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  1. I'm in, though I never do well in these March Madness brackets, despite filling out several each year.

    I actually already have a Cleveland Huntington Beach putter, but it is not the latest version with the S.O.F.T. face.  

    I'd choose a different style than my current one, which is a mid mallet akin to the SOFT 6 Putter.  I'd go with something different, though I'm not sure which.  I already also have a couple of other full mallet style putters, but I don't have anything like Cleveland's SOFT 11 or SOFT 11C, and I don't have anything like the SOFT 1 or the SOFT 8.5

  2. I personally haven't bought anything, but only because I haven't needed anything lately.

    I have been asked by friends, and I have recommended things based on the website, though perhaps it might have been another golf website.

    My bro-in-law bought a Garmin GPS based on recommendations from a site, which I think was MGS.

    A friend bought a Ping Ketsch mallet putter because MGS touted it as the best of the best for accuracy.


    Both have said that their games have improved thanks to using the purchases.

  3. This seems doggone near impossible to guess.

    The forum consensus seems to be leaning towards Wilson Staff starting over out of bankruptcy. 

    I can't think of much else.

    Srixon?  Maybe their Z Star balls won a few majors?

    I know they've been around longer than 2007, but maybe they are one of those companies that re-organized from "less than nothing" and started over?


    Anyway, it sure is a brain teaser.

    I kind of hope the answer is Wilson Staff.  That would mean that a once prominent brand that fell on hard times has bounced back to prosperity.

    I've seen more tweets from them lately about the general public potentially trying their clubs if they knew that certain pros, like Ricky Barnes, were gaming them on tour.


    It will be quite something if none of the proposed answers has been correct, and GolfSpy Barbajo has stumped us all.

  4. If this turns out to be some semantic thing where the company has existed for ages but was bankrupt (less than nothing), then re-organized and became profitable, that would be pretty lame.

    The clue says the company started in 2007 with less than nothing.

    It doesn't say it was in existence already, then re-organized from bankruptcy.

    Even if it has a parent company that was in existence, that should disqualify it, such as Superstroke golf grips being owned by Tiger Shark, which has existed for a long time.

    Or all of the Wilson Golf related answers.

  5. I noticed at the top of the MyGolfSpy page, it says that you can enter daily to increase your chances of winning.


    If you go to the entry page site, the "official rules" state this:

    "Limit of ONE (1) entry per person/email address throughout the Sweepstakes Period." 


    Thus, adding more entries daily might not help you, since it lists the sweepstakes period as from

    August 11 to August 28, and you get only one entry per that period.

    Perhaps MyGolfSpy is correct and you can enter daily, but I'd check those "official rules" for yourself, as you might be saving yourself some time if in fact one is allowed to enter only once.  


    P.S.  Either way, thank you MGS for notifying all of us to this nice sweepstakes contest.

  6. Your local drugstore, and many supermarkets that also have pharmacies, generally carry support hose type of stockings that fit like socks. They are used for various reasons, such as to prevent swelling in the lower extremities, or to increase venous return for people with poor circulation.

    They can be purchased in different sizes/lengths/heights, so one can find them in a size that will fit perfectly, and they are worn underneath your regular socks, as they are very thin (they look like pantyhose type material, except they compress more). They even come in different levels of compression, so you can test different types.

    The best part: They aren't going to cost you fifty dollars, or anywhere near that amount.

    They can be purchased and worn under your regular socks. The thickness difference will be negligible, so your shoes will still fit well, and you'll save a ton of money.

    As a retired physician, I sometimes had patients who came to the office to be fitted for these types of items, but that was before they were widely available in stores, as they are today.

    If you have questions, ask the pharmacist. They may not be well informed on the subject, but they can at least point you in the right direction, so you can try them for yourself.

    You may have to try a couple of different sizes or compression levels in order to find the right fit, but once you do, you'll have an easier and cheaper way to use compression to enhance your walking.

    I'd recommend this before splurging on a $50 pair of socks.

  7. I vaguely remember when those clear acrylic style drivers came out, as they were billed as having a harder head than other drivers, so that they would supposedly hit the ball further.

    I attended the Western Open years ago at Cog Hill in Illinois, and they had some vendors/company reps set up near the driving range after you entered, and one of the vendors had those clear drivers for one to try, though I didn't bother at the time.

    Like the punchdot face wedge by Tiger Shark, I too have a punchdot face wedge, and believe it or not, I still use it, though only for sand shots. Probably illegal, but my friends don't care for casual play. Mine is 60*, has a very rounded leading edge, and it has a lot of bounce to it, such that it is very easy to get out of sand but lousy off tight lies. The head weighs around 330 grams, whereas most sandwedge heads weigh around 300 grams. It has a very long hosel, and the name on it is Johnny Revolta (an old time pro player). I had purchased the head through Dynacraft Component company, likely around 1990?, which is now called Hireko.

  8. A very sharp looking clubhead, as is the new Krank Element driver.

    I wonder what the shaft specs are in that club.

    I think Fujikura has made some shafts for Krank, but Fujikura's shaft quality is all over the map, depending on which shaft model one selects.

    I do like the Golf Pride Tour Wrap II grip, as they are a HUGE improvement over the "crossline" style grips that seem so prevalent in most of today's clubs.

  9. To those mentioning a COR of 1.00, well that's actually impossible, so when they use the word "perfect", they aren't referring to a 100% rebound in the speed that the object hits the face and then returns.

    In addition, COR isn't being used anymore to define legal or illegal.

    What is being used is called "Characteristic Time". Can be googled for the explanation of how it works.

    That said, I'm surprised that LiquidMetal is focusing on woods.

    Their original foray into the market many years ago was irons.

    Their main focus at that time seemed to be the "feel" of the irons. Supposedly this amorphous liquid metal gave a better feel than any cast iron or forged iron, according to their selling points.

    This "liquid metal" gave great feel, but unfortunately for them, the price of the irons was not in line with other irons, so they didn't have success in the marketplace.

    People aren't going to pay a lot extra for something that is unproven, which was essentially the battle that Liquidmetal irons faced.

    And if it still is going to cost more, I don't think folks are going to purchase it this time either.

    The price point is going to have to be in line with other clubs, and then have a marketing campaign that somehow gives actual evidence of superiority over things like Carpenter Steel faces (in fairway woods) or Titanium.

  10. Did you mean the lie angle? That makes sense, and is also probably a pretty easy way for Odyssey to rebrand a bunch of long putters they already have in stock.

    I think he means the loft, as the player is still playing the ball in middle of stance. Unless the ball was moved well forward, the club would be significantly delofted if the ball is kept in middle of stance and club is anchored against the left arm. That said, it does seem that the lie angle might also need to be altered a bit, but perhaps not that much if at all. The "Long" putter is significantly more upright in lie angle, simply because it is anchored so high. But the traditional belly putter often has similar lie angle to a traditional putter, simply because the player doesn't change his setup much: he simply anchors it in the belly while bent over.

  11. I'm guessing the color accents are similar to the current RAZR Fit UDESIGN drivers, with similar look on the top as well.

    Hope the shaft isn't junk.

    I have used the Fujikura Motore F1, and it's a great shaft.

    Then I tried a recent Callaway driver, that had a Motore F6 or F8 (can't recall the number at the moment), and it just seemed like a sloshy, wobbly feeling piece of junk compared to the F1.

    Aldila seems to have done the same with some of their RIP takeoffs.

    It's always disappointing when I see that small print writing on the supposedly high quality aftermarket shaft that says "Exclusively designed for"...(fill in brand name, Titleist, Callaway, etc...).

  12. I do hope the top of that ferrule does get turned down before final production.

    I know Callaway was fond of that flat top look, since they used an O-Ring for a long time, but this ferrule isn't cutting it.

    The clubhead just looks like a cosmetic change to the RAZR and FT-IZ hybrids of prior years.


    I see that Callaway is strengthening their lofts to keep up with the other OEM's.

    That's too bad, really, but inevitable since Callaway has also strengthened the loft of their irons.

    The RAZR and FT hybrids still had the #3 at 21* loft, while companies like TaylorMade and Adams were going to 18* or 19*.

    We got rid of the three iron and replaced it with the three hybrid because so many weekend golfers could hit a three iron well. And now the four irons are lofted as strongly as the old three irons.

    TaylorMade has Rocketballz and Rocketbladez with 5 irons lofted at 23*.

    I think many companies are going to have to add another wedge eventually, another wedge besides the gap wedge between the PW and the SW, just to fill in the big loft gaps.

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