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  1. Damn, they won't ship to Canada!
  2. I'm loving all of these free giveaway contests!!!
  3. EyeLine has the 'Ball of Steel' which is basically a heavy golf ball (5x the weight) that is to be used as a training aid for putting. The concept looks interesting and I was wondering if anyone has tried these out? EyeLine Golf - Ball of Steel
  4. Moecat, your sig was so appropriate for that reply! LOL Sorry MidMoMan, but in addition to the deadline being yesterday you didn't have enough posts (
  5. I've ordered two books that I found deals on: - PGA Teaching Manual - The Art and Science of Golf Instruction (Amazon for $15) - Ben Hogan book (eBay for $15)
  6. Pughdog, I've printed off the drills you've recommended and will be giving them a try. Thanks for the tips!
  7. Thx, I entered as well!
  8. Very detailed Tyk! How did you end up with your current routine? Did you adpot a routine that you read about somewhere or was it through trial & error?
  9. Thanks! I'll spend about 30-40 minutes taking 5 shots per clubs at the range, working my way from LW up to the Driver. I usually end up taking more than 5 swings with the driver since it takes me longer to be comfortable with that club. I'll practice chipping 5 balls from a spot and then pick a new spot and do it again. Rinse, repeat for about 10 min. I'll practice putting for 10-15 minutes to finish off. Nothing too innovative I'm afraid.
  10. Loved it! "Operators are not standing by"
  11. Incredible, and to think that I'm tired after 18 holes...
  12. Wonder if he'll give me some lessons...
  13. I four-putted a hole last round (first putt was from the opposite end of the green) so I was forced to play a pink precept on the following hole as punishment. Seeing that picture brings back the memories...
  14. I didn't want to hijack Tyk's '"First Hole Jitters" lasting too long!' thread so I started my own. What is the minimum that I should warm up before a round? I have to balance a mental warm-up vs physical fatigue. I've tried taking an hour to warm up before the last few rounds, and since I'm a high handicapper I was pretty tired by the time the 15th hole came around. All those extra swings add up quickly! :S On the other hand, when I don't warm up enough I bomb the first few holes until I string together a few confidence building shots. Should I continue to warm up for an hour,
  15. Hey Everybody! I'm a 30y/o Canadian who works in finance. I swung a golf club for the very first time last year and am hooked! I try to play as much as possible with the goal of breaking 100 this year. I've had GolfSpy on my RSS reader for the past year but am only now taking the dive into the forums.
  16. I'm looking at getting a Laser Range Finder with slope, but I'm wondering if there are major differences between the Bushnell 1500 and the Bushnell 1600. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  17. Hey everyone, I started golfing last July and am hooked! I've taken some lessons, try to get to the range 2+ times per week, and have played 15 rounds so far. My swing is constantly improving and hopefully I can break 100 by the end of the season (I shot a 111 on Sunday). The biggest weakness in my game (other than a lack of consistency) is putting. I had 3 four-putts in my last round which is simply embarrassing! I want to do some reading on golf technique starting with putting and then expanding onto other areas of the game. Here is what I'd like to know. 1. Which book on pu
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