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  1. It's very gratifying if the "feel" distance is correct, but the majority of the time I'm not good at estimating yet and rather give myself the best chance. My friend showed my a phone gps that works for me, and plus, I can have a better idea how well I'm striking it that day.
  2. Does the jolly green giant counter balance your existence so that the world can keep spinning? Kind of like yin and yang? Or maybe twins separated at birth and raised in opposite environments?
  3. Hi hulk. Rode your ride at universal orlando recently, and its a good one. Welcome. Smash!
  4. Thanks for all the replies! Another thing I noticed was that when I first started and when someone pointed it out recently, my hip would drift right with my backswing, so I think that messed with my contact. @blade: Interesting tip after being trained on tracking the baseball all the way to the mitt. I'll be sure to try it out. @BK in wisconsin: I do admit swinging for the fences , and do note that the out to in is something I've realized and been working on. @buckical: I'll try that swing too. As for the pro, I've thought about that, but looking for the right deal and person.
  5. Hi all, After growing up taking lessons and playing baseball throughout my life, I am now refocusing on a different sport that I can play for a long time: golf! In baseball, I was very comfortable in controlling the bat to be able to hit to all fields. After high school baseball, I transitioned to slowpitch softball (very fun) in college intramurals, and am about 2 years removed from that time. I know I have the coordination, fast-twitch muscles, strength, athleticism, and also flexibility needed for a golf swing, yet I feel others can generally out-drive me. I know this can be attributed to my power slice, which has come and gone, as well as most of my misses on the driver come at the high heel (I think that's why I broke 3 shafts at the ferrule in my 9064ls dfs, and am tentative with adjustable drivers now). Can anyone with a baseball swing background give any general tips or techniques that helped you transition to golf or even your struggles with your transition? Or if anyone has tips in general based on these symptoms, it's appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I didn't actually notice the "open" face until I started snapping photos. I always aligned the face square, so that means my grip is slightly rotated closed to begin with. I'll be sure to mess around with my stroke now. I guess whatever works is what it's supposed to be! Thanks for the great information.
  7. Got around to posting my thoughts on the Bobby Grace Sniper putter in the member review forum (link)! Hope this is helpful.
  8. Hi all, I have been the lucky one to receive a Bobby Grace Artist Series Sniper putter through a MyGolfSpy contest this past May (link)! It seems Bobby Grace has offered many putter give-aways as usually seen up at the top right of your screen. This has a retail value of $1150 with a Damascus steel insert. The official information can be found here at the Bobby Grace website. Since most of you can get a feel of how this putter looks, I'll try to provide input on what pictures cannot show. Background: First off, my background includes owning a very old used ping putter with the classic look, and I coincidentally was in the market to get a new one with the same appearance. The ping putter's grip was worn and the face did not have the milling marks I usually saw in many updated putters. Since I am new to the game, this putter feel was all I knew, so I honestly believe any putter would've been an upgrade! Looks: As for the looks, this style of a putter was exactly what I wanted. Although from the top view, the heel and toe topside can be reflective in bright sunlight, but I didn't find it distracting because I focus on the ball and alignment aid. In a way, it can also frame the ball between the reflective areas for alignment too. Also, it seems like the putter face is slightly open if the flat portion of the grip is perpendicular to the target. I'm not sure if this is intentional or am delusional, but maybe this is if you have an arc stroke. Grip: I was used to an old putter grip, so this of course felt good to me. It is comfortable where I can place both hands on either side and align my thumbs down logos. I can definitely lightly grip the club without the fear of it slipping. Overall, an old grip vs a new one is now evident to me! Feel: I didn't know what Damascus steel was until I looked it up. It seems it makes a cool looking natural pattern as seen in the insert. I think it's a nice touch, and has sharp grooves on the insert to contact the ball. The insert definitely makes the putts feel "softer" in comparison to my old ping without an insert or milled surface. It provides a nice feeling with a smooth stroke with "tap" sound. As for the weighting, there are two detachable weights at the bottom heel and toe. This is much heavier than my old ping, which I think provides much stability and in turn, I can exert less effort that I find helpful for longer putts and focus more on controlling my stroke. Headcover: The headcover provides a great way to protect this beautiful putter. The inside is very fluffy all around, and also includes two embedded magnets on each side to snap close the headcover. I am a sucker for magnetic headcovers, and love this feature (also have the adams super black hybrid magnetic headcover. So awesome). The headcover is functional and looks classy with nice graphics. Overall, I am very pleased with the putter and realize I am very fortunate to receive this from Bobby Grace and MGS. I had debated whether to have this as a trophy or game it, but it would've been a shame to not use this gift. Based on my budget, there's no way I would've considered this, but am glad, because the entire package is quality. If there are any additional questions or requests on pics, please let me know! Thanks for reading.
  9. @jayhawker: i'll keep that in mind...but, oh man, the matte black is sweet @hckymeyer: i'll be happy to add the xtd to the list @bestgrips: you seem pretty fortunate yourself as prez
  10. Very impressive! Looks like a retailer is reasonably close.
  11. Hi all, Been reading this site for nearly 1.5 years, and wanted to drop in. Started work out of college about 2 years ago and introduced to the game by co-workers that play. I'm still relatively new to golf (about a year plus trying to play well) with a background of playing baseball through high school, so I'm still working on that baseball swing slice. Now reside in Houston, so the season is long to experiment! Been slowly building my bag (as seen in my signature), and have obviously been influenced by this site with a 9064ls backup driver. The reason I'm a lucky member is that I won a Bobby Grace Sniper putter and the recently finished contest 2013 Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme driver through this site! I plan on posting my thoughts/review/pics on the Bobby Grace Sniper putter as well as the Razr Fit Xtreme when it arrives. Look for these in the appropriate forum soon!
  12. Given that i the shaft recently broke on my speedline 9064ls dfs, it would would have to be this speedline tech. Own the cb2's and xtd 3wd on the way!
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