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  1. Oh my god. I couldn't be any more jealous of you if i tried. Crazy awesome putters right there.
  2. Is this a tradition for the winner (jumping in the lake, not breaking their shin lol)?
  3. Not a fan of this one, looks really cheap. For $300 I'd like to see the weld cleaned up a bit, makes it look unfinished.
  4. The 7th picture is by far my favorite, Although they are all great looking.
  5. I much prefer how the VIP lineup looked compared to these. Not a big fan of the black on irons.
  6. I stumbled across these last week and decided to give them a try. Everything that you mentioned in the review is 100% true. This is a fantastic ball for a really reasonable price. Is it a Penta? No, of course not, but its hard to beat for the price from what I have experienced.
  7. Really wants an American to win a major, I'm tired of Europe.

  8. The only thing better than looking at new irons in the store, is looking at them in your living room. #VR Pro Combo

  9. Just ordered my VR Pro-Combo's =) Hurry up UPS guy!!

    1. jamo


      Nice! Love mine.

  10. Am I the only one who loves the smell of grip solvent?

    1. GolfSpy_X


      :) Were you a glue sniffer?


    2. apples


      Haha not that I am aware of ;)

  11. Has gotten 3-4 inches of rain in the last four hours. Not to mention the two funnel clouds near my house yesterday...Ridiculous

  12. Has A LOT of equipment and apparel to buy before next September. Lol

  13. Is finally getting on the course today, thank the lord!

  14. the second grip inward from the right on the second picture if really cool, don't know what kind of putter it'd look right on but i like that one a lot.
  15. From the looks of the golf cart and the gadgets inside that, the iPad or whatever it was looked as though it had a gps type thing which showed the topography of the greens. That in itself would dramatically change how golfers play, especially the less skilled and knowledgable. It would definitely make putting easier for more novice players, as well as more skilled players. Not to mention that whole golf cart looks freaking cool. haha If none of the other stuff comes through and hits production i hope that that stuff does. ---The huge neon nike swoosh is a bit ridiculous but also very cool. I'd be lying if i said i wouldn't want to play that course. It'd be one of those "you gotta do it once, just to see what it looks like" things.
  16. Reading articles like this make me so angry. Its unappreciative Tiger haters like this that do nothing but make Golf look bad to people that do not know much about the game, or are new to it. Why would you even bother writing this? Instead of writing about Tiger's mishaps, how about you write about the millions of kids he has helped through his foundations and charity work. I'd really like to see journalists like this guy write about some of the good things in golf instead of beating a dead horse by bashing Tiger Woods. Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing it.
  17. 1. NIke VR Pro Combo Irons 2. New Wilson irons 3. Cheap Wedges (Maxfli type brands) vs. "Expensive" wedges (Vokey's, Scratch, Cleveland etc) 4. New Hybrids Vs. Their comparative regular long irons. To see how much better, and how much of a benefit they truly are to all types of golfers. 5. Taylormade R9 vs. R11 or VR driver vs. VR Pro driver, to see how much of an "improvement has actually been made over last year's model. Just some ideas =)
  18. duraspin? haha sorry, but that one is awful lol
  19. I like the look of the face, this would be great depending on the price range,
  20. Why fix it if it isn't broken? This all seems extremely unnecessary.
  21. Is this an old photo, or did he actually go back to the DYMO from the VR PRO ? Can't believe that'd actually happen.
  22. Its crazy how close the fake actually is in regards to looks. Makes a guy stop and think twice about his own stuff.
  23. It'd be cool to do this to the adams F11 fairway wood to see what the velocity slot looks like.
  24. Oh my god I want one ! If Sobe wants to get into golf, these putters would be right up their alley haha =)
  25. ooooo those are pretty =) If only i had the cash haha
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