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  1. Finished product, sterling silver insert, titanium ferrule and sight dot.
  2. I can find time for that, shoot me an email Gene@neadcustomputters.com
  3. Hope you like it, the copper mini is a good putter
  4. By far the best insert I have made to date, the sound and feel are amazing..
  5. Yes it is 100% pre ban recycled ivory
  6. The Stamping was done before the hole was bored threw the ferrule. The guy who is getting this putter has gotten 7 Shamrocks on all of his putters that he has gotten from me so, I did not want stamp the putter, so I made the ferrule and stamped them on it the number seven is 100% handmade #7 Gene
  7. The is the latest 100% handmade no milling (I did machine the handmade brass ferule) Gene
  8. gnead

    100% Handmade

    The putters with SaP09 with a sound slot is 3 Pieces of metal welded together,The Anser style is 7 pieces of metal 5 of which are Damascus welded together with Bronze welding wire. when it the two welded putters get back from Black ox I will post pictures. Sound slots were made with a file. Gene
  9. These 3 putters were made using a band saw, belt sander and various grinders and buffers a welder and a drill press. Not one part of these were made in a mill.
  10. Another Bronze Art Putter
  11. I recently figured out how to weld a putter face and other parts up with a Bronze based welding wire and the re machine the putter. Let me know you thoughts.
  12. I built another new Mini call it Mini III this design is a copper only mini, I built 3 prototypes and I am making a run of 30 of these. They will be numbered 1-30 and the Prototypes will be # 001-003 with Prototype stamped on them. After the production run of the 30 putters are done I am going to delete the program for them and there will only be 33 total of these putters made ever. Options will be as follows Loft 3 or 4 deg Any type face milling Weight 345,350,355 Sight lines or Dots Any stamping Logo machined or hand stamped Shaft Chrome, Black Nickel or Black Carbon Gripmaster, Iomic or Nead Custom Putter Grip
  13. This is a new AS09 with Roll Grooves. Gene
  14. This IMHO is one of the nicest putters I have ever built, it is a custom variation of the BiTi09 with a copper head and a hand ground flow neck built to the customers spec's Gene
  15. To raise the CG as well as keep the weight down. Gene
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