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  1. Funny story. Back many years ago, before cell phones, a friend and co-worker was heading into downtown Milwaukee on the freeway and a barrel fell off a truck ahead and hit his car. Some damage but no injuries, but serious enough he has to wait on the side of the road for a tow. His dear wife also worked downtown, but started work about an hour after him, so she was driving separately on the same freeway. She shared OPs frustration with gawkers and adamantly refused to even look at an accident as she goes by. Well, my friend sees her car approaching and hopes to get a ride into work with her and starts waving, jumping up and down and yelling "Hey Megan, STOP", but to no avail. Driving by, eyes fixed straight ahead, she went to work leaving dear hubby to make his way into work a couple of hours later.
  2. Just noticed this thread. As Rev and several others on here know, I have significant lower back issues, failed back surgery and sciatica. I started using CBD over a year ago and am a big fan of it. And, through my recommendations and others, about half of our golf group is now using for various ailments. I take a 50mg pill once a day and also use an "equine strength" balm, putting a small dab on the L5/S1 area of my lower back. It helps greatly. I also used to take 6 to 12 ibuprofens a day like Silver and Black. I haven't taken any (except once for a headache) in over a year. It's not a pain reliever per se (you wouldn't notice much of anything after taking it for a particular pain). Rather, it has an effect over time and really takes the edge off. Plus, although this is not a benefit usually attributed to CBD, but my blood pressure has gone down, permanently it seems, about 15 points on the top number and 10 on the bottom. I usually use SunMed, they claim to do independent testing as well, but there are other highly rated manufacturers out there as well.
  3. I sure hope you are not complaining, with you getting 37.4 pts out of your handcuff running back! Even if Leveon gets his projected number of points, I still lose by half a point, even with the third or fourth highest point total out of 42 teams.
  4. I just posted a response to a Scottsdale golf inquiry under the US Courses heading. Check those out as well. The overseeding comment is well taken, I was out there last November and planned my itinerary around the overseeding schedule. You do NOT want to play a course that had just reopened after overseeding--give it at least two weeks.
  5. Did the trip last November. Golfed Troon North, Legend Trail, TPC Champions, We-ko-pa and Marriott Palmer. Loved Troon North and We-ko-pa, had a good time at TPC Champions and Legend Trail, thought Marriott was sort of meh and did not enjoy Eagle Mountain. You should have a great time regardless of your choices!
  6. Last year, and on all other sites I've been on, there were projected Fantasy points for the week for each player shown in the Matchup screen for the week. I don't see that this year, or can't find it. Is it to early, or am I not looking in the right place??
  7. Patience???? I had to wait till the last pick of the last division! That was painful!
  8. I do believe that to get the true benefit of a counterbalanced putter, the entire putter has to be designed as such from the get go. You can't just add a counterbalanced grip to a regular putter and get the proper performance. It is my understanding that the putter heads on a CB putter are heavier than regular putter heads. This would account for the comment above that the poster lost the feel of the (lighter) putter head. I've been using one for years and it is awesome for distance control, particularly the long putts. I grip it near the bottom of the grip. For a while a couple of years ago, there was a wide selection of CB putters. Now, even at PGA Tour Superstore, there are only 3 or 4 to choose from. Disappointing, 'cause I'm a big fan of them.
  9. Just added my home course, TPC Sawgrass Dye's Valley. Only 20 home courses listed so far!!!
  10. A few observations on the above. 1. Jmike-- you complain about inconsistency in that your HC varies from .6 to 1.2. In the past 6 months, mine has gone from 13.3 to 15.2 and back down to 13.8. Over two years, high 15.8 and low 12.3. Up and down. I'd love your inconsistency. 2. White tees versus Blues or others. SHOULD NOT make a difference! I run a twice a week group that has now grown to 50 plus, with 4 to 5 foursomes every time. Many (we skew older) have recently opted to move up to the blended regular/forward tees and have discovered the joys of hitting irons into many par fours (once a few guys started doing it, the "stigma" disappeared). Guess what, their indices have changed very, very little. The slope/course rating differentials have proven to be pretty accurate in adjusting for the distance, difficulty differences. 3. Avid golfers versus skewing lower on HCs. Our group consists of members of TPC Valley course at Sawgrass. Most of our guys play minimum two times a week. This is not a course for 'casual' golfers (slope 132 from the whites). So, most of us are what I would consider "avid golfers". Our HCs tend to match the poll numbers. (USGA Index) 5%1-3, 5% 4-6, 10% 7-9, 15% 10-12, 25% 13-15, 25% 16-18, 15% 19 plus. Point being, mid-handicappers can be every bit as avid as lower HCs. 4. I firmly agree with the theory that one's floor handicap is in large part dictated by whether or not one started to golf regularly as a child versus as an adult (superior athletes excluded). I know of but one person who started to golf after the age of 25 who was able to get down to a single digit HC (and he was a fanatic). I believe if you took up the game in your twenties or later, your lowest HC is going to be 10 at best. Age as the defining factor--not so much. Our two 1 or 2 HCers are 60 plus. 2 of our sub-10 HCers are 70+ and still are among our longest players.
  11. Best tip I ever got, and it works many days, but not all, 'cause it's mental. Assuming you have a basically sound technique, go up to your ball and remember that your subconscious is a lot better chipper (and golfer) than your conscious. Just pick a spot where you want your ball to hit and let your subconscious do the work. Steph Curry surely is not thinking any mechanics or calculating force and relative arc when he lets fly from 30 ft. When I can get into this mindset, good things happen. Sadly, there are many days where that mindset is totally elusive. Practice sessions focused solely on this mindset definitely help.
  12. Totally cool! Glad for your whole family! You should bring her to the Players!
  13. I was there in November for two weeks and played 6 courses. Everyone was coming out of overseed at various stages, so some courses were not an option. My favorite was Troon North, Pinnacle Course. The six I played, in order of preference, were: 1. Troon North, Pinnacle 2. Wi Ko Pa, Saguro 3. TPC Champions 4. Legend Trail 5. Marriott, Palmer 6. Eagle Mountain.
  14. Yeah, and the Bucks pulled one out in Denver. But, you're right, it still sucks. At least I get to play a beautiful golf course in Phoenix tomorrow (and Wednesday and Thursday).
  15. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Second most points out of 28 teams and I lose again! 7-6 and I'll likely have 2nd or 3rd most points overall out of 28 teams when play ends tomorrow. I'm guessing almost everyone has had their best game when they play me. Pout.....
  16. Yeah, maybe next Tuesday send him a nasty note (I'm playing him this week). No seriously, it takes a lot of the fun out of it when you're playing a lay down opponent. Also, he's tied with me in the standings (me the points leader, even though I'm in 5th place--I do hate that I'm continuing to belabor that point, can't help myself)--so why is he absent??
  17. Not to belabor a point (well, maybe I am), I still have significantly more points than anyone else but am now mired in 7th place.
  18. Welcome. Heading your way in early November for a couple of weeks vacation (for me). Dear spouse got a paying engagement as a professional "role-player" for a large government swat, terrorist training program (playing victims and bad-guys, weapons, take downs, the whole real deal). She's been doing that locally on a volunteer basis for years. So while she's living out her fantasies, I'll be playing as much golf as I can. Looking for good courses and joining up with anyone who is interested!
  19. They have big patches of foot long grass not far off the fairway on a number of holes. None of us who hit in those patches were able to even find the balls. Rest of rough was just average.
  20. Look at Geeking Golf, projected to go 5-1 the rest of the way!!!! Would be quite a reclamation project! So, most projected points still only gets me third place.......
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