin... I'm actively working on hitting a draw, which will drop things, but I'm pretty sure I will always do better with low launch and spin options... With modern club design, I'm not sure how much choice I have outside of shaft to bring this stuff down... but today was the first day I actually hit a demo club... Let's break it down!

    0. Sub70... my first email went to them on pricing... for $700ish, I can get a 6-GW built with C-Taper X shafts and midsize grips... This is my value baseline. I love Sub70, and enjoy supporting them. If they made something between the 639 and the 699 in terms of forgiveness, I'd have pulled the trigger on that already... but the 699 are going to launch too far, and the 639 don't have enough forgiveness baked into the longer irons... They don't recommend crossing the streams on these... I could probably get something to work here, and it's my current back up plan... Basically, I know if nothing else, I can get something I'm happy with through Sub70

    1. TaylorMade - Went to a TM fitting today. Shout out to Owen. Very nice, informative and helpful. We pretty quickly settled on the P790 head and the C-Taper X shaft... one of my biggest challenges when testing irons is +1/2 is the standard "long" iron and they all have standard grips... still, I hit these well and did not hate the feel... My numbers were pretty good across the board, but didn't knock my CMBs out of the ball park... They were fine, and Owen suggested I wait and try the releases coming out in September... He also didn't have the Mini Driver, which made me sad... 

    My big takeaway from the fitting was I can definitely find improvement for my launch parameters, and hopefully improve my overall dispersion. The TaylorMades were fine! If someone wanted to buy me a set, I'd accept them immediately, but I don't think it's where I'm going to spend my money...

    Next up: Cobra at Golf Headquarters in Louisville, and hopefully Srixon at my club... The green grass demos are definitely going to have an advantage, but I'm very curious to hit the Cobras... 

    I'll likely try the Callaway stuff at my club... I'll hit the Mizunos again (I bought a HMP PW a few years back, but didn't buy the set... didn't love it on the grass)... I'm open to any other suggestions you may have... Anything that has some forgiveness baked in and launches and spins low would be great!

  9. Yes, you should 100% chase more speed… it will improve your scores and, honestly, it’s fun. There is a direct correlation between swing speed and handicap.

    How you chase speed is a very different question… the stack system has some great reviews and very smart names behind it. Speed sticks are well known and proven effective.

    You can also gain speed in the gym (and lifting weights is good for you). I’ve been using fit for golf and really like it.

    you can combine weightlifting with speed training as well.

    you can also just go to the range and swing as hard as you can… intention in very important… swinging faster is a result of trying to swing faster… being able to track your speed is important, though!

  10. 19 hours ago, GolfSpy_TCG said:

    Anyone interested in $60,000 in passive income per year and living your golfing dreams? Not an ad, I promise; just hear me out!

    So recently, my neighbor invited me to a place he has a 6-month subscription to called PrivateFairway. The owner has four locations right now with a few more in the works. As someone who has been to a handful of indoor simulator 'experiences' and countless fitting bays, something about this place stood out to me as different. 

    So each location has one Trackman built simulator bay, an area for clubs, a bar top and mini-fridge with room for a BYOB vibe, AND the owner only allows 35 memberships at a time. He doesn't allow one-off sessions and starts at a minimum of 10, hour-long sessions at $250. Most of his members do the unlimited sessions, 6-month pass which is around $1200. He is sold out at all four locations and has a waitlist of 50 people for each location. Some quick math shows that each location is pulling in $84,000/year from the memberships, not including the 10 punch pass type users.




    Out the gate, I did a quick analysis on how much each franchise makes in gross margin and startup costs for anyone interested in a passive income type option.

    Let's start with startup cost (Estimated $58,490):

    Right out of the Trackman simulator catalog which retails for $49,990 (+$3,500 for Utah sales tax).

    I can't be sure around how much it cost him to remodel the interior, but with cheap new carpet and painting, I wouldn't guess he put more than $5,000 into the remodel if he put anything into it at all.

    As you can see, it's a pretty cookie cutter designed space with a bar top, two barstools, and a mini fridge (not pictured). All-in, I bet you can get out the door for $2,500-$4,000 for this setup.

    Building a well designed website like the one he has, I would assume $6,000 with a run rate of $1,000/year. We'll add the $6K to the estimated start up cost.

    Now, onto the annual expense of running the place (Estimated $17,984):

    The space: Around 1,000 square feet at $7/sq. ft./year which comes out to a space in an outlet space for $7,000/year. This is pretty low for strip mall areas around here, but I know he got that price if not better as I live nearby and you can look up a few of the other open spots in the strip mall. I'd put the actual cost at around $10-$20/sq. ft./year if you are looking at nice area retail spaces. We'll call it $14 for the sake of this cost analysis, so $14,000/year on average.

    The Trackman Software and Hardware annual subscription costs $1,334/year with a 3-year subscription. 

    Annual Cost of Running a Website: $1000/year.

    Based on my own electric bills for cooling and heating less than a mile from the space, he likely pays $1,200/year to keep it at 74 degrees.

    Business insurance for that retail space probably runs under $450/year. 


    Now I know there are likely plenty of things I missed, but the beauty of this space is that he doesn't have to pay for marketing at all. In fact, when he opened up his fourth location in Sandy, Utah, he posted the news on his Facebook and filled his 35 memberships in two days. Two days to get up and running at full capacity. He limits users to booking out three sessions in advance. You pay your subscription upfront. You can bring as many people for your hour session to play as you want. And the best part, he has ZERO employees. All members get a key fob and go in when they book their sessions. When the new person gets there, the other logs out at the hour. It's mostly all on an honor system. He has a few cameras that you can find online that allow free cloud recording in case anything gets damaged, but just as golf is a gentleman's game, the honor system seems to be working VERY well.

    So all in, you need the startup costs of around $60,000 (Although Trackman has financing options), and your annual fees will probably be around $18K. With that said, just the memberships of 35 people will bring in around $84K/year with a waitlist to boot. This is a pretty incredible look at a franchise with great passive income potential. After the first year, you'd be looking at close to $60,000 in passive income with extremely minimal effort post launch.

    Sounds good to me. Would love to hear your thoughts on this guy's business model.

    I think its a great idea, especially as retail space becomes available and inexpensive… definitely would require the right location… high density areas where golf isn’t a year round activity…

    There is definitely already some competition in this space, Louisville has at least one option, plus the majority of country clubs have added their own simulators.

    The simple, no frills model looks good, but I imagine people will start building top golf type locations with food and beverage on top of golf… I’ve heard wonderful things about the world of simulated golf in Korea, and think there is probably a ton of potential to bring similar ideas here.

  11. 1 hour ago, jayjay0808 said:

    TXG has already tested it with a mid range swinger... Looks pretty promising for that type of player. And surprisingly good off the deck with the 11.5 option

    I'm eyeing the 13.5 and just need it to be decent off the deck... I have a couple holes on my home course where driver is too much club, but a 13.5 2 wood would be perfect.

  12. On 6/30/2021 at 3:17 PM, Nassau said:

    Thanks. FJ did not have my size EEE in stock here, so I could not try the right size on I like them very much.  Looking for a good deal as well especially in Canada as US shipping is very high price and too risky if can;t try them on first to see if they fit or not. Hear that many different styles of FJ seem to be inconstant in sizing i.e. width?

    Foot joy, new balance and sketchers are the only brands that make extra wide shoes as far as I know… I have and like all three.

  13. 2 hours ago, edingc said:


    Yeah, realistically I'm just itching to try something new, and the supply of gently used current year models is starting to increase. 

    I'm working on AoA as well, now that I have a Mevo+ and access to that. On my best swings I can get upwards of +3 degrees, but I'm normally between 0-+2 on my normal swing.

    I haven’t been paying attention to used prices… are they starting to come back down?

  14. 21 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... Always a conundrum. I love just buying clubs I am very interested in when they are a bargain and then selling if they don't work for me. Just all part of the fun. OTOH my last full bag fitting demonstrated I was ill fit for my driver. Like most, I was chasing lower spin but it turned out my performance was better with more spin. In my fitting my longest drives were with my Cobra Xtreme but it also produced all my shortest drives and it was not as accurate as the Sim Max. 1900 spin with the Xtreme and 2300 with the Sim Max and I consistently carried it a good 5-10 yds farther but mot importantly it was much straighter. I was concerned with how range balls effected performance so my fitter busted out a brand new box of TP5x balls and let me hit 2 each with both drivers and thankfully the difference was even more apparent. 

    ... I had been playing the Xtreme for awhile and thought it suited me well but there was an obvious difference in my fitting. I lost the ability to hit that long bomb that happens when everything comes together perfectly but my average drives are both farther and straighter. Good luck either way you decide to go!

    I’ve always chased low spin and finally just moved to chasing better angle of attack… I’m hitting some low spin bombs with good swings and my misses stay on the planet… 

  15. 1 hour ago, Chip Strokes said:

    not terribly often, maybe on a few really long par 5s, so i see your point there. 

    i guess i’m also exploring more forgiving options than my 2i. having two options for a 250 club that i could swap out based on conditions would be nice. a 5w would probably be better out of the rough too.

    kinda seems like i’m just kicking ideas around and convincing myself of a need for an new club. 

    I've changed the way I think about how I fill my bag with clubs, and I think it's for the better... I have a huge advantage in that the majority of my rounds are at my home course, so I can build a set around that... I'm also long enough that the top of my bag can focus on utility over distance gapping.

    210-120 is basically covered by my 5-GW... it needs some work on gapping, but I'm working on that... My home course 220 or more into a par 5 is ugly... While I can hit my hybrid 230 into it, at that range, I'm OK with being around the green... My 4 utility goes around 220... The hybrid see a lot of use on the narrow holes on my course, and the 4 utility is used to punch out of the trees more than it is to hit balls onto a green... 

    The 3 wood spot is a mess right now... Ideally, it would be something that I can hit off the deck or carry 250-260 off the tee.. I'm gaming an old Adams, but looking to replace it... ideally, I'll find something that is forgiving and lowers my dispersion... this will be a secondary tee club as I have a couple spots where my driver runs through the fairway. 

    I guess my overall point is, above 200 yards for amateurs we are going to have enough spread that it's not worth chasing perfect gapping... at that point it's better to focus on finding utility for each of the clubs and have them play a number of different roles instead of just "well that's my 250 club"... I honestly didn't know my 4 utility distance that well until this week when I got it on the simulator... I knew approximately... but I just don't hit it full that often at a green... it has other uses (tee club into the wind and recovery shots)

  16. 35 minutes ago, DavidLPS said:

    Since my regular golf ball, Wilson Staff Duo Soft Spin was discontinued, I have been on a search for a new ball and have tested more than a dozen over past six months. I’m 68, have a 17 index, drive the ball an average of 212-218 with a 14 degree Mavrik driver.  I was down to a 14 before I starting testing so many different golf balls.  My driver swing speed is down to 80 mph due to age. I hit 72% of FW’s. Having tested a slew of three piece urethane balls (and clearly favoring them over ionomer), I am torn between the BS Tour B RXS and the TM Tour Response. I tried the Soft Response and the Callaway Supersoft on the ionomer side and find them to be generally a little clunky at impact. Can’t beat urethane.  I also tested Titleist’s TruSoft, Tour Soft and Tour Speed. Also tested Wilson Staff Duo Professional.  I know we are talking 64 vs 70 compression (BS vs. TM). I also know that the BS is not as durable and is pricier, costing about $10/dozen more. But I don’t lose golf balls so I consider that irrelevant. They both putt well, though I’d maybe give a slight edge to the BS. Any other thoughts before I commit?

    At that swing speed, durability shouldn't be a huge issue... if you don't lose balls, you should make a dozen last a long while, so play whichever ball you like the best... That said, the Kirkland ball is an amazing value and a good ball... it's got a urethane cover and comes out to $1 a ball... you could give one of the 2 dozen away and still come out ahead price wise. 

    I love the Bridgestone balls, though... I think it makes sense to game them if you like them.

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