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  1. Damn, they won't ship to Canada!
  2. I'm loving all of these free giveaway contests!!!
  3. EyeLine has the 'Ball of Steel' which is basically a heavy golf ball (5x the weight) that is to be used as a training aid for putting. The concept looks interesting and I was wondering if anyone has tried these out? EyeLine Golf - Ball of Steel
  4. Moecat, your sig was so appropriate for that reply! LOL Sorry MidMoMan, but in addition to the deadline being yesterday you didn't have enough posts (
  5. I've ordered two books that I found deals on: - PGA Teaching Manual - The Art and Science of Golf Instruction (Amazon for $15) - Ben Hogan book (eBay for $15)
  6. Pughdog, I've printed off the drills you've recommended and will be giving them a try. Thanks for the tips!
  7. Thx, I entered as well!
  8. Very detailed Tyk! How did you end up with your current routine? Did you adpot a routine that you read about somewhere or was it through trial & error?
  9. Thanks! I'll spend about 30-40 minutes taking 5 shots per clubs at the range, working my way from LW up to the Driver. I usually end up taking more than 5 swings with the driver since it takes me longer to be comfortable with that club. I'll practice chipping 5 balls from a spot and then pick a new spot and do it again. Rinse, repeat for about 10 min. I'll practice putting for 10-15 minutes to finish off. Nothing too innovative I'm afraid.
  10. Loved it! "Operators are not standing by"
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