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  1. I second this. Just for reference...I am 53 years old and in pretty good shape, thanks to a career in the U.S. Army. When I was playing regularly...I got down to a single digit handicap. Now...getting to play less...I am just trying to break 90, when I get the opportunity to play. Played the original 699 Pro for a year. Because of my satisfaction with that iron, I was immediately interested when the 699 Pro V2 came out. I was so interested...and previously had such good luck with Sub70...that I decided to treat myself to a trip, up to Sycamore, and get fitted at Sub70. The 699 Pro V2 is an outstanding club and works out just fine for me and sounds like you should consider it over the 799. If you have the opportunity....take a trip to The Seventy, in Sycamore, IL, and let Neal Golyshko fit you. He won't let you down. For me...that 8 hour drive, up to The Seventy, was well worth it.
  2. I put the numerals "082304" somewhere on the ball. I was in a very serious accident, on this date, and almost died during the Life Flight, to the hospital, and then almost died during 3 of 8 surgeries in the ICU...it was literally touch and go. So now...I use that as my mark to let me remember that the Good Lord is not finished with me yet...and that Golf is just a game....and there many other things, in life, that are oh so much more important than a number, on a scorecard.....
  3. I posted this on the Sub 70 Facebook Page but I figured that I would share it here also..... Ladies and Gentlemen….and anybody else that cares….I had my fitting, with Neal Golyshko, last night. What a majestic experience!!!!!! Neal is so friendly and puts you at ease. God knows that he’s seen plenty of good swings and plenty of bad swings….and it’s probably hard to keep dealing with hacks like me…yet keep a smile on his face. The Seventy is as professional as it comes with regards to location and ambience. Anyway….what I really appreciated is the fact that Neal tried to help me, instead of just selling me something. He saw two fairly minor things, in my swing, that I had just gotten lazy with over the years. I made those two small corrections and I am now ready for Q School (that is sarcasm, by the way). Seriously….by identifying two small flaws, I improved things all around. Now I just have to remember them. I also had the opportunity to meet Cody Varga…and put a face with a name. Cody has been helping me, over the last year, via phone/email but he actually gave me a one on one tour of the business side of Sub 70. Got to see the warehouse, where the clubs are built, etc., etc An absolutely outstanding experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering the trip.
  4. So….without laughing too hard at me…has anybody tried the Lagshot training aid? It actually looks worth a try but I figured that I would see if anybody else has any experience with it. Thanks
  5. Yep....started using a Callaway Heavenwood about 5-6 years ago. The only reason that I replaced it was because I found the Ping G410 7 wood.....either one of them are money. Then....I actually got flat out crazy and experimented with a Ping G425 9 wood (24 degrees). That club is money as well. The only reason that it is not in my gamer bag is because I discovered the Sub 70 699 Pro Utility 4 iron. I had it bent to 24 degrees and it gives me a few more options.....plus I consistently hit it well...which has not been the case for long irons. But...if I had not found that Sub 70 Utility iron.....the ping 9 wood would definitely be in the bag beside the 7 wood. Golf is a lot more fun when I don't stress, standing over the ball. The 7 and 9 woods removed that stress.
  6. hawkdriver

    Maxfli Tour

    The Revolution was the absolute Bomb in the late 90s!!!!!! Prior to the Pro V....the Revo ruled the roost.
  7. A little late to the party on this thread.....but I am glad that you gave Champion's Run a chance despite some earlier negative comments. I have played Champion's Run since it was built in 2002 and have seen the course mature. It's a public golf course...but...in my opinion...it is one of the best public courses that I have ever played. Approaching the end of a 30 year Army career...I have played public golf all over this country...and I have never come across a public course that caters to its patrons like Champions Run. They do their best to remember your name. In my opinion...they are more than just a business. I hope that you had a good experience and I would ask what bad experiences some have had in order to garner negative comments. I will be glad to let the Champions Run Director of Golf and/or the Head Golf Pro know. I am sure that, if there is any validity to the complaints, they will fix it.
  8. Read ‘em and weep….. My patience (because of my error) has been rewarded. Thanks Cody Varga and Jason Hiland!!!!
  9. hawkdriver

    Urethane or not?

    Here is another option: The Only 2-piece Premium Urethane Ball In Golf Cover - Thin and soft urethane cover Construction - 2-piece Core - High energy performance Nex-Gen core 90 compression core Dimple - 332 dimple construction for ideal flight stability Performance - The Saintnine U PRO is a great ball from tee-to-green. Golfers of all levels will easily generate distance with a high trajectory ball flight without sacrificing feel and spin - no matter what the conditions Player Profile - Designed for golfers of all skill sets who want to maximize performance. The Urethane cover creates a premium feel and spin control. Constructed to create maximum distance to spin ratio Saint Nine Golf. I seem to have lost a little distance off the tee with the 2 Piece U-Pro...but it might work for you. The 3 piece U-Pro Tour is also Urethane...but it is a 3 piece ball. It plays...and travels as far as...the Pro V-1...at least for my swing.
  10. So.....I had been reading all of the Sub 70 info and it got my interest. I talked with Jason Hiland and he made recommendations based off of my very recent (like two days earlier) dynamic Ping fitting. Those fitting numbers let Jason advise me on what would work best from the Sub 70 lineup....and it saved me an 8 hour drive from having to physically go to Sub 70's headquarters for a fitting. Jason connected me with Cody Varga and we were off to the races. I worked with Cody over the course of a few weeks, going through the demo process, getting everything down to an order....then I just had to sell some of my own clubs to help offset the cost. Once I sold my clubs....I placed my order. The beautiful Sub 70 box showed up yesterday. Oh my....was my first thought. They were gorgeous...until I took the plastic off of the club heads and realized that the heads were the satin finish...and not the black finish that I had planned on, all along. I went back and looked through my email traffic with Cody and discovered that...early on...I did state that I wanted the black heads. But...that was in an email weeks ago. In my final email...with my order specs...I had neglected to specify the black finish on the heads. I emailed Cody and was fully transparent, acknowledging that the mistake was on my end, but would there be any way to send the clubs back and have the black heads installed. Cody immediately responded and actually said that it was his fault for not confirming the finish and that he would send me a return shipping label and correct the error. THE ERROR WAS NOT CODY'S FAULT...IT WAS SQUARELY ON MY SHOULDERS. So...I will have to wait a few more weeks before hitting my clubs...but that is my only penance for my lack of attention to detail. I am now a Sub 70 fanboy for life. Their customer service is top notch. Thank you Cody and Jason for all that you do.
  11. Approaching the end of a mediocre 30 year Army Career.....I have played public muni golf all over the country...and even a "sandy" driving range in Iraq. My home course is Champions Run Golf Course in Rockvale, TN (Middle Tennessee...about 30 miles south of Nashville). This is absolutely the best Muni that I've ever played and part of the reason is the people that work there....customer service is second to none. I had the pleasure of actually walking the course with the head Pro - Ray Pearce - before it was built, when it was still pasture land. I got to "see" where each hole would be laid out. The course was finished back in 2002 and I've played it ever since. That is actually my "retirement" job in less than a year....minimum wage and free golf. From the championsrun.golf website: ABOUT THE COURSE Champions Run Golf Course stylistically showcases the natural beauty of Middle Tennessee while showcasing the distinctive mark of its architect, C. Stuart Moore. The 6,900 yard, par 72 layout wraps itself gently around beautiful hardwood trees and picturesque landscape. The championship course features 18 holes, 16 bunkers, numerous water hazards and challenging tee shots. Every hole is unique in its own way. The top-conditioned course provides the perfect measure of comfort and challenge for your individual game. We also have an additional par 3 which we refer to as the 19th hole. This hole is used when we need to do renovation work or detailed maintenance on one of our original 18 holes. We have 4 sets of tees to fit the needs of all levels of golfers ranging from 5,400 yards to 7,000 yards. We also have the best game improvement area in Rutherford County which includes over 10 acres of driving range area with dual directional tees and over 10,000 square feet of practice putting green space with 2 bunkers for short game practice. We also provide a full service food & beverage operation with a full menu to fit anyone’s appetite. Our facility was designed to fit the needs of any golfer: The atmosphere at Champions Run is very welcoming to the 1st time golfer and the golf course will challenge the best of golfers from the championship tees. The Champions Run staff takes pride in offering each golfer the best golfing experience available at the fairest rate. You get more for your dollar at Champions Run!
  12. Thanks to the Army, I spent a lot of time at Ft. Rucker, AL (about an hour and a half away from Destin). We have continued travelling to the Destin/30A area every year for the past 20 years. There are a few courses that my Dad and I always make sure that we play....and Kelly Plantation is one of them. Some other good mentions (that have already been brought up): - Regatta bay - Camp Creek - The Hombre - The Raven - Windswept Dunes - Tiger Pointe
  13. Well....just received these demos, from Cody Varga, today: - 699 6 & 9 irons -699 Pro 6 & 9 irons -699U 19* -949X 3 wood Oh my....is all I can say. Can't wait to put them in play tomorrow. After comparing the 699 and 699 Pros...I hope that I fall in love with one or the other and place an order. By the way....Cody and Jason have been awesome. Sub 70 Customer Service is second to none.
  14. I have become intrigued with Sub 70. I'm nothing great...normally in the 80s. Despite the fact that am not a "playa'"....I absolutely despise a thick topline. I saw the 699 and the 699 Pro Black irons and started getting the itch. I sent an email to customer service...explaining my poor game/swing statistics/tendencies and asked if the 699 or 699 Pro would be "too much" for me. Less than an hour later, the owner...Jason Hiland...called me direct. Jason said that absolutely either one of those sets should work for my swing. About 30 minutes later I receive a call and an email from Cody Varga and I am getting hooked up with the demos of the 699...the 699 Pro...and the 699 Pro U. Wow! Never experienced customer service like this. I hope the demos work for me because...if they do...I will be ordering a complete set and supporting Sub 70 forever.
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