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  1. First Name: Kurt City, State: Prairie Village, KS Current Driver in Play: Ping G400LST Handicap: 6 Swing Speed: 115 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3 Thank you!
  2. Kurt/ Prairie Village, KS/ US Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec PingTyne 3 please!
  3. Kurt / Prairie Village Vokey SM5 Raw 50, 54, 58 58.10 please
  4. - Kurt - Prairie Village, Kansas - 6 - Bridgestone J33 Combo - T100-S please
  5. Kurt / Kansas Handicap: 8 Bridgestone J33 combo 170 yards
  6. I have 2, one from the Pro's and one from my "little Pro". First was Davis Love III Putt with the rainbow when he won his PGA. The recent loss of his dad, long time close calls at the Majors and the rainbow always stick out in my head. The second was my 8 year old son (at the time) making a 60 foot putt with about 50 foot of break on a putting green. It was the first time I took him with me to practice putting and chipping. We are on this practice green on a public course that has an adjoining chipping green. There were about 15 other people practicing between the 2 greens and my son makes this impossible putt. He goes bonkers running around making all sorts of noise. It was hard to congratulate/ high 5 him without feeling like I needed to first make him stop running on the green, 2. stop him from making too much noise at a Golf course and 3. apologize to the 15 others around me.. Regardless, it's my favorite putt ever!!!!
  7. Thanks guys. I checked it on in a store and agree. the minus .75 looked pretty square to me though the chart showed .5 closed. With more loft they looked good as well. Trying ot find a 8.5 with the right shaft. This must be a great club because finding a used one is just about impossible. Thanks Wheels
  8. I'm planning on buying a 910 in the near future. I fit out at a 8.5 but would like the option to change lofts depending on conditions. Looking at the chart on Titleist website you can go down in loft .75 and up in loft up to 1.5 degrees. That sounds perfect for me but curious on the setup. If I go up .75 or 1.5 will the face start to look open or worse yet closed? Basically trying to determine if I should go with a 8.5 that will be square but can also go up .75 or 1.50 and still have it square. Thoughts or experiences with this? Thanks in advance Wheels
  9. I have a TM Superfast TP (Black) w/ a RIP 70X. Loft is 10.5. Other than lead tape and my custom paint job on the bottom its a 9 out of 10. If you are interest email me. kwheels17@gmail.com
  10. Hello all. Hoping someone can let me know of a good range, short game practice spot in the Chesterfield area. I will be there on business and might have time in the evenings. Any suggestions on Golf shops in the area would be great as well. I have been to the Golf Galaxy but that is it. I enjoy the mom and pop shops and the club repair places if they have any. Thanks in advance
  11. "It is like the mullet of putters, business on the top, party on the back" Brilliant Sactown..
  12. R11 - It's like Gordie Howe, it can do it all! R11 - Change on the Fly technology... "Change on the Fly in hockey mean's substitution while play is still going".. R11 - And we only thought white looked good with Blood on it...
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