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  1. Ha, if you look at my twitter, I came out pro-Scott... Colt was arguing that chasing angles made sense (And that talent trumped analysis) for that hole... I think he came across as a jerk, but that was just my impression of him... I've listened to ALOT of Scott talking, and have really warmed up to him... I used to dislike him and his attitude, but believe he both improved how he presented himself and I came to respect his point of view a little more... I get annoyed with his "I've done the math, you don't have to" at points, but do think his system is good.
  2. this is what appeals to me... pick the right target, know you have the right club and put a swing on the ball. Know your variables and if you put a 9 iron to 20 feet, know it’s not a bad outcome, hit two putts and move on. my goal this season thus far has been to make easy pars. Put it on the green, have a good first putt and tap in for par. It’s been very helpful for expectation setting.
  3. Talked to my assistant pro today, he's big into DECADE (former coach at Hanover)... we talked about the par 5 I hate, and decided hybrid, hybrid, wedge is the smart play... It's a dumb hole, but that's what I'm going with... Had 100 yards in today and made par.
  4. @GolfSub70sorry, I didn’t have the correct user name! I blame jay. what’s the status for clubs to France? And when are the new sgi clubs coming? also, the 699 are great clubs and would be good to learn with... enough forgiveness for a beginner but easy to grow into as well.
  5. If it makes you feel any better they also ignored my suggestion to remake the trailer for rad with rickie, Bryson and Lexi...
  6. Apparently not available on my cheap chromebook... Guess I'll have to buy a real laptop!
  7. I have a hole at my home course that just doesn't lend itself to decent decision making... sometimes we just have to do the best with what we have... I think the generic strategy for you would be SEND IT, take as much of the water out of play as possible, and if you are in the hazard, you at least get to drop forward. This assumes the second shot from a good drive puts you in position to get home in 2. If you can't regularly get near the green in two with driver, just lay back, hit long iron short, advance the ball as much as you can, and then try to stick a wedge close... As a side note, what are you guys using to measure distance in Maps? I have a chromebook and downloaded Maps, but it's not friendly to distance... do I need to download earth?
  8. I know they have a presence in England, but I’m not sure how that works now... reach out to jay.
  9. Kudos to you! (and as always, kudos to craigers) I'm also chasing scratch in my 30s, though I'm running out of 3s... also, apparently I once heckled you on twitter about something involving Adam Young. good times... though it looks like I was trying to tag Mike.
  10. No. I don’t have a driver... I won a mavrik last year and still have some hang ups about buying a DTC driver... the hybrid makes me more confident they are making a quality product, though. on the demo front, I did the same math! I just bought the five iron figuring it would be cheaper overall... $20 to borrow a $100 club didn’t make a ton of sense to me. happy to answer any questions, but jay and Jason are great for that as well... jay@sub70golf.com or jason@sub70golf.com I’ve joked they pay me in visors, but I’m just a big fan of them!
  11. I just noticed your name... shouldn't your fitter be Rick? (If your username doesn't have anything to do with the podcast Chasing Scratch, then kudos to you and I apologize for any confusion)
  12. I haven't been fitted by Mike, but my cousin swears by him and loves Sellingers. (I haven't been fit by him because I don't live in Texas anymore).
  13. I think, more than anything, this money could be spent better in other places... but it does create some fun incentives for guys who are in the middle of the FedEx rankings to attempt to "game" modern media and go viral... most of the top guys aren't going to be willing to do dumb things for $8 million dollars, but some of the up and coming golfers it would be life changing / career changing... Take a guy like Joel Dahmen... He's already pretty popular on Twitter, his caddy Geno has an excellent presence and while he's now won enough to be comfortable, he was also looking for an uncrustable sponsorship on twitter earlier this week... He rolls out the following playbook: 1. Announces if he wins, he will donate half the money to the animal shelters in all the cities he visits 2. During said announcement, he goes full Richard Sherman and answers all questions: "I'm just here to go viral and win 8 million dollars" 3. Whenever he gets to a city, he does local news with the local animal shelter... he goes full ham (if you haven't seen the various "local news pranks" they are fun... local news are always looking to fill time)... tries to teach a kitten to sit, it bites him. Wonderful. (I'm not a comedy write, this part needs some massaging) 4. Forms the "Paws and White Claws" foundation and raises money for local shelters... they now also have incentive to get him trending... This creates a story bigger than golf, as it's a guy basically saying "I'm cheating at a game to win $4 million for the puppies, please help me."... This would be a fun way for him to basically mock the system in place while also hopefully cashing a $4 million check... The right guy with the right strategy could easily game these rankings outside the FedEx points. I offered Max Homa my services on Twitter for 10%.
  14. Thanks buddy... Hope all is well with you. I'm hopefully getting in some rounds this week, so we will see if I'm rolling the ball well!
  15. I hear you. I will sign up for it next month as it starts a new fiscal quarter in my golf budget! (and by that I mean my wife hasn't noticed how much I've spent on golf this month, and I need to keep it quiet)
  16. Thanks... I was actually confused why I still had access... I bought a groove it brush from practical golf, which gave me the original access. I had been planning on signing up once I was playing more.
  17. Ah, ironically I thought the free membership only lasted a month... thanks!
  18. I’ve been a member for longer than a month, but it’s a free membership... I’ll check out his stuff on the other tab.
  19. Ha, I only have Month 1 videos... Not sure why? I've watched them all... I'll harass Scott.
  20. Hi! I'm somewhat new here (ignore the joined in 2012 part, focus on the less than 50 posts)... I searched and didn't see any SeeMore putter reviews in here, and figured I'd write about my experience... Backstory: I've been playing golf actively since the early 90s. Since about 95 I have had 5 putters. In high school I bought a Zebra putter, and then replaced it with a Hog mallet. After high school (around 2000), I replaced the Hog with an Odyssey DFx 2 ball. In 2012, I replaced the 2 ball with a Counterbalanced Tank #7. It was purchased with store credit I had won sinking a 20 foot putt for eagle during a large skins game (I also got strokes on the hole... it was a good day). Why did I replace my 2 ball with a Tank? I don't know. The next year, my wife selfishly gave birth and my golf game went on hiatus... In 2018, I started playing golf again. My whole golf career has been marred by mediocre putts. You know that guy who sinks the unmakeable 50 foot putt to win a match on the last hole? That guy isn't me. My putting has always been the weak spot in my game... and like any mature, rational adult, I just ignored it and focused on the parts of the game I liked. Until I came up lame with a back injury (torn cartilage) last summer, I was playing pretty well... The Day that will live in infamy: Ok, infamy implies people care. I don't even care and it happened to me. But infamy looks cool in bold. Anyways... I spent the summer of 2020 trying to play as much golf as possible. I did OK. I was playing with my father during one round, and managed to hit the first 10 greens in regulation. My driving and ball striking were on point. I did not have any putts over 30 feet across the 10 holes. I also did not have any birdies. I did have 2 3 putts, for a 2 over stretch.. with 10 greens in regulation. Ugh. Having watched some videos on YouTube, which is always a good and helpful way to spend time, I saw a pro talk about putting with his eyes closed... I did the only logical thing and started putting with my eyes closed. I didn't putt any better, but I didn't putt any worse... Putting with my eyes closed opened my eyes (that's word play, friends) and made me realize I couldn't keep doing what I was doing... it was time to make some changes. Cue David Bowie: CHANGES: So this was in July, at the time, my hip hurt, but I didn't think much of it. PAIN DON'T HURT. I started doing things like gate drills, and just generically spending more time on the putting green and practicing. My season ended in August at the Member-Member... A doctor I played with suggested I had hurt my sciatic nerve, I started down the long road known as "dealing with the Health Insurance world" and got my first epidural in October... I stopped playing golf, but kept practicing my putting as much as I could... I knew my putter was an issue, but wasn't sure what exactly I needed to do about it... My golf pro mentioned our assistant pro was both currently an Edel fitter, and soon to send his Edel kit back as he was no longer an Edel fitter. I asked him to fit me before he sent it back, which he did gratis. (This is a whole different issue, but I do take care of the golf shop... not in a tit for tat sort of way, but more of a keeping them happy because they work hard way). Edel Fitting: Man, that cart is cool. We went through a number of options, talked about heads, shafts, hosels, bends, aiming, counterbalance... it was informative. He then put a string on the ground and had me hit balls at it... basically trying to adjust for speed and see what counter balance setup was correct for me... It went poorly. We found the best possible fit, but the wheels in my head were spinning... I knew what edel putter I wanted, but he was no longer an edel fitter and couldn't order me the customized putter I wanted... I didn't LOVE the setup, but it was better than what i had... More than anything, I liked the way they are counterbalanced. During this time, I also tried a LAB putter. I still think they are cool, but not the right fit for me. SeeMore: They had always been on my radar... I had hit some, joked around with them on social media and they are about 3 hours south of me (Louisville to Nasvhille). I had some free time, and they had some availability for a fitting in late January. I got up early one morning, started my first relisten to the Chasing Scratch podcast, and drove to Nashville. This was a business trip. My first since the pandemic started... it was time to get down... to business... I got to the office, met Cody, and we got to work. He put my putter on a scale, tried to get it's swingweight (he didn't CALL me an idiot... but lets just say it was too heavy to register a swingweight) and then he hooked it up to the SAM. I rolled some putts, and he went over my data... If people are interested, I can post them. From there, we discussed how I was set up, how I was stroking the ball, and what I needed to do to improve. I had told him at the beginning I was a bad putter and wanted to get better. He tried his best to help me. We discussed drills to do, he sold me a training aid to help with my tempo... We discussed budget, and he kept things reasonable... I'm not sure they have unreasonably priced putters, but he made sure I was putting with something in my budget... Honestly, it was a very appreciated part of the conversation. At the end, he gave me 2 options... one was $225 and one was $350ish... The more expensive one was slighty better, and I liked the way it looked... with a $150 fitting fee, and a training aid, I ended up spending just over $500 for everything... I think it's a reasonably price for a custom built putter... I could have saved $100 on a different putter, but oh well. Cody had all my specs (and shared them with me), put the order in for my putter, and sent me all my SAM data. Another nice customer service perk, he gave me all the information from my fitting for me to look over... I appreciated the transparency. About a week later, I got the putter.... and by February I was able to get some time with it outside on decent days... I was still nursing my back, so I took it slow and just practiced putting for a month... Worked on tempo drills, and simply got used to a putter that wasn't made from depleted uranium. On the Course: I've finally gotten some rounds in! My back is healthy, and I've started to get to enjoy the game of golf again... of course it snowed in April, so not as much golf as I would like... but I've gotten in multiple rounds this month. My putting has been good! Not great, and there have been some hiccups, but I blame that directly on myself and 20 years of bad putting technique. I'm still working on the pendulum motion and have been leaving things 6-24 inches short fairly consistently... I've been so focused on not having a short back swing and a JAB putting stroke, that I've almost moved to completely NOT starting the putter... This is a technique issue, and I'm getting better. I've rolled some great putts with it, and I'm very happy. Separating the putter from the fitting: One of the things I've been thinking about is whether or not the $150 putting lesson was the important part, and how much a "new" putter has helped my game... I think it's important to find a putter you like and are confident with, and from there it is 100% technique. I like my SeeMore. it's a good putter, it's built to my specs (37 inches long, but I grip way down on it, so it plays to 36), the correct lie (I can look it up) and the correct loft (3 degrees for my greens, which run at a 10 most days)... It's a tool that was built for me and when I use it with good technique it performs. The Rifle Scope Technology (also known as the goofy red dot) is a great tool for making sure you are lined up correctly. I think the putter itself looks pretty good... the putting lesson, and training aid, were both huge helps, though... but the whole package was tied together. At the end of the day, I paid SeeMore $500 to help make me a better putter, and the final package included a great training aid, a putting lesson with Cody and a new putter built to my specs. I think I got a good deal overall, and I'm excited about where my putting is going to head this season. My putting stats: I averaged about 34.5 putts a round last year as a 6 handicap... My three full rounds I tracked this season I had 35, 35 and 30 putts... I'm definitely still adjusting to the putter, but I'm very happy with the direction I'm heading... The 30 putt round was much more indicative as I was more focused on my putting during that round. I think once I get comfortable with the new putting stoke, I'll be around 32 putts per round, which is the standard average for a 6 handicap. Conclusion: I had a wonderful experience with SeeMore at SeeMore. If you are driving distance from Nashville and struggling with your putter, it's definitely worth the trip. The facility itself is just a store front in an industrial warehouse, so don't expect anything fancy! The people inside are what make the trip worth it... Cody is very knowledgeable, friendly and wants to help people putt better. I'm not sure what else he could have done to help me, and he told me his door was always open. It was a wonderful experience, and I'm still just blown away that a guy who fits PGA pros took 2 hours out of his day (plus responding to e-mails) just to help me out. 10/10. Would spend $500 there again...
  21. Scott was on a podcast (The Perfect Par with Carter Stroup) and talked about Tiger's goals for a round... I thought it was super interesting and a great takeaway for most golfers... Interestingly, none of the goals involve making birdie or better. It's also the foundation for what metrics he tracks on the scoring portion of the app. https://golf.com/instruction/5-golden-scoring-rules-scott-fawcett/ 1. Don't bogey par 5s... This actually overlaps with other ideas, but you should have a short iron into the green at worst on a par 5, thus there is no reason not to make par or better. 2. No Double Bogeys - Fear is the mind killer. Doubles are the round killer... This is one I'm still working on. More than anything, I think of this rule as "don't compound mistakes"... escape with bogey and move on! 3. No Three putts... Easier said than done. I've really improved my putting recently, and one of my key things when i'm more than 10 feet out is basically saying to myself "just have an easy 2 putt"... Have I three putt? Yes. Am I getting better? Hopefully. 4. No Bogeys with 9 iron or less in. This one is a little less quantifiable... but I think the key is: make sure you are focused from 150 yards in, and either put it on the green, or leave yourself and easy up and down. 5. Don't blow easy saves: On Scott's scoring app, this just asks for double chips... but I'm working on getting up and down more from around the green. It's not the flop shot to the tucked pin I'm worried about... it's about putting a bump and run gap wedge from 8 feet off the green to a makeable putt that I'm worried about... and then focusing on making sure I have more of those shots than the flop shots! Scott has talked about Tiger's strategy and how basically Tiger was doing the DECADE math before DECADE existed. (Scott will also say he didn't invent any of this, he's just built a more formalized system to help golfers). I'm still learning the system, and haven't seen the green targeting stuff, but some parts of DECADE have already helped me a ton. I think, more than anything, one of the biggest keys is to not try to force scores. Don't chase birdies, don't force shots... The ball doesn't remember how many times you've hit it. Punching out of the trees is the smart play for the first shot in the trees but it's also the smart shot after you tried the dumb shot, hit a tree and the ball is back at your feet.
  22. I'm in the foundations program, have the app on the phone... does it go over target selection on greens somewhere? I like most of the stuff in it, but feel like I'm missing something.
  23. Awesome! Congrats on the low round... It's interesting to see LAB start to move into more people's bags... one of my buddies just picked one up and loves his. I demoed some LABs at a local vendor and liked them, but went a different direction. I think they are neat tech and I'm glad to see people picking them up. Hope you continue to roll the ball well with it.
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