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  1. How about a kick in the nads for using two email addresses.




    Just kidding..........I've entered my work and personal, as well as my wifes work and personal every day since this started. I'm so ready to stop entering four email addresses every single day.


    Make sure you check every email they send you, because the "winner email" looks just like the "confirmation for entering email." I almost didn't notice when I won, took me like 3 days before I noticed it in the trash.

  2. I won one and my father won one also. Yea I hate entering the info over and over, get roboform it makes it so much faster. There were not any rules to this contest really anyway. Usually it will say something like "only one per household". Will trade for a decent 2 or 3 hybrid or 5 wood basically something 18-20* loft or a decent putter.

  3. If your gonna take your clubs somewhere for repairs, custom work, etc.

    Dont take it to a big chain store unless you know who is going to be doing the work and you trust them.

    Otherwise take it to a reputable small place with a good rep. I just dont care for the big chain stores for anything that involves them working on my clubs, because they hardly ever know what they are doing...If whoever did that work expected payment, they most likely would get a swift kick in the @$$!

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