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  1. I played Baseball, Soccer and Golf since I was a kid and the injuries just caught up with me. The pain was unrelenting playing golf left handed the last few years and I was in my local golf shop and the pro had me try hitting right handed. He handed me a hybrid #4 and I hit the ball 176 yards and straight on the first swing and most importantly pain free! I have had three lesson sessions this summer working on changing over to right handed. Since then I have scored one “Eagle” and a no putt “Birdie” and par a few holes each round.
  2. Which ball did you get? Red or Black? I got Black.
  3. The “Golf USA” store in Lacey, Washington went out of business a few weeks ago and it does not appear that it will be reopening anywhere else nearby. How many of you have had their favorite shop go out of business this year? What are you doing now for your golf shopping needs?
  4. Just checking in from Western Washington, it is raining again or still depending on how you look at it! I have been playing for all my life but recently changed from left handed to right handed (this past May 2012). It has taken all of the summer and most of the fall to get my swing close to where I want it to be. I was picked this fall for the Titlist Research and Development team and was send a sleeve of prototype balls. Well that was a fun project! And I can't wait to get my hands on these new Titlist Golf Balls when they are in production. I play a round every week and am at the driving range two days a week. I am looking forward to playing in the sun again soon!
  5. I have not ever used a long or a belly putter and I have friends who swear by them and I regularly out putt them, it is not the tool it is the golfer. I really don't see what the big deal is; if a golfer is more comfortable with one of these long putters I think it is Ok! And if it was a true advantage all the pros would be using them.
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