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  1. I’ve got a two ball dfx putter I’d sell... $50 Including shipping It’s got a new super stroke grip (Plays about 37 inches)
  2. Ha... I can swing a driver 115 mph... I can also hit a senior flex whippy driver (I can’t do both at the same time)... the tensei white x stiff was still way too much club for me. Different flexes will change how you swing and how you present the club at impact... there is also no standard for what regular or seniors or stiff means... Honestly, the numbers and letters on clubs are guidelines that mostly help but sometimes get in the way... find what works for you and don’t worry about what you are “supposed” To be playing...
  3. Love my sub70 hybrid... definitely worth hitting while You are there... find a shaft that works and roll with it!
  4. Agree! I’ll also never tell anyone to get fit at club champion... I haven’t (and won’t) do business with them. edit to add, nothing against club champion... they’ve obviously got a successful business model and happy customers... it’s just not the experience I’m looking for in a fitting.
  5. Yeah, I guess that’s what I mean by “go get fit” is not really functional advice anymore... it’s become too broad of a concept and everyone offers some level of it... if you wouldn’t trust a fitter to give you a lesson, you probably shouldn’t get fit by them...
  6. 100% and I think this is the problem with just “getting fit”... a good fitter will steer you toward the best dispersion or at least find ways to make the 180 yard club work for you... an ok fitting will basically get you into a decent shaft, pay themselves on the back for adding 15 yards to your seven iron and move on to the next fitting... You have to know what performance you want out of a club and then have someone willing to take the time to make that happen... Mark Crossfield talked about how he stopped doing fittings and only gives lessons now... if he sees you hitting a club that doesn’t work for you, he considers putting you into a better fit more of a lesson than a fitting. I think this is a better way to look at things... but I also think people should have coaches who can check that they are hitting the right equipment.
  7. I've had amazing fittings (shout out to SeeMore and Cody... that was the best of the best), good fittings and mediocre fittings... at the end of the day, the best fittings come when you know what you are looking for and go to the right person... My SeeMore fitting was great, but it was more than just a fitting... it was a putting lesson, a putting clinic and a putter fitting rolled into one... it was for a single club, and we discussed every part of my putting. I'd likely be a better putter with JUST the correctly fit putter, but I was given the tools I needed to consistently improve my putting... they will last beyond my putter purchase, even though I'll probably keep this putter for 10 years (and replace it with another SeeMore if I replace it) I'm incredibly happy with the end result of the fitting, but the club was a small part of that. Honestly, I've stopped touting "go get fit" as forum advice... it's basically useless. Getting fit isn't useless, but telling people to get fit doesn't really move the ball forward. I like to talk to people about what they are looking for out of their clubs and how to get there... Unless your clubs are extremely off spec, you can make them work. I don't know... I think we've swung the pendulum too far on the fitting front. It's a useful tool, but you don't necessarily need to see a fitter to "get fit"... I've been pretty happy with my driver play in self fit drivers (really, I just like the Aldila Silver shaft... though I'm currently gaming a Ventus Black I was given) but I tried a bunch of stuff, figured out what I liked and what I didn't like and adjusted from there. I'm sure I could dial in my numbers better with a fitter, but I could also spend the same money dialing in my swing with a coach and hit the same setup better... Ultimately, a lot of golf comes down to confidence... if you are comfortable over the ball, you are going to hit it better... If spending money at Club Champion to have the clubs built to your exact specs makes you more comfortable, GREAT. Spend the money. If you want to fit yourself, buy used and can get comfortable over a set off clubs you bought on eBay, that's awesome too! I think equipment can be important, but it's a small part of the game... I played TaylorMade oversize burners from 1995 for 20+ years. They had regular shafts in them, and I swing a 7 iron around 95 mph. Did I have a tendency to moonball shots? Yes. Did I play some of the best golf of my life with the set? Yes. Could I have played better with a different setup? Most likely. I think, ultimately, good golf is about minimizing your mistakes more than it is maximizing your "great shots"... Getting fit for new stuff isn't going to get rid of your mistakes, so it only makes sense to get fit if it will make those mistakes less penal... At best it's a marginal gain that can easily be overwhelmed by strategy (good or bad)... Knowing your dispersion tendencies and incorporating them into your strategy is far more important than having MOI matched clubs that have been pured and blessed by a monk... but there is nothing wrong with doing both!
  8. Seems like this would be a great feature for arccos to add...
  9. Just think about a nice fastball down the middle and take a cut. it’s very easy to get in your own way with your golf swing.
  10. I feel this... it’s sitting mostly unread on my night stand... he’s a great coach and a wonderful resource but I’d love to see him find a better way to deliver information... he was great on the chasing scratch podcast when he had someone else driving the conversation... his podcast with Jon Sherman had a ton of good information, but I find myself zoning out when it’s on.
  11. The new rad hybrids look great too... probably want to make sure all your long clubs are the same... also, the copper forged tech mim irons look pretty sweet... Ok, at this point you may as well just have the full bag, so grab some new wedges. seriously, though, it’s nice to see cobra take care of its customers... I hope the rad is good for you! I love my ltd pro, but it got sidelined when I scratched the crown (I had also recently won a new driver)... my next set of irons will likely be cobra.
  12. If I'm reading the numbers right, (positive path, and positive club face), he's coming in in to out with an open club face... That's going to generate a push fade (starts right, keeps going right). It might be as simple as setting the face to closed to promote a draw. Otherwise, you probably want to work on hitting a draw and making sure the club face is closed at impact... you will hit more snap hooks, but should lose less far right... just need to find the balance! For me, a lot of confidence on the tee box comes from having hit enough good drives off the tee box... it's a dumb paradox, but at a certain point you just have to swing away with driver with a decent swing... I've played too much "golf swing" in my life... It's not the driver, though I will say changing shafts can always be a fun way to tinker... I've found heavier, non counterbalanced shafts let me feel the head a little better. (or at least convince me I'm feeling the head better), so everything I hit has a 70 gram shaft in it. Just figure out WHY the ball is flying a way you don't like and then figure out what is actionable in your swing or setup to change that... can be anything from a grip change to a setting change on the driver... or just consciously turning your wrists over... You can also learn to hit the power fade! Get your club path more negative and leave your hands alone and just play a fade.
  13. @GolfSub70dont you guys have a rep in jolly old England now?
  14. My parents rent a place there... we usually go at least once.
  15. Anyone catch this? or know where it can be heard? I'm interested.
  16. I had to google it! He died in 2003... I do enjoy Palm Springs, though!
  17. At one point last season, I only had 12 clubs in my bag... I jumped from 6 iron to hybrid... I was in the middle of a bag rebuild, and wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I picked up the 699u 4 iron, and loved it... it was the first utility iron I had ever gotten along with. Jason was helpful, service was great price was amazing... then I realized I should actually carry a 5 iron... Same experience, 639 CB 5 iron, Jason was super helpful on shaft selection, and offered me the S400, which hadn't come up in a fitting when I was between the S300 and X100... Great club, great price, great service. I wanted wedges built to my specs, so I went Sub70... 54 286 and 58 JB Low Bounce... Both are great clubs. Finally, when they offered a non adjustable hybrid, I bought it the day of release... 4 separate transactions, all clubs ordered and built custom. 0 problems, excellent service. I could easily bag a set of Sub70s (outside the putter and maybe the driver) and highly recommend reaching out to them with questions... Great company.
  18. My bag wouldn't look much different... though maybe I'd go back to the Cobra LTD Driver - Cobra LTD Pro - Ventus Black... (have both on hand, but the Ventus has a callaway tip) 3 wood - This is a constant struggle for me... I'd go back to the Adams Speedline 13 degree I had Hybrid- Adams IDEA Pro 18 degree (I have this in the garage, but it's got a Tour X 100g shaft in it) 4 utility: Sub70 699 (maybe the pro instead of the regular I have) 5-GW - Adams CMBs. These are in my bag, I got them last year and had wanted them since 2012... awesome irons. 54 and 58 - Cleveland 588s. Classics are a classic for a reason. Putter - my SeeMore TriMetal. I'm rolling the ball well with it!
  19. Can you use the MEVO+ to do online stuff? Our club put in GC Hawks, and they are great, but obviously the budget for that is significantly higher... Are you just look for something that reads putts and chips better? Reading some quick reviews, the MEVO+ seems to be a fairly solid device.
  20. Rare? apparently... I've never heard of them and if you can't find anything on google, they must be fairly rare. Valuable? Only if you can find someone who will buy them.
  21. Sounds like you want something with a hot face on it... the Callaway super hybrids are pretty well known for their hot faces. Definitely worth a try. On a different front, you can also do a speed training program and pick up club speed... more speed = higher launch as well as the ball going farther... you can do it in the gym with the right program (Fit For Golf is my go to)
  22. I matched my driving iron to my hybrid... I've got the V2 Proforce in both and like it... I think it makes sense to match your utility iron to SOMETHING in your bag, so why not match it to your hybrid... honestly, I'm thinking about getting the V2 in my 3 wood.
  23. What are you looking to get out of the fitting? If you just want a cheaper upgrade for your driver, you can get fit and focus on the correct shaft (try the shafts you like in various heads to make sure it's a good fit) and then just upgrade the shaft in your driver... I don't have any direct experience with GolfTec, but a fitting is only as good as the fitter, and GolfTec isn't known for fittings... I'd highly recommend going to a locally owned store and talking to their fitters about what you want, what your budget is and how best to do it... A good fitter understands that they are fitting for budget amount everything else, and will help you find a reasonable cost alternative, even if a more expensive option is "better'... if the fitter isn't willing to discuss pricing, then they aren't a good fitter.
  24. For me, if I can't feel the head of the club in my backswing, I'm going to have a bad time... This is more a shaft balance issue than anything else... If I like the balance of the club, I usually hit it pretty decently. I'd suggest hitting some different shafted driving irons and seeing if you get along better with one than the others, and then look up the specs of that club... headweight, playing weight and shaft. I can't hit a heavily counterbalanced shaft at all.
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