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  1. I think U.S.A. will win. I think Tiger Woods will be the MVP, as he's been hot lately, and he's always had good luck when playing in the Chicago area, whether at Cog Hill (the Western Open) or at Medinah. He's been there, done that as far as Ryder Cup and President's Cup, so he's felt the pressure before and weathered it. P.S. Followed you on Twitter. I'm @DocJGolfer
  2. MGS: Get In The Groove MGS: Easy Lessons For Every Level MGS: Lower Your Scores MGS: Lessons to Score By MGS: Top Teaching Techniques
  3. I would add the new model of irons called the IDEA BLACK CB3 IRONS. They are forged, yet forgiving. And they are about a half inch longer than many current standards, which suits me well. Good KBS shafts in a lighter weight, which I like. And the lofts on the 5-AW would fit absolutely perfectly with the two hybrids, a #3 and #4, which I already have. So this would make a fantastic set. And did I mention that they look great too. But that new driver would be SWEET too
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