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  1. #57 "I still have REAL tooths, 11 to be exact and I adjust them all the time! Coincidence??? I think not!" Teammate " Props man, I only have 9 and they are not white at all, Gimme some dap! I may have to take up golf and get one of those to be your equal..."
  2. I like the fact that TM is trying something new with their bags, with the right improvements this could be really awesome.
  3. Besides the aesthetics, what did you think of the burners?
  4. I wouldnt be suprised to see and all white set of irons soon from a big name OEM. I dislike how everytime something original comes out, every competitor copies it. No one is original. The Cobra ZL does look pretty sweet though!
  5. looks like the golf course held its own...barely, They have sand courses in Dubai I believe, Why not try out a Volcano course LOL Really wouldnt suprise me these days!
  6. Only won the US Open in incredible fashion but I guess thats not much...People need to stop hating on Tiger, the dude will be the best for a long time, hes just in a slump which everyone goes through. Hes still young so you can bet on more majors for sure and plenty more wins! Tiger is the MAN!!!
  7. Wait for the new line of Nike drivers, I would at least try out the machspeed Black cuz it looks so badass!
  8. a picture of the sole on the kombi would be nice, would love to see what it looks like. Also like the SS all white except the face and weights, Very nice...
  9. O YEA!!! Nikes best lineup releasing on my birthday which just happens to be black friday, Would be awesome if they had like a special price on that day! CANT WAIT!!
  10. If you really like golf you cannot dislike tigers career, its not like you have to be his friend but TW is basically the best golfer that has ever played the game.
  11. spent almost all night and most of this morning searching, and that was probably the hardest question ive ever tried to answer. Japanese and a prototype at that. At least everyone had a fair chance and oppurtunity to win!! Thanks MGS
  12. The design above "xperimental prototype" on the headcover,looks more like a dog, they should at least use that instead. Kind of looks like the dog on the sole is sick, sneezing as well as pooing lol.
  13. Dont really care for the "junkyard dog" it doesnt even look like a dog really. The putter would look better without it I think.
  14. I think its there best looking driver but I also like the black look. Wonder if they changed it because they saw Nikes sweet MS.
  15. Make sure you check every email they send you, because the "winner email" looks just like the "confirmation for entering email." I almost didn't notice when I won, took me like 3 days before I noticed it in the trash.
  16. I won one and my father won one also. Yea I hate entering the info over and over, get roboform it makes it so much faster. There were not any rules to this contest really anyway. Usually it will say something like "only one per household". Will trade for a decent 2 or 3 hybrid or 5 wood basically something 18-20* loft or a decent putter.
  17. Won 2 a 56 and 60, anybody interested in a trade for a decent 2 or 3 hybrid/ 5 wood? Let me know
  18. Def must have used that spaceship thing as the inspiration. Looks just like it LOL
  19. If your gonna take your clubs somewhere for repairs, custom work, etc. Dont take it to a big chain store unless you know who is going to be doing the work and you trust them. Otherwise take it to a reputable small place with a good rep. I just dont care for the big chain stores for anything that involves them working on my clubs, because they hardly ever know what they are doing...If whoever did that work expected payment, they most likely would get a swift kick in the @$$!
  20. Would love these!! congrats to any winners!
  21. on facebook do we just need to click like? or repost the whole thing? just curious
  22. 1 2 5 The first one is the best i think, but the "mygolfspy.com" should be on the back, I think it would look better that way at least.
  23. Holy Crap, looks like best contest yet! Thanks for posting it!
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