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  1. Here is my 'odd' club....Scratch 25* Hybrid Favorite Hybrid I've hit. VERY Rare. Wish they still had these!
  2. Love both my pairs of Ecco Street shoes!!
  3. Why not comment on what OEM's were asked to participate? Think that if you're able to generate some buzz (good or bad) companies would be more eager to put the figurative 'money where your mouth is' so to speak. Excited for the Testing, would just love to see as many Drivers as possible
  4. Absolutely best apparel out there. Excited to try Leisure Society!
  5. Headed down to the Waste Mangement Open at the end of January, would love to gain 30 yards for the trip!
  6. Always just considered them a company that produces Long Drive equipment. Never seriously contemplated buying/trying them out
  7. If cost were no object I would play Titleist ProV1. It has been the most consistent ball for me for several years, and think it really performs the best around the greens. I've played all the TaylorMade balls from the Inter Gel to the new Penta's and Rocketballz. My favorite TM ball would definitely be the TP Black LDP. Wish I had more of those around! Thanks!
  8. Pretty much tried every wedge out there, haven't had a chance to get my hands on Carnahan yet... The current model and flex of your wedges: Scor 49* 54* 59* firm flex Your Handicap:8.1 Your Age:28 Are you Right Handed:Yes Do you know your wedge specs: Standard length/lie
  9. WOW, pretty excited for this!!!
  10. Agreed, beautiful looking club, however, possibly a little offset? Either way, hope that this forged club has better feel than that of last years model!
  11. Like the weights personally. Something a little different
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