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  1. Robert Las Vegas, Nevada 10 miura CB-510, aldila rip tour graphite iron shafts i210
  2. Robert Las Vegas, Nevada Miura CB-501, Aldila Rip Tour, regular + 160 yards
  3. Robert Nevada 9 handicap Ping G20, ust mamiya recoil , 95 gm, stiff
  4. My swing speed is 92 to 98 mph, with a smooth transition and late release. I have access to a launch monitor, and currently have several shafts for my fairway woods and driver. Among them, I have the Veylix, and the rogue as well as the motore speeder and oban kiyoshi white.
  5. My first set of clubs was the ping eye 2 - black code that my dad gave me. Later on I purchased my own set of clubs and they were also Ping Eye2. Since then I have purchased the following irons: Ping Zing, Ping G3, G10, and I20. I forgot: the ping raptures too! Now, I have the i20's and the Miura's CB501
  6. I have used the nippon modus3 120 in XS for about 8 rounds already. The iron shafts are installed in my Ping I20's from the 5 iron thru the PW. The shafts have reduced my dispersion rate, and increased my distance by 10 yards. The feedback from good hits is incredible...the trajectory and spin are spot on. The shafts feel lights and you dont feel any vibration when you hit the ball. I highly recommend them.
  7. ping anser driver

    1. Ice


      What about it?

    2. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Yea, how is it? Also, welcome! Hope that ya enjoy it..

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