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  1. Thanks for sending me the heads, i wil send them back soon, hope you play them wel on the Tour, greetings
  2. In needs for some heads, my wedges are gone, the grooves are gone, so i'm looking for a forged wedge set, heads only, coincidentally, manufacturers of forged wedges are still here on the forum,ho want to offer some heads, of course I will provide them with the tourcut sole, because a grinder without heads...
  3. 1- and 2 iron blades? Ben Hogan apex 1 iron 13° Miura cb 201 2iron 18° Daily us, Backup set Titleist DCI 981 1- iron 17° Titleist DCI 981 2- iron 19,5°
  4. At the moment... Play the cb-301 ... Only difference between MIURA irons and other brands irons... Attack the flag with tis baby's ,do not just go fore the middle of the green...
  5. Tiger Woods He will go to a level, thats never seen ,not only in golf but in any sports... Tiger is Back
  6. Nice Japan wedge heads... Thanks fore the link
  7. You can change the sole and the bounce... Weight fore club-head ideal (304.5 gram fore 60° wedge) Bye a lot of different heads this days... European Japanese and USA suppliers...IOUs a very old electric grinder... Try to find the backspin back now with the new grooves... Find already something ... Close but still not good enough... Already a lot of backspin back but not from the high rough... Fore the record ...I don't have a shop ... I 'm a pure hobbyist ... I travel al over europe to take classes on club building...(PGA school) Fore me golf and club building is a obsession ... Obsession give focus on live...
  8. Japanese steel is the best in the world... We also have good steel in one part of are small country... But its seems...We hardened more are steel than the Japanese... So if you want a lot of feel in your irons ... Go Japanese
  9. Never have had to pulled one out... Most of the players over here,stay with the standard shafts in their drivers... They like more to buy a new driver, than to replace a shaft
  10. 2010 GOOD MOI MATCH moment of inertia MUSCLE MEMORY 3 groups -irons -wedges -woods and driver THE FUTURE: PERFECT MOI MATCH moment of inertia MUSCLE MEMORY 1 club fore the hole bag except the putter...
  11. Ok ,i waiting for a shipment from U.S.A. with some wedges heads... When a grind them , I will make some pictures "in progress"... Thanks fore interest Greetings
  12. A good start is taking a class at golfsmith... ore one of the oder schools nears by ... greetings
  13. Thanks... head weight from 305 gram to 290 gram... just put a lighter grip on it... so balance point is almost the same... overal swing weight lighter now ...
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