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  1. I'm not sure what happened here. I may have phrased it incorrectly, but I really was not looking for advice on my game. The tees I play are not the issue, getting fit is not the issue, the technology in a driver is not the issue, and I could not care less about bombing it past anyone (been there, done that, who cares) I was curious if anyone else has had luck not using a driver? It appears the answer is an overwhelming NO. Either that or you are all driver salesman? At this point, I am still scoring better without a driver and will continue playing that way until I feel I am ready to swing one correctly.
  2. I have always had a problem with over swinging while using my driver. By the end of a round that usually leads to over swinging every other club. Recently I have decided to just leave the driver at home and work on my swing consistency. The last 2 rounds that I have played while using my 4 iron off the tee, I have scored just as well or better than I did while using a driver. This got me thinking, do I or other amateurs really need a driver? Everyone loves bombing a drive past everyone else but when you only hit the fairway 30% of the time with a driver, the extra distance is rarely helpful. We usually play one tee in front of the tips, so on par 5's I just play them as 3 shots to the green instead of even thinking about going for them in 2. Long par 4's are tougher because it is usually a mid to long iron into the green but with a little more practice I will hopefully be closer to the hole and have more makeable putts. One thing for sure is that my confidence has gone up a lot since I have started playing this way. Has anyone else given up on the driver? Has it helped or hurt your scoring?
  3. Christopher Missouri 30 No, that's not my age. For those of you I knew a couple of years ago......I'm BACK! I look forward to seeing how this test goes and getting re-involved with this group again.
  4. Thanks everyone. I will be back as soon as I can.
  5. I recently found out I am going to have to have surgery to repair to blown out disk in my neck so as my 4th golf season was about to start, it is now over. I will be taking some time to focus on my recovery so I will be stepping away from the forum because I will not have any new golf information to contribute. I really appreciate all of the advice and help I have received from this great community of golfers. I also appreciate the connections I have made with a few of you and look forward to getting back to playing and meeting you all in the future. I will return as soon as I feel I can contribute as much as I benefit from you all. Have a great season everyone!
  6. If you are looking to pick one up really cheap and that performs, I got my wife a Callaway FT-9 12deg on a VooDoo senior shaft a couple of years ago and it is great. It does everything she needs and it cost me $36. It is a great way for her to learn to swing a 460 driver without spending a bunch of cash. Once she gets her swing optimized a little then she can get fit for a new driver that is truly hers. My wife will probably pick a Cobra because of the colors! One thing is for sure, the more they like their equipment the more they will play which in turn should mean the more you get to play. So no matter how much it costs, it will be worth it!
  7. I like the look of the white much more than the original but it is not going to make me go buy one. How many golfers will decide to buy the SLDR now because of the color change? Do they feel it will be a large number or are they just hoping it will help to sell a few more?
  8. After my first post I re-read that you were breaking regular flex and stiff flex shafts. You can break a regular flex shaft across your back by swinging 90 mph or even less. Some stiff shafts only take a little over 100. Trackman may help you find a shaft that will give you the best performance but until you stop hitting yourself it will be hard to keep them from breaking. Good Luck!
  9. @Rookie I agree. I have seen both scenarios. Your way is probably more common.
  10. I have had the same problem. I broke 4 driver shafts and 2 3 wood shafts across my back last year. (All about 2" out of the grip). I broke a lot more than that by the Housel but that was because they were used shafts and were probably damaged when they were previously pulled. (the ones that broke closer to the head has nothing to do with the shaft hitting across your back) I have never broken a steel shaft but I do not take much of a divot, if any. The only fix I have found is to use extremely stiff shafts. They do not flex as much so they do not break as easily. It really has nothing to do with swing speed though. The first time I did it I was only swinging around 120 and it was a 2X flex shaft. The shafts are just not made to slap across your shoulder and back like that. You can start using 3X or 4X shafts, or just get used to replacing your shafts. You can still break the stiffer shafts, it just usually takes a little longer. Some of the stronger ones that have found are the USPG - Black Ops LD shafts, the heavier House of Forged shafts, and the UST Proforce V2 LD shafts. The Banshee LD shafts are pretty good as well. Sure, you can always learn to stop your swing before hitting yourself, but what fun would that be?
  11. Very nice looking putters. Good luck with yours!
  12. I am not sure how to attach the link here but you can go to Fujikura's Facebook page and enter to win a Limited Edition Speeder 757. Good Luck all!
  13. @GST, I kind of thought it may be something like that but I was just curious if there was something more. Your are correct though, the golf company would be crazy to say no in a case like this. @mnfats95 They do show the driver on the screen at the same point they are saying that.
  14. Can anyone tell me why at the end of the BMW commercials during the PGA coverage they feature a Taylormade SLDR driver slow-mo swing? Just found it odd.
  15. I am not a collector of anything but even if I understood the mind of a collector, I would never understand this. Thanks for posting this though, it is entertaining.
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